Dolly Rocker HEAT  AG
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AW
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AG
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AW

Clipsal Iconic Essence Rocker, HEAT

Catalogue Number: E40RH
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AG
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AW
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AG
Dolly Rocker HEAT  AW
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Ash Grey (AG)
  • Ash Grey 1 PCE
  • Arctic White 1 PCE


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Clipsal Iconic
Aesthetic name
Iconic Essence
Product or component type
Colour tint
ash grey (AG)
Type of packing
Quantity per set
set of 1
Sale per indivisible quantity
Product destination
Fixing mode
Surface finish
23 mm
23 mm
2 mm
Net weight
0.01 kg
Ambient air temperature for operation
0-45 °C
Relative humidity
10-95 %
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
1.88 g
Package 1 Height
10 mm
Package 1 width
18 mm
Package 1 Length
23 mm

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the PDL 640RC available in black

 No, only available in white 

What is the depth of PDL 644 mounting blocks, 640RC and 640SC

 It is 19mm deep

Do we do the reducer that comes with the 640RC as a spare part?

No, That is not available as a seperate Item.

"Couldn't determine unit type based on ModelNum" when using EM4800 configuration tool

When connection to EM4xxx meters using the EM4800 configuration tool, an error message pops up:
"Couldn't determine unit type based on ModelNum xxxxxxxx-xx-xx"

Product Line
EM4xxx series meters

Meter configuration 

Un-install the current version of EM4800 Configuration Tool that you have installed and re-install the latest version of the tool.
Latest version of the tool from the following link:
​This config tool supports the new Demand feature released with meter firmware revision 1.46
* IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version is NOT measurement Canada Approved.

How to configure the SRC 5,6,8 & 10 KVA UPS Models External Battery Packs using the LCD display


Configuration of SRC battery packs via the LCD display  

Product Line:

Smart-UPS Online


All SRC models, All Serial Numbers


Batteries need to  be manually added to the UPS in order for the unit to properly calculate runtime


Procedure for Configuring the number of battery strings through the display interface or LCD menus:

1. Press the Enter key to select the main menu.

2. Scroll down to configuration.

3. Press the enter key to select configuration. 

4. Scroll down to battery setup by number of battery pack. 

5. Enter the correct number of attached battery packs.

In order to setup the external battery packs, please key in as (Ah of battery) x (total number of batteries).

Example 1:   If there are 16pcs of 5Ah battery in series (for 5kVA), the total Ah number is 5Ahx16pcs=80Ah.
Example 2:   If there are 16 pcs of 100 AH batteries in series(for 5 KVA), the total AH number is 100 AH x 16 pcs=1600 AH
Example 3:   If there are 2 strings of 16pcs of 5Ah battery in series (for 5kVA), the total Ah number is 5Ahx16pcsx2 strings=160Ah.
The 80Ah inside the table is the default setting for 5kVA/6kVA (1 EXB: 16pcs of 5Ah battery)
The default setting for 8kVA is 140Ah (1 EXB: 20pcs of 7Ah battery)
The default setting for 10kVA is 180Ah (1 EXB: 20pcs of 9Ah battery).
If “Ext total battery Ah” is set as 0, it means there is no external battery connected.