Clipsal Iconic Essence Rocker, DINING

Ash Grey | Clipsal Iconic Essence Rocker, DINING

Clipsal Iconic Essence Rocker, DINING

Item Number: E40RD-AG

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Easily identify which room or area is which with these Essence pictogram rockers. No need for an electrican to install. Non-standard pictogram rockers can be ordered as special items.

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width23 mm

Height icon

Height23 mm

Depth icon

Depth2 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour
The Clipsal Iconic Essence range, Good Design Award Winner 2019


Irresistibly elegant

  • Simple design with clean natural lines
  • Available in Artic White (AW) and Ash Grey (AG)
  • Durable ABS colourfast and a UV stabilised plastic surface
  • Responsibly sourced birch real timber edges with matt lacquer for protection
  • Designed to safely clip on to the Iconic platform
  • Good Design Award winner 2019.




Clipsal Iconic

Aesthetic name

Iconic Essence

Product or component type


Colour tint

ash grey (AG)

Product destination



EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Type of packing


Quantity per set

set of 1

Sale per indivisible quantity


Fixing mode





23 mm


23 mm


2 mm

Net weight

0.01 kg

Ambient air temperature for operation

0-45 °C

Relative humidity

10-95 %


Package 1 Height

10 mm

Package 1 Length

23 mm

Package 1 Weight

1.88 g

Package 1 width

18 mm

Number of Units in Package 1


Unit Type of Package 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the PDL 640RC available in black

 No, only available in white 

What is the depth of PDL 644 mounting blocks, 640RC and 640SC

 It is 19mm deep

Do we do the reducer that comes with the 640RC as a spare part?

No, That is not available as a seperate Item.

What is the highest rated dimmer for LED lighting?

The highest rated dimmer for LED lighting that we have is the E4RUD series which is 800W but de-rates to 400W for LED lighting.

For more information, please refer to the link:

What wall box is suitable for Slimline and Saturn Series plates?

The wall box is suitable for Slimline and Saturn Series plates is the 157/1PRM.
Some of its key features are:
  • 1 gang
  • Standard
  • 84 mm mounting centres
  • With sliding recessed nut and ample cut-outs, impact resistant
  • Suits Slimline and Eclipse
  • Knockouts: 1 x 25, 1 x (35 Sq) Back, 1 x 20, 1x 25 Top, 1 x 20, 1x 25 Bottom, 2 x 25, 1 x (24x14) LH Side, 2 x 25, 1 x (24x14) RH Side
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=157/1PRM



"Couldn't determine unit type based on ModelNum" when using EM4800 configuration tool

When connection to EM4xxx meters using the EM4800 configuration tool, an error message pops up:
"Couldn't determine unit type based on ModelNum xxxxxxxx-xx-xx"

Product Line
EM4xxx series meters

Meter configuration 

Un-install the current version of EM4800 Configuration Tool that you have installed and re-install the latest version of the tool.
Latest version of the tool from the following link:
​This config tool supports the new Demand feature released with meter firmware revision 1.46
* IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version is NOT measurement Canada Approved.