Chassis C60 Ph+N 32P



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China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)


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1 g
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What is the code for a 10kA 16A 1p C Curve MCB?

 The code is A9F54116

Can you wire the LED in the 31E2PUDM to be always on?

NO, LED is hard wired into the circuitry.

What are the minimum requirements for a DALI CONTROL lighting system?

As per the standalone DALI lighting system requirements but with the addition
  •  DALI CONTROL Line Controller (DCBM2-1602)
  •  DC power supply (DCP12/30) (required to power the DALI CONTROL Line Controller)
  •  DALI Isolated interface (DCDALP250) (one per DALI Line)

Does Schneider Electric offer motor type BRX184 found on a W&H printing press?

The BRX motor type is a customized special product for the company W&H
Because this is a customized product it is not available for purchase from Schneider Electric.
The OEM machine builder, W&H, has a contract with our manufacturing facility in Germany that this motor is only available for W&H.
Customers must contact W&H with their support questions and for spare motors of this type.


Rev 3-12-18

How do I use the concatenate script in Vijeo Designer to join two strings variables?

How do I use the concatenate script in Vijeo Designer to join two strings variables?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer

Below is a sample script that will concatenate two strings into a single string variable:
String string1_temp, string2_temp, combine_temp;    // internal script variables

string1_temp = MyString1.getStringValue();        // let string1_temp equal to MyString1
string2_temp = MyString2.getStringValue();        // let string2_temp equal to MyString2

combine_temp = string1_temp1.concat(string1_temp2);    // concatentate string1_temp with string2_temp and let it equal to combine_temp

Combined_String.write(combine_temp);        //write the concatentated string into an external variable called Combined_String

Keep in mind that MyString1, MyString2, Combined_String are variables that are external from the script.

What parts are included in the VW3L10111 Installation Kit for Lexium Integrated Drives?

The kit consists of the following components.

2 - Cable Entries
1 - Molex connector for CN1   (supply voltage)
1 - Molex connector for CN2   (field bus connection)
1 - Molex connector for CN3   (CAN / RS485 interface)
1 - Molex connector for CN4   (I/O signals)
1 - Molex connector for CN5   (STO signals)
Also including enough crimp contacts for all connectors and associated hardware for Cable Entry strain relief

Attached is an image of the complete hardware set found in VW3L10111

Rev 10-3-18
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