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Acti 9
Device short name
MSC 27
Product or component type
Device application
Range compatibility
Acti 9 Isobar B distribution board
[In] rated current
250 A
Short-circuit withstand
25 kA 0.1 s
[Icw] rated short-time withstand current
25 kA
Number of ways
  • 1 way (incomer) - 3P
  • 42 (outgoer)
    • Number of poles
      42 27 mm
      569 mm
      215 mm
      Busbar pitch
      27 mm
      EU RoHS Directive
      Not applicable, out of EU RoHS legal scope

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      How many 3 pole C120 breakers can be supplied from the C125123?

      That is a 3 phase, 12 pole supply with 27mm spcaing. It will supply up to 4x 3 pole breakers.

      What is the PAN assembly for C120 MCCB's

       The part code is C125123

      Do we have a 110V version of the 56SO316/240 ?

      Code =  PDL56SO316110LEYL   

      What is the cut out for 755PFM smoke alarm?

      The cut out is 90mm diameter

      What is the code for Auto off manual Switch for modena 800 series ?

      you will need the 687M3AM + 800MA

      Is the mech from the PDL568 available as a mech on its own?

      NO, the PDL568 and keylocking barrel are only available as a complete unit.

      What is part number for Classic Double GPO without removable mech?

      The part number for Classic Double GPO without  removable mech is C2025XUA.

      What is the part number for a 22mm blanking plug?

      22mm blanking plug part number.

      Product Line:
      22mm operators, XB4/XB5 line

      ZB4SZ3 is metal round, chromium plated - also requires ZB4BZ009 mounting collar
      ZB5SZ3 is plastic round, black - includes mounting nut

      What distribution board is required for the CH25843 chassis?

      For the customized distribution board for 72 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm) chassis, you need to submit request for a quote to "au.estimating@schneider-electric.com". Our Standard distribution board only goes up to 60 pole (18 mm) and 12 pole (27 mm).

      What are the altitude considerations for the ATV28 and any required sizing criteria?

      Issue:   What are the altitude considerations for the ATV28 and any required sizing criteria?
      Product Line:   ATV28
      Environment:  All
      Cause:   N/A
      Resolution:   Up to 3,300 ft (1,000 m) without derating;
      derate by 3% for each additional 3,300 ft (1,000 m)


      Is there an intermediate switch to suit the Saturn Zen range?

      Yes, as for standard Saturn range use either the 60PBI (no LED) or the PBI/KIT and 60PBBPL

      How to release latched contacts on the VAMP 321 relay

      The protection elements are set to latch upon initialization and they need to be reset.

      Product Line
      VAMP 321

      The contacts may be released from the front screen of the VAMP 321 or from VAMPset. From within VAMPset navigate to the RELEASE OUTPUT MATRIX LATCHES screen then set Release Latches to Release and write the changes to the VAMP 321 relay.
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