Ceiling Roses, Ceiling Rose - 4 Terminal

White Electric | Ceiling Roses, Ceiling Rose - 4 Terminal

Ceiling Roses, Ceiling Rose - 4 Terminal

Item Number: 93-WE

The Clipsal Lighting Ceiling Rose has 4 pillar type terminal points on the base, incorporating cable entry for a range of flexible cords. It is rated 500V, 15A and has a White finish.



Qty UoM EAN Colour
Ceiling Rose


  • Suitable for cable management
  • Provides nice finish for pendant light installation
  • Attaches to ceiling



Product brand


Product or component type

ceiling rose

Colour tint



Provided equipment

  • cover
  • base

[Ue] rated operational voltage

500 V

Rated current

15 A

Fixing mode

by screws

EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation


Package 1 Bare Product Quantity


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Height

3.6 cm

Package 1 Width

6.4 cm

Package 1 Length

6.5 cm

Package 1 Weight

64 g

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Height

80 cm

Package 2 Width

150 cm

Package 2 Length

202 cm

Package 2 Weight

0.71 kg

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Height

495 cm

Package 3 Width

355 cm

Package 3 Length

405 cm

Package 3 Weight

19.25 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to download Legacy Indusoft Versions

This article explains how to download legacy Indusoft versions.
Applies to legacy Indusoft versions. If link becomes unavailable, please contact support for renewed link.
Legacy versions of Indusoft can be downloaded manually using formatted links:
Go to https://download.indusoft.com/ <VV… SS..PP> .ZIP
  • VV – Version (??)
  • SS – Service Pack (??)
  • PP – Patch (??)
 Where VV is version, SS is Service Pack, and PP is patch:  https://download.indusoft.com/VV.SS.PP/IWSVV.SS.PP.zip
v7.1 Sp3 Patch 9 https://download.indusoft.com/71.3.9/IWS71.3.9.zip
The software will download as soon as it connects and successful syntax.

Can the Wiser smoke alarm interconnect with my existing alarms?

The Wiser Smoke alarm (CLP599WSAL) has 433MHz RF and Zigbee 3.0 tech included, meaning they are compatible with Clipsal Fire Tek® Wireless smoke alarms 755LPSMA4 and 755RFB2 bases to allow simple upgrade opportunities
Wiser Smoke Alarm

Can the Wiser Smoke Alarm integrate into Automations?

When used as part of a Wiser smart home system the Wiser Smoke Alarm can Integrate into Wiser Automations (e.g. to turn all house lights on if smoke is detected)
Wiser Smoke Alarm

Can we add third party gateway as child gateway to PAS600 or PAS800


Need to know if we can add third party gateway as child gateway to PAS600 or PAS800

Product Line:

Panel Server Universal


PAS600 and PAS800


You cannot add third party child gateway to the PAS, as mentioned in user guide link below page 125/146 only native gateways listed can use as child gateway as of now 12/12/2022.

Please keep refer to the latest user guide for any new updates.


Architecture Diagram

Can I confirm that we can achieve earth fault alarm without an external sensor in 3PH4W MTZ2 20H1 – Micrologic 5.0X?


Can we achieve earth fault alarm without an external sensor in 3PH4W

Product Line:

Circuit Breakers


Masterpact MTZ, Micrologic X control unit


As per MasterPact MTZ - MicroLogic X Control Unit User Guide, the ground -fault current is calculated or measured as below

MasterPact MTZ - MicroLogic X Control Unit User Guide Link:


Ground Fault Current Calculating

The basic principle of ground fault current Ig is the vectorial sum= I1+I2+I3+In.
Please see below one example for better understanding:
1.      If customer is 3phase 4 wire system (with Neutral), there are two solutions of ground fault alarm/protection:
1)     Customer can select 3P breaker, but breaker should be configurated as 3P+ENCT, that means the external neutral CT sensor is necessary.
2)     Customer can select 4P breaker, no necessary for external neutral CT sensor.

2.      If customer is 3phase 3 wire system (without Neutral):
Customer should select 3P breaker and declares the ENCT to “NO”, no necessary for external neutral CT sensor.
Anyway, if there is neutral phase in customer system, neutral current should be measured in 4P or 3P with external sensor.

How do you change the Modbus device number on the master Smartlink SI B controller (either in the web page or through the EcoStruxure Power Commission software) from 255 to a lower number?


Change the Modbus device number on the master Smartlink SI B controller from 255 to a lower number

Product Line:

Acti 9 Smartlink


Smartlink SI B


The Smartlink SI B (A9XMZA08) has a fixed Modbus Address of 255, it is not possible to change it.

The Smartlink - Modbus RS485 slave (A9XMSB11) address can be configure in the range of 1 to 99. You can set the address adjusting the two thumbwheels:

-The left-hand thumbwheel sets the tens.
-The right-hand thumbwheel sets the units.

Modbus RS485 slave address cconfiguration

Smartlink SI B (A9XMZA08) user guide: 
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Lighting outside house


The Clipsal lighting range provides energy-saving light fittings that combine clever design with innovative technologies. Lighting is interlinked and must be able to operate seamlessly with the multiple input demands it receives across multiple products. 
With the convergence of control and lighting, Clipsal can deliver products whilst leading the market.  
Clipsal provides light fittings that are truly compatible with our wall switches, dimmers, sensors, control systems and more.