Clipsal Wiser Micro Module Switch 10 AX, 240 V, Grey

Clipsal Wiser Micro Module Switch 10 AX, 240 V, Grey

Clipsal Wiser Micro Module Switch 10 AX, 240 V, Grey

Item Number: CLP5011WSZ

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The Wiser Micro Module Switch combines smart switch functionality with bell press push-button switches. It transforms a conventional push-button switch into a connected device you can control from the switch or through the Wiser by SE app or voice command. With voltage free relay contacts it is suitabel for a wide range of applications.


Wiser Technical Catalogue

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Product brand




Product or component type

electronic switch

Colour tint


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Range compatibility

Wiser hub

Device presentation

micro module

Load type

  • dimmable LED lighting driver: 10 A
  • LED lighting driver (non-dimmable): 10 A
  • electronic transformer: 10 A
  • medium voltage halogen lamp: 10 A
  • linear fluorescent ballast: 10 A
  • inductive: 6 A (cos phi =0.6 )
  • resistive: 15 A
  • motor: 10 A
    • [Ue] rated operational voltage

      220...240 V AC 50 Hz

      Protection type

    • over temperature protection
    • thermal protection
      • Control type

      • push-button
      • by mobile application
        • Wiring configuration


          Mounting support

        • wall
        • installation box
          • Type of installation

            indoor installation

            Relative humidity

            5-90 % non-condensing


          • AS/NZS 60669.2.1 safety
          • AS/NZS 60669.2.1 EMC
          • AS/NZS 4268 radio
            • REACh Regulation

              Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

              REACh free of SVHC


              EU RoHS Directive


              Mercury free


              RoHS exemption information


              China RoHS Regulation


              Environmental Disclosure


              Circularity Profile






              Software name

              Wiser by SE App

              Technology type

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              Frequently Asked Questions

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              How do I swap my Wiser connected switch and dimmer devices from BLE to Zigbee?

              To swap from Bluetooth to Zigbee you will need to short press the mechanism 12 times - and allow time for the device to swap modes, this will take roughly 40 seconds. Initially when swapped to Zigbee mode the LED indicator on the mechanism will flash amber indicating it is in pairing mode. If not paired to after roughly 50 seconds this will become solid amber. This amber indicator will remain on until paired with a Hub, the mechanism will function as normal while this indicator is on.

              NOTE: Before swapping from Bluetooth/BLE to Zigbee it is strongly recommended that a factory reset be performed on the mechanism before initiating the change.

              In the Wiser by SE App, why is my device/s (BLE/Zigbee) greyed out?

              Check if you have changed the device/s from BLE to Zigbee mode. Once the mode is changed, the device will lose connection and require manual deletion.

              Zigbee – Check that your router, device and Hub are powered. If you are not connected to the local WiFi associated with the Hub you will also need to check if your router and hub are still connected to the internet.

              BLE – Check if you are in range of the device and does the device still have power

              Why is my open/close percentage of my blind module not the same as how open/closed my real blind is?

              Remove and restore the device to its factory default settings by using the Edit/Pencil icon on the top right of the Blind Controller’s Control panel in Wiser by SE App. After the device is removed, commission the device again by following the instructions in the App to add a device and the UI sync issue should no longer be an issue. Ensure to set the run time in the Blind Controller settings to match the run time needed for the blind/shutter to fully open or close.


              How do I reset my password?

              Tap on the Menu slide-out and tap your username. When in the Account page tap on Account and Security. In the Account and Security page tap on Change Login Password, this will then send you a verification code. Input the verification code received by email or SMS which will then allow you to input a new password.

              Can I log in and use one account at the same time on multiple smartphones?

              No. An account can only be signed in to Wiser by SE on one device/smartphone at a time. 
              If you want to have another device/smartphone with Wiser by SE at the same time you will need to register another account.

              How many administrators can I set in my home?

              There is no limit to how many Home members can be set as administrators. There can only be a maximum of 20 members in a home.
              Important: You should only set administrator access for those Home members who are aware of the potential impact of making system changes.
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              Installing Wiser Micro Module Switch/ Dimmer


              • Combines the advantages of smart switch/ dimmer functionality with ordinary momentary (bell press) push-button switches
              • Transforms a conventional push-button switch into a connected device you can control from the switch or through the Clipsal Wiser by SE app
              • Up to 10 momentary push-button switches can be connected to control a connected load
              • Device can switch ohmic, inductive or capacitive loads
              • Switch has voltage free relay contracts (e.g. for controlling a garage door motor)
              • IP20
              Wiser products in kitchen


              A Clipsal Wiser Smart Home enables you to personalise your home to fit your needs and manage it with one simple app. It’s a simple solution that can be easily integrated into any home, old or new.

              All Wiser Smart Home products are also compatible with most of Clipsal’s existing wiring devices, including the Iconic switch range, making design and function upgrades simple and seamless.

              With Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can also control your Clipsal Wiser Smart Home with voice commands.

              With a Clipsal Wiser Smart Home, you can take control of your home the way that it suits you.