connector strip 30amp

Max 4 Strip Connectors, 30A, Plastic Heavy Duty, 12 Terminal Available Bk Or Tr

Catalogue Number: BP535
connector strip 30amp
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
Blue Point
Cable cross section
4-4 mm² fine stranded without cable end sleeve
[In] rated current
30 A
Connector type
  • 1 screw terminals
  • 2 screw terminals
    • Number of poles
      Mounting support
      flameproof high-impact polystyrene: insulation
      28 mm grid pattern:
      Minimum mounting height
      21 mm
      175 mm
      Ambient air temperature for operation
      100 °C
      EU RoHS Directive
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
      Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What are the characteristics of a BP535?

      Catalogue Number BP535
      Current Rating 30A
      Max Temperature Rating 100°C
      Length 175mm
      Width 28mm
      Height 21mm
      Tunnel Diameter 4mm
      Maximum Cable Accommodated 16mm²
      Heat Resisting Material F/R Polyethylene
      Certificate of suitability CS/840/N

      What is the IP rating for the Wilco E Range?

      IP rating in literature or product data, however as a minimum it would be IP53.

      Do we offer a 9001 KM LED light module at 480 volts AC?

      Do we offer a 9001 KM LED light module at 480 volts AC?

      Product Line:
      Harmony Pushbuttons

      All Products

      Product Features

      Use the 480 volt transformer light module and a 6 volt LED. Example: 9001 KM5LR will be a 480 volt AC transformer light module and a red LED. All the transformer light modules with LED`s are set up on the system, but they are not listed in the literature.

      CTA-ID : 13535

      What is the dimension of WSO310, PDL single socket, 10A, IP53?

      The dimension of WSO310 is 84mm x 84mm x 85mm.
      Other key features are:
      • Aesthetically superior design
      • Available in Light Grey
      • Protection rating IP53
      • Socket face angled and oriented for ease of use and weather protection.
      • Safety shuttered sockets for additional safety.
      • Internal phase wiring between switch and socket.
      • Large clearly marked terminals, centrally located creating more room for ease of wiring.
      • Latest technology materials with superior UV protection, impact strength, and additional chemical resistance when compared with polycarbonates
      • Supplied complete with base and accessory pack for ease of installation
      • Channeled red gaskets
      • Pad lockable option as standard
      • Captivated stainless steel fixing screws, only two screws needed.
      • Five plain 25mm conduit entry points
      • Rear 25mm cable entry plug
      • Plain and threaded 25-20mm reducers supplied as appropriate
      • Terminals accommodate 3 x 6mm2 , or 4 x 2.5mm2 Complies with AS/NZS3100; AS/NZS3112; and AS1939;
      For further information, please visit


      GPS Receiver Support for the NetBotz 500


      GPS Receiver Support for the NetBotz 500

      Product Line:



      Version 2 NetBotz 500


      Supported configurations..


      The NetBotz 500 supports the attachment of a GPS (global positioning system) receiver.
      • The NetBotz 500 reports GPS readings such as latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, velocity, and status as monitorable sensors
      • Current latitude and longitude readings can be attached to all alerts
      • Connects to WB500 USB port using USB-to-RS232 serial converter cable
      • Support for two NMEA-compliant GPS receivers:
        1. Garmin GPS35 USB
        2. Laipac G10-USB

      Is there a surface mount, weatherproof double pole outlet avaliable?

      Yes, the part number is WSC227D. The double pole is only in a single outlet in this series.
      Some of its key features are:
      • 2 pole
      • IP53 rated
      • 1 x 20 mm screwed entry
      • 2 x 20 mm flash out entries
      • Large angle
      • Easy access to screw for quick termination of cable
      • Weatherprotected horse shoe switched socket outlet
      For further information please visit

      How can I get registers to go over 9999 counts in the ProWorx Plus software?

      This is a preference selection in the ProWorx Plus software. From the ProWorx Plus Off-line Main Menu, select "Utilities", "Configuration" and "System Options". From the Systems Options page can then change the "Maximum Decimal Value" from 9999 to 65535 counts.

      What is the factory default ESIM output scaling of the PTO signal on Lexium 32?

      The factory default setting of the PTO output of the ESIM signal is set at 4096 counts per revoultion.

