Telecommunication Conduit Fittings, Couplings - Standard Colour White, 80mm

White Electric | Telecommunication Conduit Fittings, Couplings - Standard Colour White, 80mm

Telecommunication Conduit Fittings, Couplings - Standard Colour White, 80mm

Item Number: C242P80-WE

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Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product

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diameter: 80-80 mm tube


Environmental Disclosure


REACh free of SVHC


REACh Regulation

Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

China RoHS Regulation

 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

RoHS exemption information


Mercury free


Toxic heavy metal free


Environmental characteristic

chemical pollution resistance


AS/NZS 2053



PVC (polyvinyl chloride)


Package 1 Weight

1 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Schneider offer training classes on Unity Pro ?

Yes. Please take a moment to look at the upcoming training schedule by visiting the Customer Training website.


The training department will make every effort to meet your requirements, including onsite training.

L1JCN - where Can I find a picuture of Slimline cover in Chrome Shadow

find link to catalogue (page 3)

or page 26 in pocket book - picture on the far left

Courier Block Transfer Error occurred. (TRANSFER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED)

When trying to load a PSL to the MiCOM, which the setting file loads just fine, get the error "Courier Block Transfer Error occurred. (TRANSFER_ERR_UNSUPPORTED)."

Product Line:  
MiCOM relays, MiCOM S1 Studio

MiCOM S1 Studio

This issue occurs when the DDB numbers in the PSL don't match or the PSL file is corrupted.


The step to take is to make sure the file is not corrupted.  To test it create a default PSL file and try to load it onto the MiCOM.
If the MiCOM does not block the transfer then the file is just corrupted and needs to be recreated.

If the MiCOM blocks the transfer again then the problem is that the PSL's DDB numbers do not match with the version of S1 Studio currently being used.
Check the version of S1 Studio being used.  If the version of S1 Studio currently being used is version 5.0 or above then an S1 Studio version 4 or below must be used.  
This all depends on the software version on the MiCOM relay.


What is part number for a potentiometer for the 22mm potentiometer operators?

Separate part number for 22mm Potentiometer.

Product Line:
Harmony Push Button

Harmony 22mm

Potentiometers are customer supplied.
They can be purchased at an electronics supply house. The operators are for potentiometers with a standard shaft length of 44 to 50 mm, and for the ZB4BD912 a shaft diameter of 6mm and for the ZB4BD922 a shaft diameter of 6.35mm.

Another option is to get the complete assembly (Operator + Potentiometer) Please see below for products part numbers.

+/- 10% linear mode precision complete potentiometer with screw terminals.

Resistance (k Ohms) Weight Catalog Number
1 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R1K
4.7 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R4K7
10 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R10K
47 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R47K
100 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R100K
470 0.095/0.209 XB4BD912R470K



Resistance (k Ohms) Weight Catalog Number
1 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R1K
4.7 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R4K7
10 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R10K
47 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R47K
100 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R100K
470 0.048/0.106 XB5AD912R470K

Will the Compact NSX breaker be for sale in the USA or Canada?

Where can I buy a Compact NSX breaker?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

This breaker is popular overseas and there is interest in the US

There are no plans for a general release of the Compact NSX breaker line in North America, since the NSX is not UL Listed to UL489. (UL 489 is the standard commonly required in the US.) In the US, the Powerpact Circuit Breakers should be used (Powerpact breakers are UL, CSA and IEC-rated).

If an existing piece of equipment has an NSX breaker which needs replacing, we have made a few catalog numbers available for sale in the US. The list of numbers will vary based upon need. Contact your local authorized Schneider Electric distributor for assistance on your specific NSX catalog number.

For support on these breakers, Please see the following link to Global Operations where you can select other Countries: