Image of DI-SS DALi Infinity 5 pole starter wall socket

Dalicontrol Infinity, 5 Pole, Starter Tarter Socket

Catalogue Number: DI-SS
Image of DI-SS DALi Infinity 5 pole starter wall socket
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Product brand
Package 1 Weight
0.2 kg
Package 1 Height
20 mm
Package 1 width
86 mm
Package 1 Length
118 mm
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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What current can the DI-SS carry?

The DI-SS starter socket is rated at 20A.

Is the ProWorx Plus v2.0 software available for installation by floppy disk format?

The ProWorx Plus v2.0 software only comes on a CD. However, there is a MAKEDISK utility on the ProWorx Plus v2.0 CD that allows you to transfer the software onto floppy disks for installation. You will need a total of 15 blank floppy disks to convert the ProWorx Plus v2.0 software from CD format. To access the MAKEDISK utility, open the Makedisk folder on the CD and launch the Makedisk.exe application. Follow the directions to install the ProWorx Plus v2.0 onto the 15 floppy disks.

Video: How to read the state of digital inputs from a Modbus register in an ION meter using ION setup

User is trying to read the state of digital inputs from a Modbus register in an ION meter

Product Line
PowerLogic ION Power Meters with ION framework

ION Setup 3.0


Below are steps shown in the video that will help you read the state of your digital inputs on ION meter.

1) Open ION Setup and add the ION meter in it.
2) Press Ctrl and then click on the ION meter. This will open advanced setup for your ION meter.
3) Once you see all the options in advanced setup, click on Digital In Module. 


4) Then open the digital input you want and go under setup registers. Make sure the port is set to what you have your input physically wired to in the meter. For example if I have my D1-S1 set to DI1, then here is what I should have.  

This way you can set the port for all your digital inputs.
5) Once you have done that then you have to go back to basic setup. Press Ctrl and click on your meter again to go back to basic setup. Open the setup assistant and choose the following options shown on the screen.  

Make sure Modbus slave tab is selected. Now click on Edit.

6) When you click on edit, it will display you a list of registers that are already setup for viewing by default. Click on add to add a new register for your digital Inputs.  

7) When you click on add, it will display you the first register that is available. This is the register you will use to read the state of whatever DI you have linked it to. Change the format to packed Boolean and the scaling to none.  


8) Then click on select and scroll down to the digital input module. Expand it by clicking the + button on the left. You will see an option to expand the digital inputs inside it if you have linked it to a port. In this case only D1-S1 and D2-S2 are linked to a port. Expand an input, select the state and click ok.

9) When you press ok you will see your particular Digital input in the list with 2 registers. The 2 registers is standard for Boolean format.

10) This way you can add all the inputs and after the last one is added click ok on the screen where the whole register list is and this will reprogram your Modbus map and you will be able to read the state of your digital inputs from the register you added it to. 

What is the difference in the Auto 1 and Auto 2 dials of the Powerpact H and J magnetic only mcp breaker?

What do the Auto 1 and 2 dials mean on a Powerpact H and J magnetic only breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit breakers

Applies to Powerpact H and J magnetic only circuit breakers

The auto 1 and 2 dials are for the types of motors.
Auto 1 is for squirrel cage type motors with codes a,b,c,d.
Auto 2 is for EE motors with codes b and e.

If something happens to the administrator (for instance, if he dies) is there any way to make the reset function ?

Goals and Symptoms

If something happens to the administrator (for instance, if he dies) is there any way to make the reset function ?

Facts and Changes

Biometric key switch

Causes and Fixes

In case the administrator dies or if his finger is cut, or more simply, if one OEM sends a machine with the product not reseted, then there is a procedure to reinitialize it. However, this procedure is confidential, and the customer will have to contact Schneider offices and give the serial number of the product, in order to be able to initialize his product.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL197916 V1.0, Originally authored by LaBe on 02/27/2009, Last Edited by LaBe on 02/27/2009
Related ranges: Harmony XB5

Why does Unity Pro 7.0 come with four disks (CD/DVD)?

Disk 1:
"Unity Pro (S,M,L,XL)"
-Actual Software Install Disk (Only Disk required for installation.)

Disk 2:
"Unity Electronic Documentation"
-Technical Documentation

Disk 3:
"Unity Loader"
-Unity Loader Installation Files (Used for uploading/downloading applications and flashing M340 firmware.)

Disk 4:
"Advantys Configuration Software"
-Advantys Programming Software Installation Files

Are CTs for EME/EMB series energy meters split-core?

Product Line 
EME/EMB energy meters 

Product Selection 

Yes, CTs for EME/EMB series energy meters are split-core. 

Energy Meter Instruction Bulletin attached below. 

Does Schneider Electric offer replacement jog dials for the ATV12 drive?

Replacement jog dial for the ATV12 drive

Product Line:
Altivar 12 drives

All models and serial numbers


There are no jog dials available as a spare part for the ATV12 drive.

Video: How to configure Harmony XVU Tower Light color and illumination settings

Product Line:
XVU Tower/Stack Light XVUC29

On page three of three in the included instructions you will find two boxes.One labled Dial "A" and one labeled Dial "B." Using these tables, select the features that you want. Then set the dials marked "A" and "B" on the top of your XVU unit to match your requirements. To change the dials you will need to use a small, flathead screwdriver.

Where can I find the Product selector tool for Altivar Drives and Altistart Soft Starters?

Looking for the Product Selector tool for Altivar Drives and Altistart Soft Starters?

Product Line:


Needs assistance picking out an open style drive and soft starter

Go to the Schneider Electric website at Under the support tab, click the Product Selector Tools. Choose the AC Dives and Soft starters. Choose between the Altivar or Altistart and enter the specifications needed.

What meters can measure a 400 Hz system?

Product Line

400 Hz System 

The PM8000, ION7400, and CM4000 are all capable of measuring a 400 Hz system. 

The supported measurements are Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power, and Energy while Total Harmonic Distortion, Harmonics, etc are not supported. Demand values and alarming are also expected to work correctly.

For more information on the PM8000 capabilities, see FA303197.

How to reset ION6200 accumulation values

Need to reset energy accumulation and/or maximum demand values. 

Product Line 

Modbus Registers

Write any value to the below registers to reset their values to zero. 

Information on how to change accumulation values in other meters can be found here
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