Powerguard Series RCD Protected, Extension Leads, 2 Metre, 240V, 10A, 30mA

Catalogue Number: 956
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      extension leads

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Can I get spare parts for a PDL 976

       No, spare parts not available

      What is the replacement for a PDL 556

      Use PDL 100MPIR + PDL 600RM relay

      Is there a latching version of the PDL 951

       No - all portable RCDs are non latching for safety reason

      What replaces the PDL 556 PIR sensor

      Use the PDL 100MPIR + 600RM if required to switch higher loads

      Can you buy a 20m 954 camper set

      You can purchase a 955RW, BALS211 + 56CR310 + flex

      What is the part number for a 35amp single power point in the 600 Series range, or similar with standard pin configuration

      Not available, you could use the range socket 45amp or Industrial Series (56 Series range)

      Does the PDL 954 have an rcd + plug and socket

       The PDL 954 comes with an RCD +15A socket + 16A plug
      This product is being phased out Jan 2018 the product can be had up PDL955RM a with a plug and cord

      What is the replacement for an old PDL PIR sensor 556 in a plate with auto / off / manual

      Now obsolete, would have to use the PDL 100MPIR in a PDL 681VH plate

      What is a 756 and what is its purpose?

      The 756 is a Smoke Alarm Isolation Unit compatible with Clipsal Smoke Detectors only. The unit provides a set of isolated, normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.), changeover contacts permitting auxiliary devices such as sirens, strobes and/or security systems to be activated when the new 755 Smoke Alarm is in the alarm state.
      The 756 may be used to provide connection of the 755 Smoke Alarm output to an external siren or strobe. It may also be used as an interface to Clipsal C-Bus®, Clipsal HomeSafe Security Systems, emergency lighting or other service.
      The 756 is capable of operating correctly in the absence of mains supply and derives its power from the smoke alarm only when the smoke alarm is in the alarm state.

      What is the Operating Humidity Range for the S31LCDA Load Correction Device ?

       The Operating Humidity Range is 5 - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

      How many smoke alarms can be connected to a single 756 isolation unit?

      Max of 40 smoke alarms can be connected to a single 756.

      This is the link to the page https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?CatNo=756


      Key Features

      • Changeover Contacts: 1xNormally Open (N.O.), 1xNormally Closed (N.C.)
      • Contact Rating: 10 A resistive and inductive, 250 V AC, 50 Hz
      • Interconnection Input: 6 V to 10V DC. referenced to Neutral
      • Supply Current: Alarm mode - 1mA minimum. Non-alarm mode (standby)
      • Maximum number of smoke alarms interconnected to a single 756 Isolation Unit: 40
      • Switching Delay: 20 seconds
      • Cables Accommodated: 2 x 2.5 mmsq
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      What is the ATV660 Drive Efficiency? 

      What is the Efficiency of ATV630 Drives?

      Product Line:
      ATV630, Altivar 630



      95% (or greater) at full load typical.
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