MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 84P C60 IP42 250A

MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 84P C60 IP42 250A

MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 84P C60 IP42 250A

Item Number: MB284F32

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Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope


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64 kg
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What are dimensions of Schneider part MB284F32X15?

The dimensions for part number MB284F32X15 are:

1500mm (H)   580mm (W)  200mm (D) 


Can two SAE_UE_MS_CDBWE sensors be wired in parallel to switch the same load?

Yes, they can (wiring diagram can be found in the attached installation instructions).

do we still make the 4C18M160-GY ?

Unfortunately the 4C18M160-GY is discontinued

the closest possible replacement is MB224C31 - this is 24 pole version instead of 18 pole

Where can I find APC Product User Manuals, Guides or other Support Documentation?

User manual, installation guide, or other product support documentation is needed for any APC branded product.

Product Line:
All APC Products

The APC web site offers a convenient tool for locating product support documentation, such as user guides, operations manuals, or installation/wiring instructions:


Video: How to Mount a Harmony XVU Mounting Base to the XVU Body

Procedure for mounting Harmony XVU components to the XVU base unit.

Product Line:
Harmony XVU Tower/Stack Light

Remove the screw from the mounting base. Line the arrow up with the unlock symbol and press. Rotate the base until the arrow is pointed towards the lock symbol. Reattach the base screw.


What is the part number for a 24 pole Orange chassis board with 160amp isolator?

The part number for a 24 pole Orange chassis board with 160amp isolator is - MB224C31X15
This Chassis board is the same as the MB224C31 , the X15 is for it to be Orange in colour
For further information , visit link below:

Why do I need to add "*" to my Alarm filter after upgrading from PLSCADA 7.20?

After upgrading from PLSCADA 7.20 or before, user now needs to add the wild character "*" to search for generic alarms.

In PLSCADA 7.20, user could search for all sags by typing in "sag" (without quotes) in the filter.
In Power SCADA Expert (PSE) 7.30 and above, user will need to type in "*sag" (without quotes) to get the same result.

Power SCADA Expert 7.30 and above
PLSCADA 7.20 and below

OS supported by PLSCADA or PSE software

Changes to the alarming engine now require the "*" to be prepended to the string the user is filtering on.

User must now prepend "*" to any filter if the word being filtered is not the first word in the alarm.