Relay with time delayed blinking iRTL 2P

Acti 9 Blinking Relay Irtl, 1C/O, Uc 24-240VAC/24VDC

Catalogue Number: A9E16069
Relay with time delayed blinking iRTL 2P
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Relay application
time delay relay
Time delay type
Acti 9
Product name
Product or component type
Device short name
Signal contacts composition
1 C/O
[Ie] rated operational current
  • 8 A at 250 V AC
  • 8 A at 250 V DC
  • 0.01 A at 5 V DC
    • Impulse duration
      > 100 ms
      Local signalling
      LED, flashing for time delay
      Type of setting
      rotary knob: time delay configuration
      Time delay range
      0.1...360000 s
      Accuracy error
      +/- 10 %
      Repeat accuracy
      +/- 0.5 %
      [Uc] control circuit voltage
    • 24...240 V AC 50/60 Hz
    • 24 V DC
      • [Us] rated supply voltage
      • 24...240 V AC at 50/60 Hz
      • 24 V DC
        • Mounting mode
          Mounting support
          35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
          9 mm pitches
          93 mm
          18 mm
          72 mm
          Net weight
          0.065 kg
          Mechanical durability
          5000000 cycles
          Electrical durability
          AC-1: 100000 cycles
          Undervoltage behaviour
          100 ms
          Connections - terminals
        • tunnel type terminals for 2 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm² flexible with cable end
        • tunnel type terminals for 2 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm² flexible without cable end
        • tunnel type terminals for 2 cable(s) 2.5-2.5 mm² rigid with cable end
        • tunnel type terminals for 2 cable(s) 2.5-2.5 mm² rigid without cable end
          • Market segment
          • residential
          • small commercial
            • Compatibility code
              IP degree of protection
              Immunity to microbreaks
              20 ms
              Ambient air temperature for operation
              -5-55 °C
              Ambient air temperature for storage
              -40-70 °C
              Sustainable offer status
              Green Premium product
              REACh Regulation
              Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
              EU RoHS Directive
              Mercury free
              RoHS exemption information
              China RoHS Regulation
              Environmental Disclosure
              Circularity Profile
              18 months

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              Frequently Asked Questions

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              What is the replacement for 16065?

               Replacement for 16065 is A9E16065.

              What is the new code for Multi 9 16069 ?

              new code

              What is the power consumption of timer A9E16066?

              [Ie] rated operational current:
              8 A AC 250 V
              8 A DC 250 V
              0.01 A DC 5 V  

              What is the code for a RTC din rail mount timer?

              The code is A9E16067

              What is the code for a din mount time switch analogue IRTB?


              What is the new version of the Merlin Gerin 16066?

              The part number is A9E16066.

              What is the part code for a A9M17065 but with pulse

               Use a A9M17067

              What does partial metering in iME1Z and iME1zr mean?

              Partial metering is the same as full metering, just that you have the luxury of reseting the partial meter whereas the full metering will continue running without possibility of reset.

              ‘z’ denotes partial metering (with reset facility)

              Is the 17065 the same as the A9M17065

              Yes there no technical difference

              Can the A9M17065 be reset

               Not resettable at all

              What is the alternative replacement for old merlin Gerin code 18073 ?

              Code =  A9E18073

              ETSNZ Neutral Connection to A9M17067

              Both active and neutral conductors must be run through the above meter types.
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