Spacer 9mm

Acti9 5X Spacer 9mm Ic60 Lid Ict

Catalogue Number: A9A27062
Spacer 9mm
RRP (Inc. GST)


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Range of product
  • Reflex iC60
  • iC60
  • iCT
  • iTL
  • iSW-NA
  • iID
  • iK60
  • iDPN Vigi
  • iSW 40...125
  • iID K
    • Range
      Acti 9
      Product or component type
      Accessory / separate part category
      installation accessory
      Quantity per set
      set of 5
      Range compatibility
    • Acti 9 iC60
    • Acti 9 iSW
    • Acti 9 iSW-NA
    • Acti 9 iTL
    • Acti 9 Reflex iC60
    • Acti 9 RCA
    • Acti 9 ARA
    • Acti 9 iC40
    • Acti 9 iC65
    • Acti 9 iINT125
    • Vigi iC65
    • Acti 9 iDPN Vigi
    • Acti 9 iCT
    • Acti 9 iID
    • Acti 9 iID K
    • Acti 9 iK60
      • Mounting mode
        Mounting location
        9 mm pitches
        85 mm
        9 mm
        62 mm
        Market segment
      • small commercial
      • residential
        • Compatibility code
          Acti 9
          Unit Type of Package 1
          Number of Units in Package 1
          Package 1 Weight
          81 g
          Package 1 Height
          4.5 cm
          Package 1 width
          7 cm
          Package 1 Length
          8.6 cm
          Unit Type of Package 2
          Number of Units in Package 2
          Package 2 Weight
          2.015 kg
          Package 2 Height
          15 cm
          Package 2 width
          30 cm
          Package 2 Length
          40 cm
          Unit Type of Package 3
          Number of Units in Package 3
          Package 3 Weight
          28.76 kg
          Package 3 Height
          80 cm
          Package 3 width
          80 cm
          Package 3 Length
          120 cm
          REACh free of SVHC
          EU RoHS Directive
          Toxic heavy metal free
          Mercury free
          RoHS exemption information
          China RoHS Regulation
           Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
          The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
          18 months

          Frequently Asked Questions

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          Is A9A27006 suitable to use on A9S66463?

          Yes, A9A27006 is suitable to use on A9S66463


          Can A9A27049 be used in ON position of RCCB?

          No , can't uses the locking device in ON position.

          What is the part code for a A9M17065 but with pulse

           Use a A9M17067

          What does partial metering in iME1Z and iME1zr mean?

          Partial metering is the same as full metering, just that you have the luxury of reseting the partial meter whereas the full metering will continue running without possibility of reset.

          ‘z’ denotes partial metering (with reset facility)

          Is the 17065 the same as the A9M17065

          Yes there no technical difference

          Can the A9M17065 be reset

           Not resettable at all

          what pdl dimmer can do led ?

           advised he needs to contact led manufacturer

          What is the maximum shaft length of the 28941?

          The max length of the shaft is 450mm.

          ETSNZ Neutral Connection to A9M17067

          Both active and neutral conductors must be run through the above meter types.

          What items come with the KITWALLBOX7?

          A9Z51240 = Type B single phase RCCD
          A9F54240 = 2 pole, 40A, Curve MCB
          A9A26969 = Under voltage release

          What is the IP Rating of A9A27006?


          Old Alstom/Areva K Series Relay Manual

          Need manual for the K Series Relay.

          Product Line  
          K Series Relay

          Attached is the K Series Manual

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