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Conzerv EM6400 Instruction Bulletin for firmware 03.02.xx

Product Line         
Conzerv EM6400

This documentation is for use with Conzerv EM6400 meters of firmware 03.02.xx. It is NOT for use with firmware 03.03.xx and above.

What are part numbers for push button & contact block to suit 56PB?

The push button part number is ZB5AA3

Contact Block part number is ZB5AZ101

​What is the difference between the IFE (LV434010) and IFE Gateway (LV434011)?

Distinguish between IFE switchboard server and IFE ethernet interface

Product Line:
Smart Systems

The IFE and the IFE Gateway appear very similar (see picture below), but there is a difference.
  • The IFE (cat. no. LV434010) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact LV circuit breakers.
  • The IFE Gateway (cat. no. LV434011) is the Ethernet interface for Powerpact and Masterpact LV circuit breakers, plus a gateway for Modbus-SL (serial line) connected devices. Note that the IFE Gateway is also referred to as IFE Modbus, or IFE Server.

What distribution board is required for the CH25843 chassis?

For the customized distribution board for 72 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm) chassis, you need to submit request for a quote to "au.estimating@schneider-electric.com". Our Standard distribution board only goes up to 60 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm).

Does the M580 support system words, %SW138 to %SW140 ?

M580 and system words %SW138 to %SW141.
Product Line
M580 PAC

The M580 PAC does not support the system words, %SW138 and %SW140.
The M580 does support the system words, %SW139 and %SW141 but requires the M580 CPU to use firmware 2.10 IR15 or higher.
These System Words were added to offset the starting address of variables which are accessed by Modbus requests.
This functionality was not supported by the Unity Simulator until Unity Pro version 13.1.

You must set the values of the 2 system words %SW139 and %SW141 using the “Initial value” mechanism. Do not use programming code to set the values. Otherwise, when using the PLC init command or setting %S0 to 1 or downloading an application, the 2 system words are set to 0000 and the behavior of Modbus server is wrong.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

How do you install and setup the PowerLogic Tenant Billing custom page on an EGX300 Gateway?

How to install and setup the PowerLogic Tenant Billing custom page on an EGX300 Gateway

Product Line
EGX300 Ethernet Gateway


Installation and setup instructions required to generate bills using the PowerLogic Tenant Billing custom page on an EGX300 Gateway not readily accessible.

The setup guide to installing the EGX Tenant Billing solution, which is a pack of custom pages that can be added to the EGX to allow users to create logical tenants for which bills can be generated, is attached below.

Setup of the EGX Tenant Billing solution requires two steps. First the commodity_mappings.xml file must be configured for each device to be billed off.  This is described in the Commodity Mapping Configuration section within the Setup Guide.  Second, files must be placed in the monitoring folder of the EGX that the user wants to install the solution on.  This can be achieved by manually moving the files to the EGX or by using the provided billing_upload.bat file.  Both ways are described step by step below in the Batch File Setup section and the Manual Setup section within the Setup Guide.

For further instructions on configuring the Owner information, tenants, billing points, move in/out estimate and generating bills, refer to the PowerLogic Tenant Bill Overview guide attached below.