Acti9 Smartlink SI D - Wireless concentrator
A9XMWA20 imagem
Acti9 Smartlink SI D - Wireless concentrator
A9XMWA20 imagem

Smartlink SI-D Gateway

Catalogue Number: A9XMWA20
Acti9 Smartlink SI D - Wireless concentrator
A9XMWA20 imagem
Acti9 Smartlink SI D - Wireless concentrator
A9XMWA20 imagem
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Range of product
Acti 9
Acti 9
Product name
Acti 9 Smartlink
Product or component type
smart communication module
Device short name
Smartlink SI D
Device application
  • basic energy metering E
  • improved load monitoring E, U, I, P, Pf
  • load alarming
    • Connected auxiliaries
      up to 20 wireless devices
      Maximum supply current
      2 A
      [Us] rated supply voltage
      110...230 V AC +/- 20 %
      Connectivity to devices
      wireless energy sensor
      Communication service
    • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP server
    • web server
      • Web server
      • embedded web page
      • BMS controller compatible
        • Transmission support medium
          radio frequency 2.4-2.4835 GHz PowerTag 20
          Web services
          web page
          Application specific I/O
          pulse totalising counter
          Power consumption in VA
          5 VA
          Immunity to microbreaks
          10 ms
          factory reset on front face
          Local signalling
        • product status: 1 LED (green, orange and red)
        • Ethernet status (LAN ST): 1 LED (green, orange and red)
          • Mounting position
            vertical on DIN rail
            Location of connection
            Electrical insulation class
            class III
            Overvoltage category
            9 mm pitches
            6 useful
            85 mm
            54 mm
            67.5 mm
            Net weight
            133 g
            Range compatibility
            PowerTag wireless energy sensor
            Commissioning interface
          • web page
          • ECOREACH
            • Compatibility code
              Acti 9 Smartlink IP
              IP degree of protection
            • IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
            • IP40 (modular enclosure) conforming to IEC 60529
              • Pollution degree
                Relative humidity
                93-93 % at 40-40 °C
                Operating altitude
                0...2000 m
                Ambient air temperature for operation
                -25-55 °C
                Ambient air temperature for storage
                -40-85 °C
                Package 1 Weight
                0.19 kg
                Package 1 Height
                0.82 dm
                Package 1 width
                0.65 dm
                Package 1 Length
                1.13 dm
                EU RoHS Directive
                Mercury free
                RoHS exemption information
                China RoHS Regulation
                Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
                Environmental Disclosure
                Circularity Profile
                The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

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                Frequently Asked Questions

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                Can I connect a PowerTag Ambient A9XST114 to a PowerTag Link or Smartlink SIB / SID gateway ?

                PowerTag Ambient A9XST114 is not compatible with PowerTag Link (A9XMWD20 and A9XMWD20) or Smartlink gateways (A9XMZA08 and A9XMZA20).
                A9XST114 is a thermal sensor that can only be paired with Acti 9 PowerTag Link C gateway (A9XELC10).

                Are there insulated tooth caps available for the A9XPH312

                Yes, the A9XPT920 insulated tooth available - sold in packs of 20x.
                Follow link for data sheet:

                Is it possible to connect PowerTag C devices (I/O and 2DI) to SmartLink SI B or SI D ?

                PowerTag C A9XMC1D3 and A9XMC2D3 cannot be connected to a Smartlink A9XMZA08 or A9XMWA20.
                PowerTag C devices are only compatible with PowerTag Link gateways A9XMWD20 or A9XMWD100 with FW 1.4.5.