Mounting Clip, Moulded Front, 1mm

White Electric | Mounting Clip, Moulded Front, 1mm

Mounting Clip, Moulded Front, 1mm

Item Number: F30Z1-WE

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Green Premium product

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  • Sundry Series 30
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      Mercury free


      REACh Regulation

      Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

      China RoHS Regulation

      Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

      EU RoHS Directive

      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

      RoHS exemption information


      Environmental Disclosure


      Mounting position

      horizontal and vertical


      9 mm


      28 mm


      28 mm



      PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


      Number of Units in Package 1


      Number of Units in Package 2


      Number of Units in Package 3


      Package 1 Height

      11 mm

      Package 1 Length

      29 mm

      Package 1 Weight

      2 g

      Package 1 width

      29 mm

      Package 2 Height

      42 mm

      Package 2 Length

      118 mm

      Package 2 Weight

      0.036 kg

      Package 2 width

      56 mm

      Package 3 Height

      117 mm

      Package 3 Length

      310 mm

      Package 3 Weight

      1000 g

      Package 3 width

      250 mm

      Unit Type of Package 1


      Unit Type of Package 2


      Unit Type of Package 3

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What are the cutout dimensions of the F30Z4

      The F30Z4 suits 4mm thick steel of which any 30 series switch mechanism can be installed.
      the cut out is 25.4MM SQARED

      Is there a mounting clip to fit a 30 series mec to a panel?

      Yes, the F30Z1, F30Z1.5, or F30Z2 mounting clip suits 1, 1.5, or 2mm thick panels, or the B30GFZ will screw mount onto a surface.

      What is parameter F303 on the ATV212?

      ATV212 parameter F303 configuration
      Product Line:
      Altivar 212, Altivar 21
      All serial numbers
      F303 is the number of auto restarts that the VFD will attempt before locking on a fault.

      What is the meaning of OC1 fault in Altivar 21 Drive.

      The meaning of OC1 is over current during Acceleration. This fault appears when the motor is drawing excess current during acceleration.

      Main probable causes of the fault:
      1         The acceleration time ACC is too short.
      2         The parameter Pt(Motor Control Mode) is incorrect.
      3         The drive is starting into a rotating load.
      4         A special motor (e.g. motor with small impedance) is used.
      1         Increase the acceleration time
      2         Check the Pt (Motor Control Mode) parameter.
      3         Use F301 (Auto-Restart) and F302 (Coast Stop).
      4         Adjust the switching frequency F300.
      5         Set parameter F316(Switching Frequency Control Mode) to 1 or 3 (carrier frequency is decreased automatically).

      What causes a OP3 fault on the ATV212 drive?

      OP3 fault on the ATV212 drive

      Product Line:
      ATV21 ATV212 Altivar 212, Altivar 21 drives

      All models, All serial numbers

      OP3 fault is caused by overvoltage during constant speed operation.  This could be caused by abnormal fluctuation of the input voltage, Power networks greater than 200kVA, Power factor correction switching, SCR's switching on the Power network, the load regenerating into the drive or intermittent output phase loss. 

      Confirm the motor nameplate information matches settings in the drive.  Confirm that the drive is sized correctly for the load and application.

      tYP = 2 (60Hz)
      tHr = motor FLA
      uLu = motor voltage
      F415 = motor FLA
      F417 = motor RPM

      Set F626 = 150% (increases the DC bus overvoltage threshold)
      Set AU1 = 0 (disables Auto ramp)

      Check the setting of Pt parameter (type of control) matches the application. 

      Check to make sure that the load is not spinning without drive's input (such as fan applications). If the load is spinning too fast in the wrong direction, the drive won't be able to catch it. If this is the case, try installing a mechanical brake to prevent this issue. 

      Check the setting of F301 Catch on the fly and try setting it to 4 (Each start)

      What is the part number for the adapter that lets 30 series mecs fit in a Prestige switch?

      The part number for the adapter that lets 30 series mecs fit in a Prestige switch is P30Z.
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