Acti9 10X PadLocking Device, Ic60 Lid



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

  • iSW-NA
  • iID K
  • iDPN Vigi
  • iC60
  • K60
  • iID
  • ARA
  • RCA
  • iK60
  • iSW 40...125
  • Acti9 iDPN H VigiARC
  • Acti9 iDPN N VigiARC
  • MAX4
    • Range

      Acti 9

      Product or component type

      padlocking device

      Market segment

    • small commercial
    • residential
      • Warranty

        18 months


        Quantity per set

        set of 10

        Range compatibility

      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iID
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iSW
      • Acti 9 - Vigi iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iID K
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iDPN Vigi
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 Reflex iC60
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60 RCA iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC60 ARA iC60 -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iSW-NA
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iK60 iK60N -
      • Acti 9 - Acti 9 iC40
      • MAX4 - MAX4 AFDD
      • Acti9 - Acti9 iDPN H VigiARC
      • Acti9 - Acti9 iDPN N VigiARC
        • REACh free of SVHC


          EU RoHS Directive


          Toxic heavy metal free


          Mercury free


          RoHS exemption information


          China RoHS Regulation

           Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)


          Accessory / separate part category

          locking accessory

          Keylock destination


          Locking options description

        • sealable
        • keylock in OFF or ON position
          • Compatibility code

            Acti 9 iC60

            Package 1 Weight

            0.043 kg

            Package 1 Height

            0.2 dm

            Package 1 width

            1.15 dm

            Package 1 Length

            1.8 dm


            The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins
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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What is the code for the Acti9 Padlock?

            The code is A9A26970

            Padlocking device to fit Domae MCB

            the Acti9 A9A26970 will fit on the domae breakers.

            Does A9A26976 go with iDPN N VIGI?

            No. Unfortunately it does not and we don't do the terminal Shiels for iDPN N vigi as the screws are small.

            will the A9A26929 fit on a C60-DC MCB?

            No, those are designed to fit onto the acti9 AC MCBs for those MCBs use the A9N26929

            Are the A9N18359 and A9A26924 compatible?

            The ref A9N18359 is C120 MCB (Multi9 design in the white material).

            The ref A9A26924 is iOF auxiliary (Aciti9 design for iC60 MCB).

            I can confirm that the parts A9N18359 and A9A26924 are not compliant with each other


            What are the part numbers for Padlocking device which will go on LHS and RHS of Acti 9 iC60 and RCBO's?

            Part number A9A26380 is for mounting on the left side of Circuit Breaker.
            Part number A9A26381 is for mounting on the  Right side of Circuit breaker.
            For further details please follow the below link,
            Image result for A9A26380 schneider

            Will a new A9A26948 fit an old MG breaker

            No they don't fit. You will need to replace the old MG MCB with new Acti9 MCB to fit the new Auxiliaries

            Does the A9A26981 fit on the A9S66163?

            Yes, that is designed to fit on the Acti9 shaped devices including the iSW switches.

            What items come with the KITWALLBOX7?

            A9Z51240 = Type B single phase RCCD
            A9F54240 = 2 pole, 40A, Curve MCB
            A9A26969 = Under voltage release

            What is the fixed lock part name for the LV431110?

            The part name is as follows: LV429371

            Can we use wireless batteryless pushbutton in a hazardous area?

            No, Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd does not sell wireless batteryless pushbuttons suitable for use in hazardous zones.

            What is the lowest Amp Rating in a 27 mm MCB?

            The Lowest Amp rating MCB with a 27mm width starts at 63 Amp with in the Schneider range and 50Amp  with in the Clipsal range.

            For further information please visit
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