Acti9 10X PadLocking Device, Ic60 Lid



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

  • iSW-NA
  • iID K
  • iDPN Vigi
  • iC60
  • K60
  • iID
  • ARA
  • RCA
  • iK60
  • iSW 40...125
  • Acti9 iDPN H VigiARC
  • Acti9 iDPN N VigiARC
  • MAX4
    • Range

      Acti 9

      Product or component type

      padlocking device

      Market segment

    • small commercial
    • residential
      • Warranty

        18 months


        Quantity per set

        set of 10

        Range compatibility

      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iID
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iSW
      • Acti 9 - Vigi iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iID K
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iDPN Vigi
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 Reflex iC60
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60 RCA iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60 ARA iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iSW-NA
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iK60 iK60N -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC40
      • MAX4 - MAX4 AFDD
      • Acti9 - Acti9 iDPN H VigiARC
      • Acti9 - Acti9 iDPN N VigiARC
        • REACh Regulation

          Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

          REACh free of SVHC


          EU RoHS Directive


          Toxic heavy metal free


          Mercury free


          RoHS exemption information


          China RoHS Regulation

           Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)


          Accessory / separate part category

          locking accessory

          Keylock destination


          Locking options description

        • sealable
        • keylock in OFF or ON position
          • Compatibility code

            Acti 9 iC60

            Package 1 Weight

            0.043 kg

            Package 1 Height

            0.2 dm

            Package 1 width

            1.15 dm

            Package 1 Length

            1.8 dm


            The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

            Halogen content performance

            Halogen free product
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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What are the part numbers for Padlocking device which will go on LHS and RHS of an Acti 9 iC60 MCB?

            Part number A9A26380 is for mounting on the left side of Circuit Breaker.
            Part number A9A26381 is for mounting on the  Right side of Circuit breaker.
            For further details please follow the below link,
            Image result for A9A26380 schneider

            Do we have a suitable padlock device for a iSPN RCBO ?

            The padlock device for Acti9 devices, A9A26970, does not fit the iSPN Vigi RCBOs. The padlocking device for the old style MCBs, 26970, will fit the iSPN RCBOs. These come as a set of 2.

            Datasheet: https://eshop.schneider-electric.com/product.aspx?org=21&lang=1&dist=276&prod_id=26970

            What are the best SD100 and SD200 smoke alarm replacements?

            The replacement Smoke Alarm for the SD100 and SD200 is the 755PSMA4. Whilst the SD100 was an Ionisation type this type of technology has since been discontinued.

            For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/smokealarms?tab-player-1=0

            How many speakers can be linked to a Bluetooth aplifier 5600BTSA50?

            The amount of speakers that can connect to the amplifier (5600BTSA50) is dependent on the wiring configuration, an whether it is wired in series or parallel. The speakers impedance also needs to be taken into consideration. The bluetooth for this device is used specifically for transmitting between devices (i.e. Phone, laptop) not speakers.

            Basic specifications for the Bluetooth Amplifier 5600BTSA50 are:

            • Input frequency: 2.4GHz
            • Installed in roof space
            • Bluetooth compatibility: A2DP Bluetooth enabled devices
            • Bluetooth system: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR/Class 1
            • Range: up to 15m
            • Audio output: 50W RMS per channel at 8Ohms impedance
            • Power requirement: 24V, 3.75 amp, DC input (240V power source required)
            • Amplifier type: Class D
            • Frequency response: 200Hz – 15KHz
            • Magnet: 20oz
            • Sensitivity: < 90dB
            • Weight: 1.3kg
            • Dimensions: 130mm x 120mm x 45mm
            • PIN code for secure pairing
            • Zone personalising for easy pairing with Bluetooth device
            • Green technology: smart power efficient amplifier with auto-sensing

            For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=5600btsa50

            Or see attached PDF


            How can I move from the "demonstration" to the "operation" mode on the SFT2841 software for the SEPAM series 20, 40, 60, 80?

            To move from "demonstration" mode to "operation" mode in the SFT2848 software, follow these instructions:
            • Uninstall the software that is currently installed and reinstall the software (or a later version).
            • During installation, in the window containing the "name", "company" and "demonstration" fields, delete "demonstration" and replace it with the key code consisting of 7 numbers with no separator followed by the separator "-" then the last 2 numbers with no separator. This key code is on the case of the software CD.

            What is the meaning of the terms 2P2d, 3P3d, 4P3d, 4P4d, 4P3d+N/2 and 4P3d+OSN on the Compact NSX circuit-breaker trip units.

            The first number corresponds to the number of poles.
            The second number corresponds to the number of protected poles.
            The first letter stands for Pole.
            The second letter stands for trip unit ("declencheur" in French).
            4P3d is a 4-pole trip unit with 3 protected poles (not the neutral).
            4P3d+N/2 is a 4-pole trip unit with 3 protected poles and the neutral at half rating due to the neutral cable being half the phase cable cross sectional area.
            4P3d+OSN is a 4-pole trip unit with 3 protected poles and with oversized protection of the neutral (Over Size Neutral).
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