Powerguard Series RCD Protected, Extension Leads, 2 Metre, 240V, 10A, 30mA

Powerguard Series RCD Protected, Extension Leads, 2 Metre, 240V, 10A, 30mA

Powerguard Series RCD Protected, Extension Leads, 2 Metre, 240V, 10A, 30mA

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      extension leads


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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Are the D-Line contactors rated to break DC voltages?

      Can the TeSys D line be used to control DC loads? 

      Product Line:
      Tesys D contactors

      Products sold and used in the United States
       DC power circuit
      Yes, 75 VDC (125 VDC for D115 & D150) per pole which means that through a four pole device breaking 300 VDC is possible by wiring all four power poles in series. However, be aware that the device current ratings will differ according to the number of poles in series and the type of application.

      Devices are suitable but not UL Listed for DC applications.

      More information on their DC ratings can be found in the current TeSys Motor Control and Protection Compentns catalog: https://www.schneider-electric.us/en/download/document/MKTED210011EN/


      What is the device called to help with LED load issues when using the Saturn One Touch range

      31LCDA is a smart load correction device which can help correct load issues.
      As Saturn One Touch instructions point out they are only compatible with Clipsal LED's, we can't be sure they will work with any other brand, so the 31LCDA has been developed to help, but may still not fix the problem.
      Talk to the LED manufacturer to get advice on compatible switches or dimmers for their product. (LED's or CFL's used with the One Touch switches must be of the dimmable type due to the electronic nature of the switch.)
      One touch is now discontinued
      See link for further details:https://www.clipsal.com/search?q=ONE%20TOUCH
      60TDSM - Saturn One Touch Switch Remote Mechanism, Supports Up To 3 Way ControlImage of 31LCDA Load Correction Device 450W

      Is there a minimum load for the 60TSRM3?

      No, there is no minimum load for the 60TSRM3.
      60TSRM3 is discontinued with no replacement

      For more information, please refer to the link: