iCT 16A contactor 2NO

Acti 9 Contactor iCT 16A, 2NO, 230...240V, 50Hz

Catalogue Number: A9C22712
iCT 16A contactor 2NO
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Acti 9
Product name
Acti 9 iCT
Product or component type
Device short name
Device application
Poles description
[Ie] rated operational current
  • 16 A AC-7A
  • 6 A AC-7B
    • Pole contact composition
      2 NO
      Network type
      Control type
      remote control
      [Uc] control circuit voltage
      230...240 V AC 50 Hz
      Network frequency
      50 Hz
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC 50 Hz
      Maximum power
      1.2 W at 250 V AC
      [Ui] rated insulation voltage
      500 V AC 50 Hz
      [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage
      4 kV
      Control signal type
      Switching frequency
      100 switching operations/day
      Local signalling
      action indicator
      Hold-in power consumption in VA
      2.7-2.7 VA
      Inrush power in VA
      9.2 VA
      Mounting mode
      Mounting support
      35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
      9 mm pitches
      81 mm
      18 mm
      68.5 mm
      Mechanical durability
      1000000 cycles
      Electrical durability
    • 100000 cycles IEC/EN 61095 16 A 50 Hz AC-7A
    • 30000 cycles IEC/EN 61095 6 A 50 Hz AC-7B
    • 30000 cycles IEC/EN 61095 50 Hz AC-7C
    • 100000 cycles EN/IEC 60947-4-1 50 Hz AC-1
    • 30000 cycles EN/IEC 60947-4-1 50 Hz AC-3
    • 30000 cycles EN/IEC 60947-4-1 50 Hz AC-5A
    • 30000 cycles EN/IEC 60947-4-1 50 Hz AC-5B
      • Connections - terminals
      • control circuit: tunnel type terminals2 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm² rigid
      • power circuit: tunnel type terminals1 cable(s) 1-4 mm² flexible
      • power circuit: tunnel type terminals1 cable(s) 1.5-6 mm² rigid
      • control circuit: tunnel type terminals1 cable(s) 1.5-2.5 mm² rigid
      • control circuit: tunnel type terminals2 cable(s) 1.5-2.5 mm² flexible
        • Tightening torque
        • control circuit: 0.8-0.8 N.m
        • power circuit: 0.8-0.8 N.m
          • Product compatibility
            Compatibility code
            Market segment
          • small commercial
          • residential
            • Standards
              IEC/EN 61095
              Noise level
              30 dB
              Heat dissipation
              0.9-0.9 W at 50/60 Hz
              IP degree of protection
            • IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
            • IP40 (modular enclosure) conforming to IEC 60529
              • Pollution degree
              • 2 conforming to IEC 60068-1
              • 2
                • Relative humidity
                  95-95 % at 55-55 °C
                  Operating altitude
                  2000 m
                  Ambient air temperature for operation
                  -5-60 °C
                  Ambient air temperature for storage
                  -40-70 °C
                  Sustainable offer status
                  Green Premium product
                  REACh Regulation
                  Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
                  EU RoHS Directive
                  Mercury free
                  RoHS exemption information
                  China RoHS Regulation
                  Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
                  Environmental Disclosure
                  Circularity Profile
                  The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
                  18 months

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

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                  Can the A9C20732 switch 400V?

                  No, it is only rated to switch 250V

                  what is the Acti 9 alternative for Code 15959?

                  Code = A9C20732

                  Does part number WSC227/2 has shuttered sockets?

                  Yes. Part number WSC227/2 is supplied with shutters.

                  what is new code for Merlin Gerin 15960 CT Contactor ?

                  new code = A9C20736  iCT Contactor 25A 2NC AC7a rated 

                  New code for 15960?

                  new code is

                  Is the 15958 classed as a double pole

                   No - The 15958 only is 1 NO contact

                  New code for 15958?

                  New code is

                  What is the part number for a WSC227/2 Dual enclosure?

                  Part No.: WSF226E2-RG

                  Do you do a water proof double outlet WSC227/2 in a double pole?

                  No, unfortunately in a double GPO WSC227/2 we only do single pole.

                  Is there a WSC227/2 in double pole?

