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Com'X510 Energy Server

Colour: Per UOM Std.
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Key Features & Specifications

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  • Compatible with all standards for EMC, safety, radio communication (WiFi)
  • A compact design -144 mm Width
  • No external power supply required
  • Accuracy of 1% for PT100 / PT1000 or 0,5% for 0--10V and 4--20mA
  • 2 E
Range of product
Product name
Product or component type
energy server
Device short name
ComX 510
[Us] rated supply voltage
main supply: 24 V DC
Maximum power consumption in W
  • 26 W 24 V
  • 15 W via PoE
    • Communication network type
    • RS485, Modbus serial on 1 RJ45
    • RS485, Modbus serial on terminal block
    • Ethernet, PoE 15W (Power over Ethernet) on 1 RJ45
    • Ethernet, DHCP on 1 RJ45
      • Number of inputs
      • 6-6 digital
      • 2-2 analog
        • Discrete input current
          60 mA at 12 V DC
          Sensor power supply
          24-24 V DC at 50 mA
          Analogue input type
        • Pt 1000
        • Pt 100
        • 0...10 V
        • 4...20 mA
          • Number of outputs
            Communication gateway
            Ethernet TCP/IP to Modbus
            Memory capacity
          • 128 MB RAM
          • 256 MB flash
          • 4 GB SDRAM
            • Mounting mode
              Mounting support
              35 mm DIN rail
              Product certifications
            • C-Tick
            • cUL
            • UL
            • CE
              • Standards
              • EN 60950
              • EN 61010-1
              • UL 508
              • UL 60950
                • Depth
                  69 mm
                  109 mm
                  144 mm
                  Net weight
                  450 g
                  Product specific application
                  energy management systems
                  Web services
                  web server
                  Local signalling
                • LED: for power supply
                • LED: for status (GPRS)
                • LED: for communication (Modbus)
                • LED: for communication (Ethernet)
                • LED: for communication (WiFi)
                • LED: for I/O
                  • Compatibility code
                    ComX 200
                    Relative humidity
                    5-95 % at 55-55 °C without condensation
                    IP degree of protection
                  • N/A
                  • N/A
                    • Ambient air temperature for operation
                      -25-70 °C
                      Ambient air temperature for storage
                      -40-85 °C
                      Pollution degree
                      Operating altitude
                      2000 m
                      REACh Regulation
                      Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
                      EU RoHS Directive
                      Under investigation
                      Mercury free
                      RoHS exemption information
                      China RoHS Regulation
                      The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

                      Frequently Asked Questions

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                      ETSNZ How to Delete and import New custom devices on EBX510

                      Please see attached note on how to Remove and import custom devices on the EBX510

                      ETSNZ Configuring Com'x510 to PUblish with GPRS Modem

                      See attached document.

                      Does EBX510 come with 24V DC power supply?

                      No EBX510 does not come with 24V DC power supply.Need separate power supply 24V DC.
                      One possible power supply is ABL8RPS24030

                      regulated SMPS - 1 or 2-phase - 100..500 V - 24 V - 3 A

                      For more information on power supplies available see:

                      Communications loss after changing Com'X security settings

                      Changing the Com'X security certificate causes communication loss

                      Product Line
                      Com'X 200, Com'X 210, Com'X 510


                      When the device security parameters have changed the Com'X must reestablish communications by reloading the web interface.

                      Allow device to reestablish communications. 

                      Note: If you are unable to find security certificate settings then you may need to perform a firmware upgrade. 

                      Link150, Comx200/210, Comx510 CAD Files

                      CAD files for the gateway devices:
                      Link150, Comx200/210, Comx510

                      Product Line
                      Link150, Comx200/210, Comx510

                      Click on the links below for the Comx200/210 and Comx510 CAD files:
                      Comx510 CAD File

                      Comx200/210 CAD File

                      The Link150 CAD file is attached below

                      Com'X 200 / 210 / 510 Documentation (Technical Datasheet, User Guide, and Installation Guide)

                      Documentation for COM'X 200/210/510 is needed

                      Product Line
                      Com'X 200 (EBX200)
                      Com'X 210 (EGX210)
                      Com'X 510 (EBX510)


                      The documents below include Technical Datasheet, User Manual, and Installation Guide

                      Com'X 200/210/510 Installation Guide:5406AD002
                      Com'X 200/210 User Manual: DOCA0036EN
                      Com'X 510 User Manual: DOCA0098EN
                      Com'X 200/210/510 Technical Datasheet: PLSED310098EN

                      How can I discover ZigBee devices on the EBX510?

