link neutral back wiring

Max 4 Neutral Active Meter Links, 11 Hole, Suit 25Mm² Cables, Back Wiring

Catalogue Number: L11/25BW
link neutral back wiring
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Product brand
Range of product
Blue Point
Product or component type
neutral link
Cable cross section
25-25 mm²
[In] rated current
110 A
[Ue] rated operational voltage
500 V
Connector type
screw terminals
Number of poles
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the part numbers for neutral and active links that take 25mm cable?

The part numbers are L11/25 for the neutral link and L11/25R for the active link.

What is the inrush current for the LC1D25B7 Contactor?

The inrush current of the LC1D25B7 will be 70VA..or 2.92 Amps
see technical data sheet on coil...

What is the part number of the spare coil for LC1D25B7 contactor?

LXD1B7 is the part number of the spare coil to suit LC1D25B7 contactor. For further information on the coil, please refer to the attached datasheet.

What is the complete part number for a 25A 11Kw 3P Contactor with 24VDC coil?

LC1D25BD is the correct part number

What is the difference between the LAD4TB and LAD4TBDL bi-directional peak limiting diode?

Identifying the difference between LAD4TB and LAD4TBDL

Product Line:
IEC contactors and starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Identifying the difference between two similar part numbers

The LAD4TB is for 24V AC coils for the Tesys Series LC1D09 through LC1D38 contactors when supplied with G7 voltage code. The LAD4TBDL is 24 vdc bi-directional diode offered as a replacement if for some reason the diode supplied with the Tesys LC1D09 through LC1D38 contactors when ordered with BD or BL voltage code breaks or is no longer working.


What is the altitude derating for a TeSys D-Line contactor?

What is the altitude derating for a TeSys D-Line contactor?

Product Line:
Digest 177 Section 18 : Contactors and Starters, IEC

North American Products

The contactors are fully rated up to 3000 meters. Following are derating multipliers for altitudes above 3000 meters for both voltage and current:

3500m x 0.90
4000m x 0.80
4500m x 0.70
5000m x 0.60

3500m x 0.92
4000m x 0.90
4500m x 0.88
5000m x 0.86

For example, an LC1D80 at 5000 meters:
- The maximum rated operational voltage is 1,000V (IEC947-4) and 690V (UL/CSA). At 5000 meters it becomes 1000V x 0.6 = 600V (IEC947-4) and 690V x 0.6 = 414V (UL/CSA).
- The maximum rated operational AC3 current is 80A. At 5000 meters it becomes 80A x 0.86 = 68A.


Where are the control coil terminals for TeSys LC1D09 to LC1D38 contactor?

Determine the control coil terminal marking and location on LC1D09 to LC1D38 contactor

Product Line: 
Tesys D Contactors

IEC contactors

The coil terminals are marked A1 and A2, you can see them on the front of the contactor on the white part (control section).  They are next to the auxiliary contact (13/14, 21/22) terminals.

Can a GV2AF3 or GV2AF4 interconnection block work on a contactor with a DC coil?

Mounting adaptor for GV2 and LC1D contactor

Product Line:
Motor Starters and Protectors

TeSys GV Manual Starter and Protectors
Tesys D Contactors
The GV2AF3 clip has to be moved to the DC position to accommodate the contactor with a DC coil.

What is the maximum UL/CSA AC voltage rating of the LC1D power contacts ?

Identifying maximum voltage of an LC1D contactor

Product Line:
TeSys D Contactors

IEC contactors and starters used in North America


IThe maximum voltage per UL and CSA is 600VAC. 

Do we have a neutral link bar with 13 holes and 2 at 25 mm each?

Yes, we have the L13/25.

Where do I find the Coil voltage on the Tesys D 3 Pole AC Contactor?

On the Tesys D 3 Pole AC Contactor you will find the coil voltage marked at the top, behind the Power terminals of the Contactor, for example U7, 240V 50/60 Hz

For the DC Version, the coil voltage is marked on the front of the Contactor. Hence it has got complete part number for the Contactor on the front, for example: LC1D25BD for 24V DC Coil.

What is the replacement coil part number for the LC*D09 through LC*D32 and LC*DT20 through LC*DT40 TeSys contactors?

Identifying replacement coils for tesys D non-reversing and reversing conactors

Product Line:
IEC Contactors and Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

Replacement coil is needed

DC replacement coils are not available.
AC Coils are 50/60 hertz for voltages as listed below:

Volts - Part Number
12 ____ LXD1J7
21 ____ LXD1Z7
24 ____ LXD1B7
32 ____ LXD1C7
36 ____ LXD1CC7
42 ____ LXD1D7
48 ____ LXD1E7
60 ____ LXD1EE7
100 ___ LXD1K7 ( never brought to North America )
110 ___ LXD1F7
115 ___ LXD1FE7
120 ___ LXD1G7
127 ___ LXD1FC7
200 ___ LXD1L7
208 ___ LXD1LE7
220 ___ LXD1M7
230 ___ LXD1P7
240 ___ LXD1U7
277 ___ LXD1W7
380 ___ LXD1Q7
400 ___ LXD1V7
415 ___ LXD1N7
440 ___ LXD1R7
480 ___ LXD1T7
575 ___ LXD1SC7
600 ___ LXD1X7
690 ___ LXD1Y7

Note: A contactor with an AC coil can be changed to a different AC voltage coil, IE you can take an LC1D09 with a 120VAC coil and put a 24VAC coil in it instead. An AC device cannot be switched to a DC coil, and a DC device cannot be switches to an AC coil.