Max 4 Arrestor Disconnect Spark Gap Ex

Catalogue Number: 952
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Product brand
Surge arrester technology
spark gap
Package 1 Weight
1 kg
EU RoHS Directive
Under investigation

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a latching version of the PDL 951

 No - all portable RCDs are non latching for safety reason

Can you buy a 20m 954 camper set

You can purchase a 955RW, BALS211 + 56CR310 + flex

what are the dimensions of the ATV312HU40N4?

Height 184 mm
Width 142 mm
Depth 152 mm

What Does a 452 Diagnostic Code Error indicate?

A 452 error indicates the meter had an abnormal power cycle. It does not indicate why the meter had the abnormal power cycle.

For most meters with a single abnormal power cycle (ie. an associated 452 error), it is suggested the customer should continue to monitor it. The customer may choose to upgrade the meter to latest firmware, which has improved diagnostics ability for future investigation.

For further issues with the 452 Error please contact your local Tech Support.


What is APC's number?

For APC enquires contact: 1800 652 725

Does the PDL 954 have an rcd + plug and socket

 The PDL 954 comes with an RCD +15A socket + 16A plug
This product is being phased out Jan 2018 the product can be had up PDL955RM a with a plug and cord

Do you sell replacement GU10 lamps for the 981 and 982 series downlights?

No, unfortunately the 981 and 982 series downlights have been discontinued and we no longer sell the GU10 lamps.

Other manufacturers still produce GU10 lamps but we cannot recomend a particular manufacturer. It would be trial and error process to see what lamp is suitable for your dimmer.

For further information please visit

Dimensions of the Clipsal 155PRM, Metal Mounting Bracket, for plaster walls?

152 Length x 152 Width x 10 Depth mm
Mounting centre 84mm

What is the replacement cover for a 9002AW1 foot switch?

Looking for a replacement cover for a 9002AW1 foot switch.

Product Line:
Foot Switches

Push Buttons and Operator Interface



What is the Operating Humidity Range for the S31LCDA Load Correction Device ?

 The Operating Humidity Range is 5 - 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Can I get a replacement front panel for the PDL thermosafe heaters

May be done as a special, phone our call center 0800 652 999.  A special request will be submitted.

What is the spare front cover to fit the PDL 56DOL9 starter

This unit is a special from Australia.  You need to contact our Customer Care team 0800 652 999.
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