S Power Busbar for Side By Side Mountin

S Power Busbar for Side By Side Mountin

S Power Busbar for Side By Side Mountin

Item Number: GV3S

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18 months

Range of product

  • TeSys D
  • TeSys GV3
    • Range


      Product or component type

      comb busbar

      Product compatibility

    • GV3P
    • LC1D40A...D65A
    • GV3L
      • Physical

        Mercury free


        REACh Regulation

        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        China RoHS Regulation

        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

        EU RoHS Directive


        RoHS exemption information


        Range compatibility

      • TeSys D
      • TeSys GV3
        • Net weight

          0.104 kg


          Package 1 Height

          0.8 dm

          Package 1 Length

          2.4 dm

          Package 1 Weight

          0.12 kg

          Package 1 width

          1.2 dm


          The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

          Accessory / separate part category

          connection accessory

          Poles description


          Product specific application

          S-shape busbar
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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          Can GVAE1, GVAE11 or GVAE20 be used with GV3 starters?

          Are the front mount auxiliary contacts GVAE1, GVEA11 and GVAE20 be used for GV3M devices?
          Product Line:

          Tesys GV Manual Starter and Protectors

          TeSys GV, GVA, GV2, GV3P

          These auxiliary contacts can only be used with the rotary handled GV3P devices. They cannot be applied with the pushbutton GV3M devices.

          Video: How to Mount a GV3P Motor Starter/Protector to a LC1D Contactor with Everlink Terminals

          How GV3P and LC1D contacto with Evelink connect to each other 

          Product Line: 
          Contact and Starters - IEC  

          LC1D Tesys D Contactors, GV3P Manual Motor Starter/PRotector

          Take your GV3P and remove the Everlink terminals from the base. Line up the exposed terminals with the top of the contactor so that they mate together. Use an Allen Wrench to secure the GV3P tight to the contactor.

          Will the accessories used for the GV3ME06 through GV3ME63 work with the GV3ME80?

          Product Line:
          GV3 manual motor starters, IEC

          The standard GV3 accessories will work on this device.

          What is the significance of two arrows on the knob of Tesys GV3P Current Setting Dial.

          The first black arrow needs to be set at the rated current of Motor, when Tesys GV3 MPCB is used with contactor separately mounted or not used at all.
          The second white arrow needs be set at rated current of Motor, when the Tesys GV3 MPCB and contactor are used in combination. This setting gives allowance for the heat dissipation in the thermal characteristics of MPCB due to the combined use of the Tesys GV3P and Tesys LC1D at the rated current.
          See below diagram for clarity.

          Is it possible to interlock two GV2 motor circuit breakers?

          It is not possible to interlock GV2s together.

          An alternative would be to have one GV2 with 2 downstream contactors that were interlocked together.

          Is there a through the door operating mechanism for the GV3P manual starters?

          Is there a through the door operating mechanism for the GV3P manual starters?

          Product Line:
          IEC Contactors and Starters

          GV3P Manual Starters and Protectors

          Product selection/feature
          There are three different through the door operating mechanisms for the GV3P. There is the GV3APN01 which is rated
          NEMA 1 and 12 in black with trip indication; the GV3APN02 which is also NEMA 1 and 12 in red/yellow with trip indication,
          and the GV3APN04 which is NEMA 4/X red/yellow without trip indication.

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