      The scaling is freely adjustable from 8 counts per revolution to 65535 counts per revolution.

      rev 1-17-19


      The energy rollover value for a 3710 is 999 999 999 kWh. Why are the modbus energy readings rolling over at 65535 KWh?

      The 3710 Modbus protocol supports both 16-bit and extended 32-bit registers (the register size is selectable from the front panel). 32-bit registers are used for large value such as energy values while 16-bit registers are used for other parameters, such as current or voltage.
      The kWh is rolling over at 65535 since it is being read as a 16-bit register, but it should be a 32-bit value; only the low byte of the 32-bit register is being read. Changing the modbus read mode to 32-bit will provide the correct kWh reading.



      Original article#16757

      Last Revised: 4 July 2007


      All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL186856 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 07/11/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 07/11/2007
      Related ranges: 3710 ACM

      Modbus devices connected to EtherGate gateway show 65535 or 0 in ION Setup

      A Modbus device is connected to ION Setup through an EtherGate gateway connection. Communications are established, but the meter menus are only displaying "65535" or "0" values, which correspond to an empty Modbus register.

      Communications are established with the Modbus meter

      Values in ION Setup menus display either 65535 or 0

      Serial settings of gateway are set to EtherGate protocol

      Product Line
      Ethergate ION meters
      Modbus meters

      ION Setup v3.0

      The IP port for the gateway is incorrectly set to 502. An Ethergate connection communicates through IP ports 780X, where X corresponds to the appropriate com port of the gateway.

      IP Port of EtherGate gateway set to 502

      Set the IP Port of the gateway to 780X, where X is the EtherGate com port.

      Port changed to 7802, which corresponds to the EtherGate over Com 2

      ION Setup menu displays meaningful values


      Can StruxureWare Data Center Expert output a 32 bit register with its Modbus output?


      A single register in StruxureWare Data Center Expert's modbus output is limited to 16 bit.

      Product Line:

      StruxureWare Central / StruxureWare Data center Expert


      StruxureWare Central any version
      StruxureWare Data center Expert any version


      The output of a single register for StruxureWare is a 16 bit unsigned integer. This means that any value larger than 65535 can not be handled by a single register. This includes values lower than 65535 that report with a decimal such as 6553.5. DCE will output 65535 but your BMS will need to divide by 10 in such cases.


      We can not output a 32 bit register in StruxureWare. To overcome this limitation, StruxureWare Data Center Expert can be configured to output a value to 2 registers. This must be configured during the initial setup for the output of each register. StruxureWare does not know which registers may be too large for an individual register so each must be done manually. Each should be polled a 16 bit unsigned integer

      To configure this option, go to the system menu and building management settings. Select the device that you will be using and choose modify device settings. If you double click any register, you get the option to "Edit the Slave Sensor Register Value" which is not necessary and you get the option to "Edit the number of registers used for this sensor". This second field can take a value of either 1 or 2. For values above 65535, you must enter the number 2 and hit OK. If the register chosen was 31000, the next available register will now be 31002. The sensor that may have been set to use 31001 will now change. This is also why this should be done upon initial setup as if the system is already configured and a register is changed, the polling software must be reconfigured with the new registers.

      If you set 31000 to a double register, you then need to poll 31000 and 31001. you then take the 1st register and left shift the first register (31000) by 16. In binary, it would look like this:

      Assuming a value of 131071, a 32 bit register would return:

      With 2 registers, you must poll both.
      31000 returns 0000000000000001 If this were a single register, = 1
      31001 returns 1111111111111111 = 65535

      With 2 registers however, you must left shift the 1st register and add it to the second.

      00000000000000010000000000000000 is the 1st register left shifted by 16 and is equal to 65536.
      Add this value to the value returned from the second register:
      1111111111111111 = 65535

      Now you have a 32 bit number capable of holding values up to 4,294,967,295
      00000000000000011111111111111111 = 65535 + 65536 = 131071

      This math must all done on the side of the querying application.

      What address (memory word) can be used to read the encoder count in an ATV71 drive?


      Need to read the encoder count over a serial communication network from an ATV71 drive.

      Product Line:

       ATV71 with optional encoder card installed


        All ATV71 models, all serial numbers that have an optional encoder card installed


       How do you read the encoder pulse count through a network?


