Chassis C60 Ph+N 32P



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What are the minimum requirements for a DALI CONTROL lighting system?

As per the standalone DALI lighting system requirements but with the addition
  •  DALI CONTROL Line Controller (DCBM2-1602)
  •  DC power supply (DCP12/30) (required to power the DALI CONTROL Line Controller)
  •  DALI Isolated interface (DCDALP250) (one per DALI Line)

What does it mean when I have a flashing frequency on the display of the ATV61/71 drive (without an HMI keypad)?

Flashing frequency on the display of the ATV61/71 drive (without an HMI keypad)

Product Line:

All serial numbers for ATV61/71


This means the drive is going into a current limit (CLI).

CLI (Current Limitation)  is a status code,  not a fault code. It can eventually trigger a fault , which will cause the drive to lockout. It indicates that the unit is operating at current limit, based on the programmed threshold in the Settings or Motor Control menus, parameter Current Limitation. Typically, the Current limit setting should be set to 120% (ATV61) or 150% (ATV71) of the motor nameplate full load amps, FLA.
Several causes for CLI include:
Motor reverse rotation
Short acceleration time
Mechanical issue preventing motor rotation
Power supply voltage sag