57 Series Appliance Inlet, 16A, 230V, 3-Round Pin

Catalogue Number: BALS2638
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0.24 kg

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 56 series combination switch socket to fit the BALS231

 Use a PDL56CV316240LEGY socket

What is the pin configuration for the BALS211?

The BALS211 has round pins.

What is the hole cutout size for a SAE_UE_MS_CDBWE?

 The hole cutout size is 65mm


PDL56SO432CCEE what is the plug to suit this Container socket.

BALS21485 (Also suits BALS31423 Container Cord Connector)

Can you buy a 20m 954 camper set

You can purchase a 955RW, BALS211 + 56CR310 + flex

Crystal Report Viewer Error: The crysal report viewer is unable to create it's resource objects

When attempting to view a generated report, the following error is displayed:
The crystal report viewer is unable to create it's resource objects

To resolve this error go to start > all programs > crystal enterprise 10 > crystal configuration manager
1. Restart the Crystal Management Server
2. Restart all other Crystal services EXCEPT Crystal Web Component Server
3. Restart Internet Explorer
4. View the report

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL206225 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 09/22/2011, Last Edited by MaTh on 09/22/2011
Related ranges: SMS Add-on

What type of 100Base-FX Fiber is Required for devices with fiber optic communications?

What is the best type of 100Base-FX Fiber for 100Base-FX communications

Product Line
ION Devices, ECC card

Fiber Optic Communications

Some devices such as the ION7650 or ECC cards have a fiber-optic communication hardware ordering option

These are the best specifications for the the fiber to be on the 100Base-FX port
* Multimode fiber
* Wavelength: 1300 nm
* Connector Type: SC or LC
* Cladding: 62.5/125 or 50/125 um 
* Max Length: 2000 m full duplex, 400 m half duplex

Note: For 10Base-FL communications see What type of 10Base-FL Fiber is Required for devices with fiber optic communications?

What is the amount of SF6 gas in 24 kV SF Circuit Breaker range.

In 24 KV SF Circuit Breaker range, the weight of the SF6 gas per pole for different Circuit Breakers is as follows:
  1. SF1 Type 1 – 49 grams 
  2. SF1 Type 2 – 112 grams
  3. SF2 – 240 grams

Does the BALS211 screw onto the socket with a lock nut?

No,  that is an IP44 version which just plugs strait in the socket which just has a protective flap, for a screw on option use the IP67 version - BALS21238