Image of DI-T DALi Infinity 5 pole T connector blue

Dalicontrol T Connection Of Dali Luminaires & Equipment, 1 In 2 Out, 5 Pole, 20A

Catalogue Number: DI-T


Image of DI-T DALi Infinity 5 pole T connector blue
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
Range of product
DALI Infinity
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the IP Rating of MD Dist board?

The IP Rating of MD Dist board is IP56
See attachment for more information.

How to convert DINT variable to REAL variable in Concept (with IEC disabled).

In order to convert DINT variable to REAL variable in Concept (with IEC disabled) make use of EMTH-CNVIF instruction.

Need a glass door DBF to mount a energy meter in

Use a Prisma DBPS48G with a PDLDBFPMK dist board power meter kit

What is the part number of pole filler for PDL Superboard DBS/DBF Distribution Boards?

The part number of pole filler for MB Dist BDS is DBF15/23 (5X18mm poles)


What causes Unity error "Due to alignment constraint, you have to decrease or increase topological address index of 1"?

In Unity Pro/Control Expert, 32 bit datatypes must be mapped to an even address boundary when using the M340 & M580 PLCs.
For example,   variables  of REAL or DINT datatypes must be mapped to %MW2, not %MW1.

What is the part number for MB Dist Bd 160A, 36 pole?

The part number for MB Dist Bd 160A, 36 pole is MB236D31

Some of the Key Features are:
  1. Partially welded construction
  2. screw mounted removable escutcheon
  3. Door can be locked with escutcheon removed
  4. Removable door
  5. Door hinge can be left or right mounted
  6. Flush key lockable handles
  7. CL001 KEY
For more information see attachment.

Can the Magelis XBTGT5330 access the timer preset value (Time data type) in the Modicon PLC directly?

No, you can not access the Time Data type directly from the Magelis. In Unity Pro, you need to use a conversion block to convert between the
Time and Integer or DINT data type. The blocks you will use are:

Keep in mind that the value of the integer or DINT is in milliseconds where the Time value could be in any format.


What is the part code for an IP66 Rated 24 way surface mount distribution board?

The enclosure part code is the NSYPLM43BG and the Din mounting chassis is the NSYDLA24G

What is the part number for a 48 pole 160a main switch distribution board?

The part number is MB248D31.

Expression Blend4 web page does not correctly display INT or DINT values being modified.

Goals and Symptoms

Expression Blend4 web page does not correctly display INT or DINT values after being modified.

Facts and Changes

'BMXNOE0110' and 'TSXETY5103'.

Causes and Fixes

If a change is made to an Expression Blend4 application and it is transferred to the Factorycast
SOAP supported module ('BMXNOE0110' or 'TSXETY5103'), the web page may sometimes display
an error (red circle with an exclamation mark).

The problem is related to the Internet Explorer behavior. It is not Web Designer issue. whenever a
change is made to an existing Blend web page, the historical cache (Temporary Internet files) must
be cleared.

The problem can be resolved by refreshing the web page or clearing the cache in Internet
Explorer using the following steps.

  • Click on Tools\Internet options .
  • Click on General .
  • Click on Delete under Browsing history .
  • Select Temporary Internet files .
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • Click on OK to close the Internet options window.


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL204596 V1.0, Originally authored by AlCh on 03/01/2011, Last Edited by AlCh on 03/01/2011
Related ranges: Modicon M340

Why does my smoke detector 755SMA keep false alarming?

Smoke detectors are very sensitive to insects and dust particals. In the event of false alarming you may need to clean your alarm. The alarm can be vacuumed or brushed with a soft brush to remove dust, dirt or kitchen grease that has accumulated. Apply a small amount of insect surface spray to a cloth and wipe around alarm/s every 3-6 months to mitigate insect ingress. It is recommended that the smoke alarm is inspected monthly to ensure it is free from dirt, dust and insects. If this doesn't resolve the false alarming you may be requied to have it serviced and/ or replaced if necessary.


For further information please visit

What is the difference between 56SB13 and 56CB13 enclosures?

56CB13 replaces 56SB13 and the key differences between the 56CB13 and 56SB13 series are as follows:
  • Cover and cover flap design are more rounded to resist dirt becoming trapped in its surrounds, especially on the top edge.
  • The latches on the 56SB13 required rotating the knobs 90 degrees to open or lock and were prone to breakage, where the 56CB13 latch in an identical manner to the 56SO cover flaps. This creates more consistency for the operator and the range so opening and closing of cover flaps is simplified. The new latch design also accepts 56SOLOCK locking accessories
  • The DIN Rail position and related assembly is now moulded for added safety and to decrease weight.

Features and Benefits of 56CB13:
  • 13 Module DIN Rail to suit RCDs, MCBs, RCBOs and accessories.
  • Deep cover providing ample wiring room
  • Impact resistant cover
  • Lockable cover for padlocking up to 7mm diameter hasp
  • Simplified dual latching system for front cover
  • Less enclosure version (56CB13LE-GY) available to replace damaged covers
For further information please visit

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