      Code: PUC Logic address: 5611, Can Index:201A/C, INTERBUS index:5FB9/41, DeviceNet path:7D/01/0C
      Type: Unit R/W: Read only Unit: value 1 per count  

      PUC (logic address 5611) is initialized to the value 0 when the drive is powered on. Every ms this parameter increases or decreases according to the direction of rotation (forward or reverse).
      It is a 16 bits register and is not signed, that is to say when 65535 is reached, it goes back to 0.

      It is not possible to write this parameter.
      There is no detection of overflow

      Product ATV38 (Europe) ATV58 (US). Recently discovered that the Vulcain drives, size C19 displays an Ini message. The message cannot be cleared. Ath...

      Goals and Symptoms

      Product ATV38 (Europe) ATV58 (US). Recently discovered that the Vulcain drives, size C19 displays an Ini message. The message cannot be cleared. Athlab software was utilized to change the NCV code from a value of 25 to a value of 26 or 24 and the Ini message does not occur. It was further discovered if NCV =25 and EC22 was set to a value of of 21843 (US) the fault Ini occurs, If NCV=25 and EC22 is set to a value of 65535 the fault does not occur. Did the size drive C19 not get included in the lookup table for US conversion?

      Causes and Fixes

      this problem is in the course of investigation and it come from the keypad and we are waiting another version.

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL156440 V3.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
      Related ranges: Altivar 38

      Where can I find the operating time (run time) on the ATS48 softstarter?

      Where can I find the operating time (run time) on the ATS48 softstarter?

      Product Line:
      Altistart 48, ATS48


      Run time

      Go into SUP menu.

      RNT parameter is operating time in hours since last reset (if there was ever a reset to begin with).
      In hours up to 999 hrs (examples: 001 is 1hr and 111 is 111hrs)
      In kilo-hours from 1000-65535 (examples: 1.11 is 1110 hrs and 11.1 is 11100 hrs)
      Above 65535 hrs (65.5) the display resets to zero.

      Operating time is counted when the motor is not stopped, i.e. when the thyristors fired (heating, acceleration, steady state, deceleration, braking) and in continuous bypass operation.

      NetBotz version 3.3 sensors do not update to modbus registers to double registers automatically upon upgrade.


      NetBotz version 3.3 sensors do not update to modbus registers to double registers automatically upon upgrade.

      Product Line:



      NetBotz version 3 appliances
      version 3.3 update
      Modbus Output.


      New configuration to allow for larger sensors.


      Prior to Botzware 3.3, all NetBotz sensors were single registers. A single Modbus register is 16 bits which is limited to 65535 for it's largest number. For numbers greater than that, NetBotz appliances now allow for the use of 2 registers to monitor a single sensor. To monitor this 2 register number, you would poll both registers, left shift the first register by 16 and then add the 2 registers together.

      To left shift, you can use Windows calculator (calc.exe) in scientific mode, enter the number, and then hit the "Lsh" button and type 16.

      If you are already using a Netbotz appliance and update to version 3.3 or higher, the output registers will not automatically update to the new double register option. To update the current sensors, they must be removed and re added both physically and through Advanced View. The system will then create a new register map. Please note that removing and re-adding a sensor will remove any thresholds created for this sensor.

      In some cases, there are sensors that are internal to the appliance and can not be removed. In order to get these sensors to update, the appliance's configuration must be reset. This will reset all data on the unit.

      Please note that registers may be listed in documentation since this change as INT32. Registers are only 32 bit AFTER they have been recalculated using both registers and the left shift functionality. If you poll only a single register, that register is only 16 bit.

      Are EasyPact MVS circuit breakers for sale in the USA or Canada?

      Where can I buy a EasyPact MVS breaker?

      Product Line:
      EasyPact MVS circuit breakers

      There are no plans for a general release of the EasyPact MVS circuit breaker line in the US.

      How do you configure a M221 High Speed Counter?

