Max 4 Connector Blocks, 20A, 2 Way, Double Entry

Max 4 Connector Blocks, 20A, 2 Way, Double Entry

Max 4 Connector Blocks, 20A, 2 Way, Double Entry

Item Number: BP202

RRP (Inc. GST)



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand


Range of product

Blue Point

Product or component type

connector block


[In] rated current

20 A

Connector type

screw terminals

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information


Cable cross section

4-4 mm²

Package 1 Weight

0.001 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number BP30F still available?

No. Unfortunatelythis part is no longer available nor a replacement.

Do you still have 15A porcelain terminal blocks?

Yes, we do. The part number is BP112.

Video: Back-UPS CS, RS & XS - Manual Adjustment for Sensitivity


UPS will not operate on utility power or may be clicking between utility and battery power.

Product Line:

Back-UPS RS/XS & Back-UPS CS (4-LED Interfaces)


All models & serial numbers


This may be caused by one of the following conditions;
  • Low Voltage / Sag
  • Black-out
  • High Voltage / Over-Voltage
  • Frequency is out of range
  • Total Harmonic Distortion


The following video details the process for manually adjusting the Back-UPS RS & XS or Back-UPS CS system's AC Input Sensitivity.

What is the IP rating of GVAE20? Would the IP rating of GV2P circuit breaker (IP20) get affected by the addition of Aux contact GVAE20?

The IP rating of GVAE20 is IP 20.

The IP rating of GV2* with GVAE20 is then IP20. It would not get affected by the addition of the Auxiliary 

Can I daisy-chain an AP5201 (8 port Analog KVM) to an AP5202 (16 Port Analog KVM)?


Can I daisy-chain an AP5201 (8 port Analog KVM) to an AP5202 (16 Port Analog KVM)?

Product Line
  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches
    • AP5201
    • AP5202

  • All serial numbers
  • All installation scenarios


General compatibility information


Yes, you can daisy-chain the AP5202 KVM Switch and the AP5201 KVM Switch to one another. This configuration will allow you to monitor all servers through one single interface.

The recommended configuration: AP5202 designated as the Master or top level switch,  AP5201 designated as the Slave or second level switch. In order to connect the two switches together, a specific daisy-chain cable is required. Please reference apc.com for currently available SKUs and pricing.

The total number of servers that be seen off of one daisy-chain configuration is 512.


Can you arm a NESS alarm panel with MiniCentral from a C-Bus Switch?

Yes, it is possible to arm the system from a C-Bus wall switch, but you are not able to disarm from a single C-Bus Group address as this is a security vulnerability

You will require the Ness MiniCentral Software
- Connect a 9pin Serial cable from your PC to Com1 on the MiniCentral
- Open the NESS MiniCentral Software
- You will see 'Area Application' - this relates to the C-Bus Application for Lighting and needs to match the Application that the Group command will be received from
- You will also see 'Area Identity' - this is the 3 digit number that relates to the Group Address, (Example: Group 'Security Arm' = Group Address: 223)
Enter 223 in this field as this is what the NESS MiniCentral will respond to, to arm the system.

On the NESS Alarm Keypad:
- Enter Program Mode
- Press P202E or any memory location that is not currently used for a user code (P202E - P255E)
- For this example press P202E enter 223 then enter, then repeat to confirm, once confirmed this will flash back 223 on the keypad screen.
- Press P and E to exit

In Toolkit:
- Open a Key input unit (Switch)
- on a free key Select the group 'Security Arm' if not created, create a new group address and select for this example the 223 address that was entered in the alarm system.
- Save to unit.

Group Address 223 is used as an example, but you are limited to 3 digits that are in the C-Bus lighting group address range (000-254)

Once this has been completed you will be able to press the button on the keyinput and this will arm the Alarm System.
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