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Range of product
  • iDPN Vigi
  • Clario
    • Range
      Acti 9
      Product name
      Linergy FH
      Product or component type
      Accessory / separate part category
      connection accessory
      Quantity per set
      set of 10
      [In] rated current
      63 A
      Range compatibility
    • Multi 9 N40 N40N comb busbar
    • Multi 9 N40 Vigi N40 Vigi comb busbar
    • Acti 9 iDPN comb busbar
    • Acti 9 iDPN Vigi comb busbar
      • Distribution type
      • N + L + auxiliary
      • N + L1 + auxiliary
      • N + L1 + Vigi + auxiliary
      • N + L + Vigi + auxiliary
        • Product compatibility
        • iDPN Vigi
        • iDPN
          • Market segment
            small commercial
            EU RoHS Directive
            Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
            Mercury free
            RoHS exemption information
            China RoHS Regulation
            Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
            18 months

            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What is the part number for a 3phase 100amp 30mA trip RCD unit?

            The part number for a 3 phase  ,100amp , 30mA trip RCD unit is - A9R21491

            Can A9A27049 be used in ON position of RCCB?

            No , can't uses the locking device in ON position.

            What spare parts are available for my NetShelter SX, VX, WX, AV, SV, Colocation, EP, ES, VS, 2-Post Rack, 4-Post Rack?

            A NetShelter cabinet requires a spare part.  
            Product Line:
            NetShelter SX, NetShelter VX, NetShelter CX, NetShelter WX, NetShelter SV, NetShelter ES, NetShelter EP, NetShelter VS.
            All versions and serial ranges.
            Missing/broken part.
            Resolution :
            See Attached File.

            Is there a NetShelter Accessory Compatibility Chart for the discontinued NetShelter VX and VS cabinets?

            A customer requires an accessory for a discontinued cabinet.

            Product Line:
            NetShelter VX, NetShelter VS.

            All versions and serial ranges.

            The discontinued cabinet no longer appears on the APC website so there are no accessories visible.


            Yes, there is an Accessory Compatibility Chart for these discontinued NetShelter cabinets.
            Attached below are the front and rear of a printed flyer which includes accessories for the NetShelter VX (AR21xx) and NetShelter VS (AR28xx) cabinets.
            Spare parts and accessories for these, and other discontinued cabinets, can also be found in Knowledge Base document FA169461.
            Note: if your reseller shows that the part or accessory you need has been discontinued you can contact APC to check availability.
            If the .jpg file does not open correctly please open it in a new tab.