MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 36P NC100 IP42 250A

Catalogue Number: MB236D12
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dimensions for MB236DM1?

The dimensions for MB236DM1 are - H1000mm x W580mm x D235mm
For further information , visit link below:-

What RCBO's fit the switchboard Schneider switchboard MB236D31?

The RCBO that will fit the switchboard Schneider switchboard MB236D31 is a IC60N RCBO and a IC60H RCBO.
An example of the part number for a 6kA, 10A would be A9D61810.

Does the MB248DM2 come with a main switch?

Yes it comes with a 250A main switch.

​Is there an alternative C-Bus Switch for 5031NL-WE?

Yes, one off 2031VH + one off 5031NMML

What is the part number for a 36 pole Chassis board with a 160A main switch?

The part number for a 36 pole Chassis board with a 160A main switch is a MB236DM1.
Some of the key features are:
  • 160A main switch
  • Isobar type TNA chassis
  • IP42
  • 36 Pole
  • Dimensions 1000mm(H) X 580mm(W) X 235mm(D)
  • 2 keys per lock
  • Terminal shields provided with main switch
  • Pole fillers for auxiliary equipment openings & 30% of board MCB pole capacity
  • 165A earth & neutral bars with single +/- screw Ø5mm tunnels for outgoing cables up to 16mm2 & 2 x M8 hex head screws for incoming cables. Earth & neutral bars comply with clause of AS/NZS 3000:2000
For furthur information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=MB236DM1​

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What Slim 10A, 16A, 20A RCD Combo's fit the distribution board MB236C30?

The Slim RCD Combo's that fit the distribution board MB236C30 are
  • A9D11810 (10A), 
  • A9D11816 (16A), 
  • A9D11820 (20A).


UPS Network Management Card replace battery date year is missing or incorrect


Why is my Network Management Card not showing the correct year as available for my UPS replace battery date via the Web Interface? Refer to the screenshots below.

 v3.X.X, v5.X.X firmware

v6.X.X firmware

Product Line
  • UPS Network Management Card 1 - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619
  • ​​UPS Network Management Card 2 - AP9630/30CH, AP9631/31CH, AP9635/35CH

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • Web Interface users


If the current (or a future) year is missing from the drop down list used to change your UPS's replace battery date, this is usually because the current date and time on the Network Management Card itself is set incorrectly. The replace battery date year is populated based on the current year. When the date and time is incorrect on the Network Management Card, these options are displayed incorrectly.

The user also will not see a future year available as an option to avoid allowing a user to set a replacement battery date in the future.


Update the current date and time on your Network Management Card and then re-check the drop down list to make sure the current year now displays.
  • To update the date/time on a Network Management Card 1 and 2 (v3.X.X, 5.X.X firmware) via the web interface, go to Administration->General->Date/time->mode.
  • To update the date/time on a Network Management Card 2 (v6.X.X firmware) via the web interface, go to Configuration->General->Date/time->mode.