                  No, unfortunately if you require a double pole outlet then it will need to be a single outlet the part number is WSC227D

                  Do you do the plug packs for a WSC227/2 as a spare part?

                  No, unfortunately this part is unavailable. We do sell the part "9" which is the screw plus as an individual part.

                  Is there a double pole version of the WSC227/2 available ?

                  There is no double pole twin outlet available but there is a single outlet WSC227D-gy

                  Does the WSC227/2 come with double pole switches?

                  No, unfortunately the WSC227/2 does not have a double pole option available.

                  However there is a single outlet with double pole switch. The part number is WSC227D.

                  Some of the key features are:
                  • 2 pole
                  • 1 x 20 mm screwed entry
                  • 2 x 20 mm flash out entries
                  • Large angle
                  For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com

                  I am looking for a 50A rated range switch

                  You can use any switch and use this to switch a contactor at the board the ranfe / over switch becomes a control switch
                  The Isolation switch will be at the board.
                  The 63amp contractor code is A9C20862 this is a 2 pole contactor
                  The largest single pole contactor is 25 amps   


                  Is there an iCT contactor available above 100Amp?

                  No, The largest current rating we have available in the iCT contactors is 100A. For Higher currents see the TeSys D product.



                  What is part number for back box to suit WSC227/2?

                  No. Unfortunately, part unavailable.

                  What is the part number for a blank plate to cover the WSC227/2?

                  There is no blank cover for the WSC range of weather proof outlets.

                  Is a weatherproof box available to suit WSC227/2?

                  The weatherproof box is available and the part number is 255.

                  for more information on this part please refer to https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=255

                  User-added image

                  Will part 450VC fit part number WSC227/2?

                  Yes, the 450VC will fit the WSC227/2.

                  For more information, please refer to the link https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=450VC

                  User-added image

                  What is the IP54 version of the WSC227/2?

                  The IP54 version of the WSC227/2 is the WSC227F2.

                  Some of the key features are:
                  • With hinge flap
                  • Easy access to screw for quick termination of cable
                  • Weatherprotected horse shoe switched socket outlets
                  For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=WSC227F2

                  STBNIC2212 Cannot be Used with a ControlLogix 1756-ENET/B

                  Goals and Symptoms

                  The purpose of this Resolution is to inform users of Advantys STB Ethernet/IP NIMs of a communications problem between the STBNIC2212 and an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756-ENET/B bridge.

                  Facts and Changes

                  The latest A-B bridge, 1756-ENBT/A, will successfully communicate with the STBNIC2212.

                  Although the 1756-ENBT/A bridge is a direct replacement for the older 1756-ENET/B bridge, the NIC2212 does NOT work with the older ENET/B bridge.

                  Causes and Fixes

                  There are no plans to correct the issue that occurs between the STBNIC2212 and the older ENET/B version. The Allen-Bradley 1756 - ENBT/A must be used.

                  Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL198424 V1.0, Originally authored by DaDz on 05/05/2009, Last Edited by DaDz on 05/05/2009
                  Related ranges: Advantys STB

                  Simulation of a fault on one of the 2 valve flaps (dynamic monitoring) managed by an XPSPVK

                  The presses used for the cold working of metals must be routinely and regularly checked.

                  This check also affects the safety function provided by the XPSPVK Preventa module: faults must be simulated in order to test this function.
                  Method used to check the dynamic monitoring of the dual body valve when this is performed by an XPSPVK module

                  Caution: These tests must be carried out by suitably trained personnel.

                  Tests to be performed during periodic checks

                  1/ Equipment required for these tests
                  • Flat blade screwdriver
                  • Piece of insulated electrical cable, min. length 6 cm (internal voltage 24 VDC)
                  2/ Press in single stroke mode, stop at upper threshold: control the start of the stroke using the two-hand control device

                  3/ Prior to the slide stopping at the upper threshold, simulate the closing fault of one of the 2 valve disks

                  Remove the strap after the slide has stopped at the upper threshold

                  Result: During positioning of the strap, the hold function for raising the slide is stopped (open output 13-14) and control of the next cycle must be inhibited via open output 21-22. In order to start a new cycle, the reset button (between terminals 7 and 8) must be operated.