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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between part numbers 7105A & 7107A?

Part number 7105A is Auto Switch 7107A is Pull Cord.

I am looking for a wall fan with a 240mm cutout and is physically approx 300mm square

You can use a Clipsal 7106A or 7108A both have a 230mm cut out and are 271mm square

- Can the 7100WP be used with 7006A & 7008A?

No Not suitable for 150mm fans such as the 7006A & 7008A. It is designed to use with the 7106a and 7108a

For more information on the 7100wp please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

Is there a 200mm exhaust fan available?

Yes, the part number is 7106A

What is the warranty period for the 7108A ?

The warranty for the 7108A is 3 yrs from date of installation.

What is the replacement for the 6107-0 mistral fan?

The replacement is the 7107a

Where can I find the 7105A data/installation sheet

Available at:

What is the part no for wall plates to suit 7108a

Part no 7100WP is wall plate to suit fans

What is the cut out size for the 7107A window exhaust fan?

The cut out size for the 7107A window exhaust fan is - 230mm

For further information , visit link below:-
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Do you need an adaptor for the WLE250 to 7106A

You will probably need 2 x 7100WP

What is the replacement for the DBWE250?

The replacement parts are as follows: 7108A + 2x 7100WP

Can you get a replacement pull cord for the 7108A exhaust fan?

No unfortunately we do not sell spare parts for or exhaust fans.
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