Easy 56 Switched Socket 3 Pin 10A 250V

Easy56 Switched Socket, 3 PIN, 10A, 250V

Catalogue Number: EY56C310
Easy 56 Switched Socket 3 Pin 10A 250V
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Product name
Product or component type
switch and socket-outlet
Device short name
Plug, socket category
low voltage
Poles description
1P + N + E
Control type
rotary knob
Rotary handle padlocking
2 padlocks 8-8 mm
Network type
Outlet standard
Australian/New Zealand
Mounting mode
surface mounted
Plug, socket, control station shape
[In] rated current
10 A
Pin number
3 pins
Shape of pin
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V
Network frequency
50 Hz
Protection type
without protection
Contacts material
pins: phosphor bronze
Connections - terminals
screw terminals
Cable cross section
1.5-6 mm²
Cable entry number
  • 2 x M25
  • 1 x M32
    • Net weight
      0.82 kg
      203 mm
      101 mm
      101 mm
    • body: grey (RAL 7035)
    • rotary handle: dark grey
      • Targeted country
      • Australia
      • New Zealand
        • Market segment
        • utility
        • industry
        • small commercial
          • Standards
          • AS/NZS 3112
          • AS/NZS 3133
            • Quality labels
              IP degree of protection
              IP66 conforming to AS 60529
              Ambient air temperature for operation
              -25-75 °C
              Ambient air temperature for storage
              -25-75 °C
              Package 1 Weight
              820 g
              Package 1 Height
              114 mm
              Package 1 width
              104 mm
              Package 1 Length
              207 mm
              EU RoHS Directive
              Under investigation

              Frequently Asked Questions

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              Can i get the EY56P310 in white?

              No, the EY56P310 only comes in orange.

              For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=EY56P310

              What cable size does a EY56P310 plug take?

              The conductor size a EY56P310 plug can take is minimum 1mm² and maximum 2.5mm² with an outside cable diameter of 7mm minimum and 12.5 maximum.

              EY56C432 will this product fit a 56 series back box?

              Yes. Part number EY56C432 will fit standard 56 series.

              Does Clipsal offer 56C310 in double pole?

              Yes, the part name is as follows: 56C310D

              Is the 56C310 lockable?

              The 56C310 comes with a locking provision on the flap which will
              allow the part to be locked

              What is the part number for a 56C310 in white?

              The part number for a 56C310 in white is a 56C310-RW

              What is the 56C310 with an RCD attached?

              Part No.: 56SC310RC

              Does EY56SW110 come with enclosure ?

              yes it does 

              What is the standard base depth that comes with the 56C310?

              The standard base depth that comes with the 56C310 is on a 38mm base.

              What is the pack quantity of the EY56SW120 - Easy 56 switch, 1 pole 20A 250v

              Stock pack is 3.

              what is the part no of 56C310 in woolworths color ?

              the part no is 56C310-WW

              What is the part number for a 56C310 with a deep base?

              The part number for a 56C310 with deep base is - 56ED2 & 56C310LE

              For further information , visit link below:-
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