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Acti 9
Device short name
Product or component type
Device application
Range compatibility
Acti 9 Isobar A distribution board
[In] rated current
250 A
[Icw] rated short-time withstand current
25 kA
Short-circuit withstand
25 kA 0.1 s
Number of ways
  • 1 way (incomer) - 2P
  • 36 ways (outgoer)
    • Number of poles
      36 18 mm
      215 mm
      326 mm
      Busbar pitch
      18 mm
      EU RoHS Directive
      Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What are the wiring terminals on the IEC LRD* overload relays?

      Product Line:
      Tesys D line Overload Relays
      The normally closed overload contact are terminals 95 & 96; and the normally open overload contact are terminals 97 & 98.
      T1 T2 and T3 are the load terminals. 

      The normally closed control circuit contact will open when there is a fault, this contact is typically used in series with the control circuit. 

      The normally open trip signal contact closes when a fault occurs which is typically used to control a pilot light, or alarm.