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Range of product
  • TeSys D
  • TeSys D control relay
    • Range
      Device short name
      Product or component type
      suppressor module
      Product compatibility
    • 3P LC1D09...D38
    • 4P LC1DT20...DT40
    • 4P LC1D098...D258
    • CAD32, CAD50
      • Mounting location
        Mounting mode
        by clips
        Suppressor technology
        RC circuit
        [Uc] control circuit voltage
        24...48 V AC 50/60 Hz
        Maximum peak voltage
        3 Uc
        Net weight
        0.012 kg
        Compatibility code
        Ambient air temperature for operation
        -25-55 °C
        Ambient air temperature for storage
        -40-80 °C
        Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        REACh Regulation
        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Toxic heavy metal free
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
        Environmental Disclosure
        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
        18 months

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What suppressor do I need for a LC1DT40 contactor 110Vac

        You need to use a LAD4RCU - RC circuit suppressor 110-240Vac.

        Will a LAD4RCE or LA4DRCU also fit a LC2D09 thru LC2D38 reversing contactors?

        Identifying accessories for reversing contactors

        Product Line:
        IEC contactors and starters

        Products sold and used in the United States

        Accessories used on non-reversing contactors are also needed for reversing application

        Yes, the LC2D contactors are provided standard with one on the left contactor. One may be added to the right contactor.

        CTA-ID : 2022733

        Are the LAD4 RC suppressors CE marked?

        Product Line:  
        Tesys D line Contactors and Accessories

        Yes these are CE marked.

        What is the replacement AC coil for CAD32 and CAD50 relay?

        AC coil replacement for CAD32 and CAD50

        Product Line:

        Tesys CAD Control Relays

        Product selection

        Volt = coil part number
        12 = LXD1J7
        21 = LXD1Z7
        24 = LXD1B7
        32 = LXD1C7
        36 = LXD1CC7
        42 = LXD1D7
        48 = LXD1E7
        60 = LXD1EE7
        100 = LXD1K7
        110 = LXD1F7
        115 = LXD1FE7
        120 = LXD1G7
        127 = LXD1FC7
        200 = LXD1L7
        208 = LXD1LL7
        220/230 = LXD1M7
        230 595 21 LXD1P7
        230/240 = LXD1U7
        277 781 30 LXD1W7
        380/400 = LXD1Q7
        400 = LXD1V7
        415 = LXD1N7
        440 = LXD1R7
        480 = LXD1T7
        600 = LXD1X7
        690 = LXD1Y7


        What mechanical interlock should I use with the LC1D50A••?

        The mechanical interlock LAD4CM is the correct one for use with the LC1D50A••.

        See attached datasheet for futher information on the LAD4CM.

        What is the mechanical interlock for a 4 Pole contactor LC1DT80A__?

        Part number for the mechanical interlock for a 4 Pole contactor LC1DT80A__?

        Product Line: 
         Contactors and Starters - IEC


        Needs the mechanical interlock for a 4 Pole contactor LC1DT80A__.


        Is it possible to mount a surge suppressor with LED (LAD4RCE) on the CA4KN**, low consumption DC control relay.

        CA4KN** control contactor comes fitted with integrated surge suppressor (bidirectional diode), thus there is no need for an external surge suppressor.
        However if the additional surge suppressor on the CA4KN22** is required, then it is possible to mount the suppressor (LAD4RCE).
        If the additional surge suppressor with LED is being used just for indication to verify that power is applied to the contactor, it is advisable to use a normal LED as per the coil voltage, connected to the coil supply (A1- A2).
        This will give the indication functionality as that of the additional external surge suppressor with LED, if that is what the only requirement is.

        Can I use a LA9D6569 reversing kit with LC1D40AU7 contactors

        No, correct kit is a LAD9R3.

        What is the interlock for LCD18

         The part code is LAD9R1V

        What is the part number for a varistor coil surge suppressor for a LC1D09 to LC1D32 3 pole and LC1DT20 to LC1DT40 4 pole?

        Surge suppressor part number is needed

        Product Line:
        TeSys D line Contactors

        Products sold and used in the United States

        Need a varistor coil surge suppressor in their application

        For 24 to 48 volts AC LAD4VE, for 50 to 127 volts AC LAD4VG, and for 110 to 250 volts AC LAD4VU.
        These will limit the transient to 2 times nominal voltage and increases drop out time 1.1 to 1.5 times normal.


        Need a LC2D323U7 reversing contactor

        Use 2 x LC1D32U7 with a LAD9R1V reversing wiring kit

        What is the part number of the mechanical link for reversing contactors LC1D25U7

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