link line tap

Max 4 Blue Point Substitutes For Deleted Dandl Line Taps, Suits 16mm² Cable

Catalogue Number: BP22
link line tap
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Type of cable
brass: housing
EU RoHS Directive

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Clipsal BPT2 Dimensions?

  • Dimensions: 58 x 40 x 40 mm

What is the IP rating of the Cat6 shuttered mechanism part number 30RJ45SMA6SH?

The 30RJ45SMA6SH is IP22 rated.

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SEPAM Series 20 Wiring Diagram

Need the wiring diagram for the SEPAM 20.

Product Line   
SEPAM Series 20

Attached is the wiring diagram for the all SEPAM Series 20.

Cutout diagram for the SEPAM 20.

Need the cutout diagram for the SEPAM 20.

Product Line   
SEPAM Series 20

Attached is the cutout diagram for the all SEPAM Series 20.

Are NEMA 1 enclosures available for the 8910 Type DP and DPA contactors?

Enclosure for 8910 contactors

Product Line:
Class 8910 Definite Purpose Contactors

North American Products

Looking for a NEMA 1 enclosure needed for definite purpose contactor

Yes, select from the table below.

Contactor      Enclosure
8910DP11      9991DPG1
8910DP21      9991DPG1
8910DP31      9991DPG1
8910DP41      9991DPG1
8910DP12      9991DPG1
8910DP22      9991DPG1
8910DP32      9991DPG1
8910DP42      9991DPG1
8910DPA12    9991DPG1
8910DPA13    9991DPG1
8910DPA14    9991DPG2
8910DPA22    9991DPG1
8910DPA23    9991DPG1
8910DPA24    9991DPG2
8910DPA32    9991DPG1
8910DPA33    9991DPG1
8910DPA34    9991DPG2
8910DPA42    9991DPG1
8910DPA43    9991DPG1
8910DPA44    9991DPG2
8910DPA52    9991DPG2
8910DPA53    9991DPG2
8910DPA62    9991DPG3
8910DPA63    9991DPG3
8910DPA72    9991DPG3
8910DPA73    9991DPG3
8910DPA92    9991DPG4
8910DPA93    9991DPG4
8910DPA122  9991DPG4
8910DPA123  9991DPG4
8910SYD138  9991DPG5
8910SYD230  9991DPG6

Cannot read voltage values on Sepam 20

Sepam 20 does not show voltage values on the front display or via communications

Product Line
Sepam series 20


Sepam 20 relays measure voltage OR current.

Sepam 20 models that use current transformer (CT) or low power current transformer (LPCT) sensors measure current and not voltage. Models that measure current only are S20, S24, T20, T24, and M20 (please refer to table below)
​Sepam 20 models that use voltage transformer (VT) sensors measure voltage and not current. Models that measure voltage only are B21 and B22 (please refer to table below)

Application Type Sensor
Substation S20 CT or LPCT
  S24 CT or LPCT
Transformer T20 CT or LPCT
  T24 CT or LPCT
Motor M20 CT or LPCT
Busbar B21  VT
  B22 VT
* Table is an excerpt from "Order Form Sepam 20", available from the Schneider Electric website: