TeSys GV2 & TeSys GV3 & TeSys U, Rotary Handle, IP54

TeSys GV2 & TeSys GV3 & TeSys U, Rotary Handle, IP54

TeSys GV2 & TeSys GV3 & TeSys U, Rotary Handle, IP54

Item Number: GVAPB54

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Product Dimensions

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Width60 mm

Height icon

Height43 mm

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Depth60 mm



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Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


18 months

Range of product

  • TeSys GV3
  • TeSys U
  • TeSys GV2
    • Range


      Product or component type

      rotary handle


      Environmental Disclosure


      California proposition 65

      WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including: Lead and lead compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

      Mercury free


      REACh Regulation

      Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

      China RoHS Regulation

      Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

      EU RoHS Directive


      RoHS exemption information


      Range compatibility

    • TeSys GV2
    • TeSys GV3
    • TeSys U
      • Height

        43 mm


        60 mm


        60 mm

        Net weight

        0.15 kg

        IP degree of protection



        Package 1 Height

        0.65 dm

        Package 1 Length

        1.35 dm

        Package 1 Weight

        0.179 kg

        Package 1 width

        0.91 dm


        The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

        Device short name


        Accessory / separate part category

        control accessory

        Handle colour


        Handle front plate colour


        Rotary handle padlocking

      • padlock in OFF position
      • padlock in ON position
        • Rotary handle mounting style


          Locking options description

          1 to 3 padlocks

          Compatibility code

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          What does Pitch refer to in regards to the GV2G busbar system?

          Need to know what 45mm, 54mm, and 72mm pitch means

          Product Line:
          GV2 Manual Starters

          IEC Contactors and Starters

          The pitch is the spacing between slots. In order to select the correct pitch, total up the width of the device, plus any side mounted auxiliaries. Use the total width for selecting the proper pitch. The busbar pitch selection must be the same or greater than the sum of device and auxiliaries.

          GV2P disconnect options

          What is the product number for a complete through-the-door disconnect device for a GV2P

          Product Line:
          GV2P Manual Starters and Protectors

          US product

          Digest 176 is unclear as to what is a complete mechanism with shaft and handle

          There are three devices which include mechanism, shaft and handle:
          GV2APN01 has a NEMA 1, 12 rating and is black
          GV2APN02 has a NEMA 1, 12 rating and is red/yellow
          GV2APN04 has a NEMA 3R, 4, 4X rating and is red/yellow

          What is the length of the shaft in the GV3APN02 kit?

           The shaft included in the GV3APN02 kit is a GVAPA1. It has a length of 315 mm.

          What is the short circuit current rating for TeSys GV2G Comb Busbar.

          The short-circuit current withstand rating (KA) of Tesys Comb Busbar is compatible with the breaking capacity of Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCB) of GV series. The GV Series Comb Busbar does not have a conditional short-circuit current rating.

          The maximum permissible peak current for GV2G*** Series Comb Busbar is 11KA and for GV3G*64 series Comb Busbar is 20KA.

          Example: Use a circuit breaker or fuse in upstream of the Tesys GV2G for a short circuit value up to 11KAmps as the permissible peak current of GV2G354 is 11KA.

          Is there a through the door operating mechanism for the GV3P manual starters?

          Is there a through the door operating mechanism for the GV3P manual starters?

          Product Line:
          IEC Contactors and Starters

          GV3P Manual Starters and Protectors

          Product selection/feature
          There are three different through the door operating mechanisms for the GV3P. There is the GV3APN01 which is rated
          NEMA 1 and 12 in black with trip indication; the GV3APN02 which is also NEMA 1 and 12 in red/yellow with trip indication,
          and the GV3APN04 which is NEMA 4/X red/yellow without trip indication.

          Is there a thru the door external operator for the GV2ME and GV2P manual starters?

          What is the through-the-door operating mechanism for a GV2 Manual starter?

          Product Line: 
          Digest 177 Section 18 : Contactors and Starters - IEC

          North American Products

          Needs  the through-the-door operating mechanism for a GV2P Manual starter

          There are no available kits for the GV2ME devices, only the GV2P devices (as listed below)
          GV2APN01 - Nema 1 Black
          GV2APN02 - Nema 1, 12 Red/Yellow
          GV2APN04 - Nema 3R, 4, 4X Red/Yellow