iETL16A extension for impulse relay 1NO

Acti9 Extension iETL iTL 16, 2P, 1C/O + 1NO, 16A, Coil 12VAC, 50/60Hz, 6VDC

Catalogue Number: A9C32016
iETL16A extension for impulse relay 1NO
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
Acti 9
Product or component type
extension for impulse relay
Device short name
iETL iTL 16
Relay application
remote control
Poles description
Pole contact composition
1 C/O + 1 NO
[In] rated current
16 A
Network type
Network frequency
50/60 Hz
[Ue] rated operational voltage
415 V AC 50/60 Hz
Control type
  • toggle
  • remote control
    • Control signal type
      Switching frequency
      5 switching operations/minute
      Impulse duration
      50 ms
      Remote control type
      illuminated push-button 3 mA
      Local signalling
      ON/OFF indication
      [Uc] control circuit voltage
    • 12 V AC 50/60 Hz
    • 6 V DC
      • Supply inrush power
        19 VA
        Mounting mode
        fixed, on right side of TL
        Mounting support
        35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
        9 mm pitches
        60 mm
        18 mm
        84 mm
        Electrical durability
      • AC-21: 200000 cycles
      • AC-22: 100000 cycles
        • Connections - terminals
          tunnel type terminals - <= 6 mm²
          Auxiliary connection terminal
          tunnel type terminalscontrol circuit in 0.5-6 mm²
          Range compatibility
        • Acti 9 iTL iTL
        • Acti 9 iTL iTLi
          • Product compatibility
            iTL 16A
            Market segment
          • small commercial
          • residential
            • Compatibility code
              iETL iTL 16
            • EN 669-2-2
            • EN 669-1
              • Product certifications
                Quality labels
              • IMQ
              • VDE
              • CEBEC
              • NF
              • KEMA
                • Noise level
                  60 dB
                  IP degree of protection
                  IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
                  Pollution degree
                  2 conforming to IEC 60068-1
                  Relative humidity
                  95-95 % at 55-55 °C
                  Ambient air temperature for operation
                  -20-50 °C
                  Ambient air temperature for storage
                  -40-70 °C
                  Unit Type of Package 1
                  Number of Units in Package 1
                  Package 1 Weight
                  125 g
                  Package 1 Height
                  2.5 cm
                  Package 1 width
                  8 cm
                  Package 1 Length
                  9.5 cm
                  Unit Type of Package 2
                  Number of Units in Package 2
                  Package 2 Weight
                  1.044 kg
                  Package 2 Height
                  10 cm
                  Package 2 width
                  9 cm
                  Package 2 Length
                  27 cm
                  Unit Type of Package 3
                  Number of Units in Package 3
                  Package 3 Weight
                  9.92 kg
                  Package 3 Height
                  30 cm
                  Package 3 width
                  30 cm
                  Package 3 Length
                  40 cm
                  Sustainable offer status
                  Green Premium product
                  REACh free of SVHC
                  EU RoHS Directive
                  Mercury free
                  RoHS exemption information
                  China RoHS Regulation
                  Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
                  Environmental Disclosure
                  The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
                  18 months

                  Frequently Asked Questions

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                  What is the difference between A9D32620 and A9D33620 RCBO Acti 9 devices?


                  A9D33620 = SI (Super Immunised)
                  A9D32620 = Type A (AC or pulsating DC)

                  Type A RCBO = Tripping is ensured for residual sinusoidal alternating currents and residual pulsating direct currents, whether suddenly applied or slowly rising.
                  Type Si RCBO = With all the features of a Type A device, “Si” type Super Immunised earth leakage protection range has been specially developed to be used with loads or in environments causing disturbances. Examples are lightning or switching surges, harmonics generated by increasing number of loads and constant load leakage current from electronic ballasts, speed drives, computers, etc. The Si increases safety and allows improved continuity of supply.

                  what is the Australian replacement for a A9C20663?

                  The replacement is a Acti 9 A9C20863

                  what is new code for Merlin Gerin 15960 CT Contactor ?

                  new code = A9C20736  iCT Contactor 25A 2NC AC7a rated 

                  New code for 15960?

                  new code is

                  What is the acti 9 equivelant of the 15512

                  The part code is A9C30211

                  I am looking for a 50A rated range switch

                  You can use any switch and use this to switch a contactor at the board the ranfe / over switch becomes a control switch
                  The Isolation switch will be at the board.
                  The 63amp contractor code is A9C20862 this is a 2 pole contactor
                  The largest single pole contactor is 25 amps   


                  Dataguard 5 Upgrade Instructions and Wiring

                  Dataguard 5 Upgrade Instructions and Wiring 

                  Product line:

                  Data Center Cooling 


                  See Instructions and Attached wiring below. 

                  DG 5.0 Microprocessor Retrofit Installation Instructions for DG 1.0 thru DG 3.2 

                  Step 1. Disconnect the main power to the A/C unit.

                  Step 2. Unplug the edge connectors from the old controller.

                  Step 3. Remove the old display and controller from the A/C unit.

                  Step 4. Use supplied paper template P/N 3-100-8-072, attach to the front panel to cut out and drill for the new DG 5.0 display.

                  Step 5. Disassemble the DG 5.0 front display and panel from base mounting plate by removing the four (4) 6-32 lock nuts. Then remove the telephone cable from the display.

                  Step 6. Mount the DG 5.0 display to the front panel of the A/C  unit after having cut and drilled new mounting holes using four (4) 6-32 lock nuts supplied with retrofit kit. (See step 4)

                  Step 7. If the old controller is mounted to the old display ie. DG 1.0, DG 2.0 or DG 3.0 Install the base mounting plate to the inside of panel using the four (4) 6-32 lock nuts.

                  Step 8. If the old controller was not mounted to the old display, mount Dg 5.0 base mounting plate to the same location as the old controller.

                  Step 9. Route (Reconnect) the telephone cable to the DG 5.0 display and secure out of the way.

                  Step 10. Mount the prewired terminal strip to a convenient location so as to be able to attach the wires from the edge connectors of the old controller.

                  Step 11. Match wire numbers and connect wires.

                  Step 12. The retrofit should have all the wires as the original setup. If not contact the factory Services and Warranty group for further instructions.