bell press surf mounting

Flush Switches, Bell Press, Bell Press illuminated

Catalogue Number: 98
bell press surf mounting
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Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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basic element
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Device mounting
Local signalling
with lighting
without marking
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0.001 kg
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Under investigation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the dimensions Clipsal 2157/4

Dimensions  -  279 x 98 x 58d

Does the Model 98 have to be run in 4 wire mode?

The Model 98 can be run in 2 wire rs485 mode by jumpering the plus and minus terminals.
As with any modbus daisy chain, do not switch between 2-wire and 4-wire comms without an adapter such as the CNV100.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL208787 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 08/04/2012, Last Edited by MaTh on 08/04/2012
Related ranges: Model 98 DTC

How to Reset the Maximum Stored Temperature on a Model 98 Temperature Controller

Product Line
Model 98 Digital Temperature Controller

Press the Max Memory RESET button found on the front panel of the Model 98 Digital Temperature Controller to clear the memory of the maximum stored temperature. This causes the current, highest winding temperature to become the stored maximum temperature.

Model 98 Temperature Controller Instruction Bulletin

Product Line
Model98 Temperature Controller


Please see the attached document, 43500-054-26A.

Which driver should be used for the Model 98A in SPM and PME?

Schneider Electric has 2 temperature controllers:
Model 98 - Black face plate.
Model 98A - Green and white face plate (newer model) 

Which driver is required to communicate to the Model 98A. Can the same driver used for the Model 98 be used for the Model 98A?

Product Line
Model 98
Model 98A
ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Management Console

The Model 98A uses the same driver as the Model 98. Please reference the below links for the Model 98 driver.

SPM 7.x and ION 6.0 Model 98 driver
PME 8.0 and PME 8.1 Model 98/98A driver
PME 8.2 and PME 9.0 Model 98/98A driver

What does the GS1AW403 lug kit consist of?

200A lug kit for GS1, GS2, LK3, LK4

Product Line:
 UL 98 IEC Style Disconnect Switches
Accessories, LK4 Nonfusible and GS2 Fusible

GS1AW403 comes with a kit providing 6 lugs.
Individual lugs can be ordered as DZ2FH1

Does the GS1DU3 disconnect come with lugs?

GS1DU3 accessories

Product Line:
UL 98 IEC Style Disconnect Switches

LK4 Nonfusible and GS2 Fusible Disconnect Switches

Yes, the lugs are recessed into the body.  They are not replaceable.
Lug wire range = #14 -#10
Lug torque = 27

Is there a mounting block that suits the 40?

Yes, there is a mounting block for the 40. The part number is 447.

Some of the key features are:
  • Moulded mounting blocks
  • With metal inserts
  • 3 mounting screw positions
  • suits 40, 40D and switches with 115x48 mm flush plates and 98 mm mounting centres

For further information please visit


What handles can be used with the GS2AH**F cable operator kits for GS2 Switches?

Cable operator kit handle selection

Product Line: 
GS2 fusible disconnect switches

UL 98 IEC Style Disconnect Switches

These can use the 9422A1 to 9422A4 handles
NEMA type 1 3 3R 4 and 12 enclosures: 9422A3 (4 in handle depth) or 9422A1 (6 in handle depth) 
NEMA type 4 and 4X stainless steel enclosures: 9422A4 (4 in handle depth) or 9422A2 (6 in handle depth)

How do I get Modsoft to open up to full screen display while I try to run it under WIN 2000?

The command to get Modsoft to change window size is ALT+<ENTER>; however Modsoft is not supported under WIN 2000. Users may try running the application under it; however successful operation cannot be guaranteed. One of the common problems is Modsoft will not open up to full screen. Regrettably there is no means to resolve this issue other than to reinstall the software under a supported OS, such as WIN 95, WIN 98 or DOS.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL171500 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Modsoft

Is there a skirting mount double power outlet rated to 15A, 250V?

Unfortunately not, we do not have skirting mount double power outlet rated to 250V 15A .

In 15A , 250V, skirting mount, we have the following options:

16/15 -  Single Power Outlet 250V 15A, Skirting Mount, Plate size 98 x 41mm at centre.
For further information, please visit

16/2MF1510 - Double Power Outlet 250V 15A and 10A combination, Skirting Mount, suits ducting (156.5 x 44mm).
For further information, please visit


Is a GS1AD10 required when mounting auxiliary contacts to a GS1DU3?

GS1 auxiliary contact

Product Line:
UL 98 IEC Style Disconnect Switches

LK4 Nonfusible and GS2 Fusible Disconnect Switches

Up to four auxiliary contacts can be mounted to the top of the standard switch. The GS1AD10 contact holder is only required for mounting more than the four standard auxiliary contacts. Listed below are the options for contacts which can be installed in the GS1AD10 holder.
GS1AM110 = 1 N.O. Contact Block (two can be piggy backed together - N.O. or N.C. can be mixed)
GS1AM101 = 1 N.C. Contact Block (two can be piggy backed together - N.O. or N.C. can be mixed)
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