Flush Switches, Bell Press, Bell Press illuminated

White Electric | Flush Switches, Bell Press, Bell Press illuminated

Flush Switches, Bell Press, Bell Press illuminated

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video: How to setup Plus/Minus Speeds on the Altivar Process Drive

Set up Plus/Minus Speeds on the Altivar Process Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive


To Program the +/- Speeds
  1. [Complete settings] [Command and Reference]
  2. Set [Freq Switch Assign] rFC to [Ref Freq Channel 2] FR2
  3. Set [Ref Freq Channel 2] FR2 to [Ref Frequency via DI] UPdt
  4. Go to [Complete settings] [Generic functions] [+/- speed]
  5. Assign [+ Speed Assign] USP
  6. Assign [- Speed Assign] dSP
  7. Assign [Ref Frequency Save] Str

    To adjust the increment of plus and minus speed, adjust the ACC and DEC. If ACC is set to 6 seconds, it will ramp 10 Hz for every second that the +speed is active (60Hz range / 6sec = 10Hz/sec).  Keep it active for 6 seconds and output will reach 60 Hz. To make +speed increase at a slower rate, increase ACC.  To make it faster, decrease ACC.  The same logic applies to -speed and DEC.

Reference the attached document for more information

What is the part number of the USB cable used to connect a PC to a drive or soft start when using SoMove?

Cable part number to connect a PC to a drive or soft start when using SoMove or Powersuite?

Product Line:
ATV Altivar Drive ATS Altistart Soft starter

All current products

TCSMCNAM3M002P:  This cable is a USB to RS485 interface cable to be used with SoMove and Powersuite.
The cable connects to the the ModBus port on the drive and a USB port on a PC. 

cable image
Note: If using this cable with SoMove, then the SoMove software must be installed on your PC prior to plugging this cable into the USB port on the PC. The driver for this cable is now included in the core SoMove software. And it's important that your PC uses this driver as opposed to a driver that Windows would install automatically.

What is the CONF_LOCKED bool in the safety IO DDT?

The CONF_LOCKED status (set to 1) usually means the button on top of the card has been pressed. In this status, the configuration of the card cannot be changed.
safety out ddt

To unlock the card, the button has to be pressed again for more than 3 seconds.
safety out card

Can the NOC0301/11 connect to devices on a different subnet when using IO scanning?

The functionality to allow setup of devices on different subnets to the NOC0301/11 was only developed for ModbusTCP.

For Ethernet/IP IO scanning, the devices have to be on the same subnet as the NOC or an error will be displayed.

NOC DTM IP address

What is the proper procedure to submit a specification review for Altivar drives and Altistart soft starts?

Specification review request

Product Line:
Altivar Drives and Altistart Soft Starts

All models open and enclosed


Customer request for specification reviews should first go through their distributor.  If the distributor needs assistance they can contact their local field office who can then make the request to the drives Quotation Team.


What is EUSERC and what does it mean?

Acronym meaning

Product Line:
Metering Equipment

EUSERC is an acronym for electric utility service equipment requirements committee. Formed in 1983, the purpose of the organization is to promote uniform electric service requirements among the member utilities, publish existing utility service requirements for electric service equipment, and provide direction for development of future metering technology. There are approximately 80 utilities involved in EUSERC from 12 states. Not all EUSERC member utilities accept all metering devices that meet EUSERC specifications. So, although a device may meet EUSERC specifications, it may not be accepted for use by a specific utility company. Always check with the utility company for approval before using any metering device.
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