      The High Speed Counter function block can be configured by SoMachine Basic to perform any one of the following functions:
      • Dual Phase [A=Pulse, B=Direction] (or Up/Down counter)
      • Dual Phase [Quadrature X2] (or Bi-phase counter)
      • Single Counter
      • Frequency Meter
      The High Speed Counter supports counting of dual digital inputs up to frequencies of 60 kHz in single word or double word computational mode, and individual digital inputs up to frequencies of 100 kHz.
      The High Speed Counter function block uses dedicated inputs and auxiliary inputs and outputs. Refer to the M221 Logic Controller - Hardware Guide for more information on inputs and outputs.
      You must initialize the High Speed Counter function in the Configuration tab using the High Speed Counter Assistant before using an instance of the function block. Refer to Configuring High Speed Counters.
      Graphical Representation
      The High Speed Counter function block has the following inputs:
      Enable (required)
      At state 1, the counting function or frequency measurement is enabled.
      At state 0, the current value is held at its last value.
      0 or 1
      Preset input.
      At state 1:
      • initializes the current value with the preset value for Dual Phase [Quadrature X2] or Dual Phase [A=Pulse, B=Direction] with down function in progress
      • resets the current value to 0 for Single Counter or Dual Phase [A=Pulse, B=Direction] with up function in progress
      In addition, this also initializes the operation of the threshold outputs and takes into account any user modifications to the threshold values set in the properties window or the program.
      0 or 1
      The High Speed Counter function block is associated with the following input objects:
      Preset value
      Threshold 0
      Threshold 1
      Time base
      Enable reflex output 0
      At state 1 enables the reflex output 0.
      Enable reflex output 1
      At state 1 enables the reflex output 1.
      The High Speed Counter function block has the following outputs:
      Set to 1 if an arithmetic overflow occurs.
      0 or 1
      Counting direction
      Set by the system, this bit is used by the Dual Phase counting functions to indicate the direction of counting.
      0: Down counting
      1: Up counting
      Threshold bit 0
      Set to 1 when the current value is greater than or equal to the threshold value S0 (%HSCi.S0).
      Test this bit only once in the program because it is updated in real time. The user application is responsible for the validity of the value at its time of use.
      0 or 1
      Threshold bit 1
      Set to 1 when the current value is greater than or equal to the threshold value S1 (%HSCi.S1).
      Test this bit only once in the program because it is updated in real time.
      0 or 1
      The High Speed Counter function block is associated with the following output objects:
      Current value
      Capture value
      Counting direction
      0: Down counting
      1: Up counting
      0: No overflow
      1: Counter overflow
      The High Speed Counter function block has the following properties:
      Activated / deactivated checkbox
      Indicates whether the address is in use.
      %HSCi, where i is from 0 to 3, depending on the type(s) of counters configured.
      i is the instance identifier.
      Refer to the M221 Programming Guide for the maximum number of High Speed Counter objects.
      User-defined text
      The symbol that uniquely identifies this object. For details, refer to the SoMachine Basic Operating Guide (Defining and Using Symbols).
      • from 0 to 65535 for %HSCi.P
      • from 0 to 4294967295 for %HSCi.PD
      Preset value to initialize the HSC current value (%HSCi.P, %HSCi.PD).
      Not valid for the Frequency Meter.
      • from 0 to 65535 for %HSCi.S0
      • from 0 to 4294967295 for %HSCi.S0D
      Threshold value 0 is used as a comparator with the current value.
      The value of S0 must be less than S1 (%HSCi.S1).
      • from 0 to 65535 for %HSCi.S1
      • from 0 to 4294967295 for %HSCi.S1D
      Threshold value 1 is used as a comparator with the current value.
      The value of S1 must be greater than S0 (%HSCi.S0).
      Time Base
      100 ms or 1 s for %HSCi.T
      Frequency measurement time base
      User-defined text
      A comment to associate with this object.
      Special Cases
      This table shows a list of special operating of the High Speed Counter function block:
      Special Case
      Effect of cold restart (%S0=1)
      Resets all the High Speed Counter attributes with the values configured by the program.
      Effect of warm restart (%S1=1)
      Has no effect.
      Effect of controller stop
      The High Speed Counter stops its function and the outputs stay in their current state.
      NOTE: When the controller stops, the reflex outputs stay in their current state only if the fallback behavior of the tasks is configured to maintain values of the outputs. For more information on configuring fallback behavior, refer to Fallback Behavior.

      Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?

      For support on APC and MGE products please visit:

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