SWBD MB 24P C60 IP42 250A

MB/MD Distribution Board SWBD MB 24P C60 IP42 250A

Catalogue Number: MB224C32
SWBD MB 24P C60 IP42 250A
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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EU RoHS Directive
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number MB224CM1 available in Orange?

Yes, the part number is MB224CM1X15.

do we still make the 4C18M160-GY ?

Unfortunately the 4C18M160-GY is discontinued

the closest possible replacement is MB224C31 - this is 24 pole version instead of 18 pole

What is the part number for a 24 pole Orange chassis board with 160amp isolator?

The part number for a 24 pole Orange chassis board with 160amp isolator is - MB224C31X15
This Chassis board is the same as the MB224C31 , the X15 is for it to be Orange in colour
For further information , visit link below:

What is the replacement for a Merlin Gerin, 100A, IP42, 24 pole, Switchboard?

The closest alternative is a Schneider switchboard MB224CM1.
Some of the key features are:
  • 24 pole
  • IP42 Rated
  • 160A Main Switch
  • Dimensions 750mm(H) X 580mm(W) X 235mm(D)
  • Supplied with 165A Earth and Neutral Bar with single +/- screw ø6mm tunnels for out going cables up to 16mm² and 2XMB hex head screws for incoming cables
For further information please visit Clipsal - MB224CM1 - MB ISOBAR 24P C60 IP42 160A


What Slim 10A, 16A, 20A RCD Combo's fit the distribution board MB236C30?

The Slim RCD Combo's that fit the distribution board MB236C30 are
  • A9D11810 (10A), 
  • A9D11816 (16A), 
  • A9D11820 (20A).