CB Accessory, Mounting Base



Qty UoM EAN Colour




Acti 9

Product or component type


Device application



China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Range compatibility

Acti 9 Isobar B distribution board

[In] rated current

250 A

Number of poles

12 27 mm


164 mm


215 mm


Package 1 Height

94 mm

Package 1 Length

444 mm

Package 1 Weight

453.592 g

Package 1 width

246 mm

Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Device short name

MSC 27

Short-circuit withstand

25 kA 0.1 s

Number of ways

  • 1 way (incomer) - 3P
  • 12 ways (outgoer)
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      How many 3 pole C120 breakers can be supplied from the C125123?

      That is a 3 phase, 12 pole supply with 27mm spcaing. It will supply up to 4x 3 pole breakers.

      What is the PAN assembly for C120 MCCB's

       The part code is C125123

      Is there 125x125 mini trunking available.

      no, biggest mini trunking size available is 150x75

      How do I wire the BMXDAI1603 discrete IO 48 VAC module for a M340 PLC?

      BMXDAI1603 wiring as per the diagram:

      What is the part number for a spare coil LC1D123 contactor?

      Spare 240V coil for LC1D123 contactor is same as for LC1D12 contactor......LXD1U7
      see data sheet......https://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=lxd1u7
      User-added image

      What are the MTTF (Mean Time to Fail, in hours) values for Altivar 61/71 Drives.

      Refer the attachment for the Mean Time To Fail (MTTF) values for Altivar 61/71 Drives.

      MTBF = Mean Time Between 2 Failures = MTTF + MTTR
      MTTR = Mean Time To Repair, Average time to repair a drive.
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