Chassis C60 Ph+N 32P



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EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information


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1 g
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What is the code for a 10kA 16A 1p C Curve MCB?

 The code is A9F54116

Can you wire the LED in the 31E2PUDM to be always on?

NO, LED is hard wired into the circuitry.

Osisense XX _UL certificate of our XX* ultrasonic sensors

Please attached the UL certificate NRKH.E480783 of our XX* ultrasonic sensors, considered as "proximity switches" in the UL classification

What are the minimum requirements for a DALI CONTROL lighting system?

As per the standalone DALI lighting system requirements but with the addition
  •  DALI CONTROL Line Controller (DCBM2-1602)
  •  DC power supply (DCP12/30) (required to power the DALI CONTROL Line Controller)
  •  DALI Isolated interface (DCDALP250) (one per DALI Line)

Does Schneider Electric offer motor type BRX184 found on a W&H printing press?

The BRX motor type is a customized special product for the company W&H
Because this is a customized product it is not available for purchase from Schneider Electric.
The OEM machine builder, W&H, has a contract with our manufacturing facility in Germany that this motor is only available for W&H.
Customers must contact W&H with their support questions and for spare motors of this type.


Rev 3-12-18

How do I use the concatenate script in Vijeo Designer to join two strings variables?

How do I use the concatenate script in Vijeo Designer to join two strings variables?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer

Below is a sample script that will concatenate two strings into a single string variable:
String string1_temp, string2_temp, combine_temp;    // internal script variables

string1_temp = MyString1.getStringValue();        // let string1_temp equal to MyString1
string2_temp = MyString2.getStringValue();        // let string2_temp equal to MyString2

combine_temp = string1_temp1.concat(string1_temp2);    // concatentate string1_temp with string2_temp and let it equal to combine_temp

Combined_String.write(combine_temp);        //write the concatentated string into an external variable called Combined_String

Keep in mind that MyString1, MyString2, Combined_String are variables that are external from the script.
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