                      Follow this procedure to discover connected ZigBee devices:

                      1. Click the Com'X 510 in the device tree view.

                      2. Click Discover devices to open the Discovery window.

                      3. Select the communication protocol ZigBee.

                      4. Enter the Timeout time (in minutes).

                      5. Click Start to discover the devices. Discovered devices are listed in the ZigBee Discovery window. Click Stop if you want to stop the ZigBee Discovery process. Also in order to detect the ZigBee devices, you also need to activate the discovery mode on the different devices.

                      6. Close the ZigBee Discovery window. All the discovered devices appear in the device tree view.


                      How it can be integrated Sepam Protection Relays using Sepam multi-protocol communication interfaces ACE850 ?

                      Com'X and ACE850 can communicated over Modbus TCP/IP protocol, ACE850 is not a Com'X library native device,
                      in many application where Sepam 40(fw version > 7.00), or Sepam 80(fw > 6.00) communication network
                      has been built using ACE850, it will be able to communicate with Com'X via the following configuration:

                         1. From the Ethernet Devices Menu select "Generic Modbus TCP to Serial Gateway"
                         2. Configure the Gateway with the IP Address of the ACE850
                         3. From the Modbus Serial Devices Menu select the appropriate Sepam
                         4. For the Slave ID, enter "the Unit-Id 255 or any value in the range 1-247"

                      Latest firmware version for the energy server COM'X 510 (Version 5.2.0)

                      What is the latest firmware version for the Energy Server Com'X 510 ?
                      Product Line
                      COM'X 510
                      EBX 510

                      COM'X 510

                      New firmware upgrade is needed
                      As of 09/26/2018, the latest version of firmware for COM'X 510 is 5.2.0, and can be downloaded from the link below.

                      Instructions for upgrading the firmware can be found from KB FA270261

                      How do I add/create a Modbus Device Manually in EBX510?

                      Modbus devices that are not connected cannot be discovered, but they can be added manually using the following procedure:

                      1. Click the Device Settings main tab.

                      2. Select the upstream device with a Modbus serial port in the device tree view. For example, the Com'X 510 must be selected to connect a Modbus device to the Com'X 510.

                      3. Select the Modbus Serial collapsible menu.Click the header to expand the Modbus Serial collapsible menu.

                      4. Click Create a new device in the Device drop-down list.

                      5. Select a Device Type in the drop-down list. NOTE: Only the devices that can be connected to a Modbus serial port are listed.

                      6. Type the Slave ID in the Configuration collapsible menu. Refer to Common Properties on page 75 for completing the other parameters.

                      7. Click Create and the device appears in the device tree view

                      Com'X510(15 min data logging interval) Historically data export issue when it select every meter topics in one month time interval interval

                      The publication process limits the length of a data file published, since the limitation of the Com’X resource. So, one month data for every topic might be truncated into several small data files. To avoid publication process takes too many CPU resource, the publication process has limited time for every publication period. It means the publication process may not publish one month data at one time.
                      For example, if one month data has be truncated into 3 pieces and the publication period is one month, it means every publish period only one third of data in this month can be published. Next month another piece data will be published. It takes 3 month period to complete one month data publication, and there will be a lot of current months' data cannot be published.
                       The best way to define the publication period is based on sampling period.
                       If sampling period is one day, then publication period can be one month. If sampling period is fifteen minutes, the publication period should be everyday or less. If sampling period is less than 5 minutes, the publication period should be less than 6 hour.
                      If the customer would like to log all topics for all of the configured device, we recommend that they setup the export for once a day, at a minimum.