iID  Differential switches  25/100A 4P

Acti 9 iID, RCCB, 4P, 80A, 30mA, Type A

Catalogue Number: A9R21480
iID  Differential switches  25/100A 4P
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
Acti 9
Product name
Acti 9 iID
Product or component type
residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
Device short name
Poles description
Neutral position
[In] rated current
80 A
Network type
Earth-leakage sensitivity
30 mA
Earth-leakage protection time delay
Earth-leakage protection class
type A
Device location in system
Network frequency
50/60 Hz
[Ue] rated operational voltage
380...415 V AC 50/60 Hz
Residual current tripping technology
voltage independent
Rated breaking and making capacity
  • Idm 1500 A
  • Im 1500 A
    • Rated conditional short-circuit current
      10 kA
      [Ui] rated insulation voltage
      500 V AC 50/60 Hz
      [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
      6 kV
      Contact position indicator
      Control type
      Mounting mode
      Mounting support
      DIN rail
      Comb busbar and distribution block compatibility
      top or bottom: tooth
      Connection pitch
      9 mm pitches
      91 mm
      72 mm
      73.5 mm
      Net weight
      0.37 kg
      Mechanical durability
      20000 cycles
      Electrical durability
      AC-1: 10000 cycles
      Locking options description
      padlocking device
      Connections - terminals
    • single terminal top or bottom 1-35 mm² rigid
    • single terminal top or bottom 1-25 mm² flexible
    • single terminal top or bottom 1-25 mm² flexible with ferrule
      • Wire stripping length
        14 mm for top or bottom connection
        Tightening torque
        3.5-3.5 N.m top or bottom
        Market segment
        small commercial
        Compatibility code
        EN/IEC 61008-1
        IP degree of protection
      • IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
      • IP40 (modular enclosure) conforming to IEC 60529
        • Pollution degree
          Electromagnetic compatibility
          8/20 µs impulse withstand, 250 A conforming to EN/IEC 61008-1
          Ambient air temperature for operation
          -25-60 °C
          Ambient air temperature for storage
          -40-85 °C
          Sustainable offer status
          Green Premium product
          REACh Regulation
          Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
          EU RoHS Directive
          Mercury free
          RoHS exemption information
          China RoHS Regulation
          Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
          Environmental Disclosure
          The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
          18 months

          Frequently Asked Questions

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          What is the replacement code for a Merlin Gerin 23332 ?.

          The current equivalent is the A9R91440

          What is kA rating for A9R91440 ?

          The A9R91440 is Rated 10kA


          What is the part number for a 3phase 100amp 30mA trip RCD unit?

          The part number for a 3 phase  ,100amp , 30mA trip RCD unit is - A9R21491

          What is the replacement for the Merlin Gerin 23332?


          Old Merlin Gerin Code 23382 4p 40amp 30ma RCCB is now ?

          Code now is A9R51440

          What do I need to put together a single phase 30A 56 Series RCD

          Use 56CB4 + A9R51240 40amp RCCB

          What is the code of the Domae version of a 23358 40A 2p RCCB?

          It is a DOM16695

          Is the Acti 9 range of RCCB 120v ac rated?

          All Acti9 RCCB's are rated 230-240v AC only

          What are the part numbers for Padlocking device which will go on LHS and RHS of Acti 9 iC60 and RCBO's?

          Part number A9A26380 is for mounting on the left side of Circuit Breaker.
          Part number A9A26381 is for mounting on the  Right side of Circuit breaker.
          For further details please follow the below link,
          Image result for A9A26380 schneider

          Are there baying brackets available for the NetShelter VX Seismic cabinets?

          A question is asked ifit's possible to bay together NetShelter VX Seismic cabinets.

          Product Line:
          NetShelter VX Seismic
          All versions and date ranges.

          Customers may want to use baying brackets to enhance the seismic feature, or to help align rows of cabinets.
          There are no baying brackets for the NetShelter VX Seismic cabinets.
          The NetShelter VX Seismic cabinets are designed to be mounted to the floor in NEBS GR-63-CORE seismic installations, and baying brackets are not necessary. Baying brackets do not enhance the seismic feature of the cabinet.

          What is the center-to-center dimension of the square holes on the NetShelter VX Seismic side brace?

          The manual does not state the dimensions of the holes on the side braces that are used to set the mounting rail depth. 

          Product Line:
          NetShelter XV Seismic

          All versions and serial ranges.

          The hole to hole dimension is needed check horizontal mobility of the mounting rails in the cabinet. 


          The dimension of the square holes in the side brace is 31.75mm center to center. 
          The holes are 9.5mm square. 

          Energy and Demand Report - Rollover for kVARh and kVAh does not work


          The default Energy & Demand report in ION Enterprise 3.0 and 4.0 does not rollover for kVARh and kVAh.    The rollover occurs properly for kWh.

          When a rollover occurs for either the kVARh or kVAh parameter, the report will indicate a negative number or a significantly smaller number than expected for that parameter for the given date range.    You should never have a negative energy value in the report unless the integrator module was reset by the user within the given date range.

          A discrepancy was found where the kVARh and kVAh labels used in the rollover code of the report were incorrect.      


          By default, the Integrator module has a rollover value of 10 000 000.    The rollover component of the code will not be accurate if the Integrator module has a rollover value below 10 000.



          The default Energy & Demand report in ION Enterprise 4.5 or higher will have the required rollover fix.    This newer template can be used to replace the existing template in ION Enterprise.



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