Shaft support plate for deep enclosure TeSys GVAPK11 for circuit-breaker TeSys GV2P/L, 250 mm

TeSys GV2, Shaft, 250 mm

Catalogue Number: GVAPK11
Shaft support plate for deep enclosure TeSys GVAPK11 for circuit-breaker TeSys GV2P/L, 250 mm
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Range of product
TeSys GV2
Product or component type
shaft bracket
Device short name
Accessory / separate part category
control accessory
Product compatibility
  • GV2APN01
  • GV2APN02
  • GV2APN03
  • GV2APN04
  • GVAPA1
    • Length
      250 mm
      Compatibility code
      Unit Type of Package 1
      Number of Units in Package 1
      Package 1 Weight
      30 g
      Package 1 Height
      4.7 cm
      Package 1 width
      6.6 cm
      Package 1 Length
      19.7 cm
      Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      EU RoHS Directive
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
      Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
      Environmental Disclosure
      The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
      18 months

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the length of the shaft in the GV3APN02 kit?

       The shaft included in the GV3APN02 kit is a GVAPA1. It has a length of 315 mm.

      Does the GVAE11 auxilliary contact block fit the GV2ME?

      The GVAE11 auxilliary contact block fits in the top of the GV2ME and GV2P/L

      How many of GVAN11 side Auxiliary can be put on GV3 circuit breakers?

      Maximum of 2 sides mounted Auxiliary can be used with GV3 circuit breaker.

      What is the part name for the side mount auxiliary contacts 1 N/C , 1N/O for GV3P40?

      The part name for the side mount auxiliary contacts is - GVAN11.

      GV2P disconnect options

      What is the product number for a complete through-the-door disconnect device for a GV2P

      Product Line:
      GV2P Manual Starters and Protectors

      US product

      Digest 176 is unclear as to what is a complete mechanism with shaft and handle

      There are three devices which include mechanism, shaft and handle:
      GV2APN01 has a NEMA 1, 12 rating and is black
      GV2APN02 has a NEMA 1, 12 rating and is red/yellow
      GV2APN04 has a NEMA 3R, 4, 4X rating and is red/yellow

      Will GVAN11 give fault indication?

      No, the GVAN11 will only give status of "off" or "on" of the Breaker, but no indication of "fault".

      The GVAD1010 and GVAD0110 will give fault indication and status of "off" or "on" of the breaker.

      The GVAM11 will give short circuit contact signaling .

      For further information please visit

      What is the part number to get 2 extra N/C auxillary contacts on to a GV Motor C/B?

      The part numbers to get 2 extra N/C auxillary contacts on to a GV Motor C/B are - GVAE11 & GVAN11
      For further information , visit links below:-

      Can the GVAD0101 be stacked?

      Can you mount multiple GVAD0101 in tandem?

      Product Line:
      GV2, GV3 manual motor protectors

      Yes, You can stack up to 2 max

      Can GVAE1, GVAE11 or GVAE20 be used with GV3 starters?

      Are the front mount auxiliary contacts GVAE1, GVEA11 and GVAE20 be used for GV3M devices?
      Product Line:

      Tesys GV Manual Starter and Protectors

      TeSys GV, GVA, GV2, GV3P

      These auxiliary contacts can only be used with the rotary handled GV3P devices. They cannot be applied with the pushbutton GV3M devices.

      What is the equivalent of GV2AP01 and GV2AP02 rotary handle

      The equivalent of GV2AP01 and GV2AP02 rotary handles are GV2APN01          
       and GV2APN02 respectively.Refer attached file for more details

      what's the difference between the GV3P50 and GV3P501

      they are the same Device but the P50 has everlink terminals on top and bottom and the P501 has everlink terminals on top and direct connection on the bottom 

      Protection Rating for GV2E01

      What rating does the GV2E01 give when used with the GV2MC01 or GV2MP01 enclosure

      Product Line:
      GV2 Enclosure Accessories

      US Product

      The IP rating is not specified in the Digest 176

      When used with the GV2MC01 or GV2MP01, this kit will give a IP55 rating.

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