conduit turbo pvc m/d 20mm/50m

Corrugated Conduit, Medium Duty, PVC, 20mmx50m

Catalogue Number: 9020TCM
conduit turbo pvc m/d 20mm/50m
Colour: Grey
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Grey 1 PCE
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Product brand
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Stub stiffness
internal: 13.9 mm
External diameter
20 mm
Environmental characteristic
RoHS compliant conforming to AS/NZS 61386
Ambient air temperature for operation
-15-60 °C
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Circularity Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the new part numbers for the Clipsal 9040CM and 9050CM conduit

New part numbers are 9040TCM and 9050TCM
Now changed to the Turbo version.

Is the 16mm flexible conduit 9016TCM available in black ?

No, the 9016TCM is not available in Black.

Does Clipsal manufacture 70mm or 90mm medium duty, flexible corrogated conduits?

Unfortunately not. 50mm, 9050TCM is the biggest medium duty, flexible corrogated conduit manufactured by Clipsal.
For further information, please visit

Are blades still available for part number 900TC?

No. Unfortunately, blades are no longer available for this part.

Is the 900TCB Still Available?

 now obsolete and there is no direct replacement.

What is outside & inside diameter for part number 9020TCM20?

The outside diameter is 20mm and the inside diameter is 14.1mm for the part number 9020TCM20.

For more information on this part please refer to

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Is 9020TCM-GY flexi conduit meter marked

 Yes it is

What is the replacement for 5000TC?

Replacement part number will be 5080CTL2.
For more details please follow the below link:
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Is the Clipsal 9020CM-GY a conduit with a draw wire

No longer available use the turbo version 9020TCM-GY

What is the coupling joiner for a 9020HF, HFT, conduit?

The coupling joiner for a 9020HF, HFT, conduit is a 242HF20-BK.
Some of the key features are:
  • HFT Products cannot be joined with standard conduit glue
  • They require adhesives 3M Scotch Weld DP 8005 or equivalent
  • 20mm
  • Standard Black colour
For further information please visit


Is it possible to upgrade the firmware in an 3720 ACM?

Product Line
3720 ACM


The firmware upgrade process for a 3720 ACM required an EEPROM chip with the firmware loaded, to be inserted into the meter. These chips are no longer available.

Errata to the 3720 ACM Installation & Operation Manual

Documentation is needed for the 3720 ACM series meter.

Product Line
3720 ACM

3720 ACM

Documentation is needed for the 3720 ACM series meter.

The Errata page for 3720 ACM Installation & Operation Manual is attached.

3720 ACM MPCC/MPE Retrofit Installation Instructions

Documentation is needed for the 3720 ACM series meter.

Product Line
3720 ACM

3720 ACM

Documentation is needed for the 3720 ACM series meter.

The MPCC/MPE (communication card) Retrofit Installation document is attached.

What is the timing range for RE7M*, RE7T*, RE7P* and RE7R?

What is the timing range for RE7M*,  RE7T*,  RE7P*  and RE7R?

Product Line:
Relays and Timers

All Products

Product Features

The timing is adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours in 10 ranges.


How to find the IP address of ION7550 RTU with no display in a range of IP address

How to determine the IP address of ION 7550 RTU with no display within a given range of IP addresses

ION 7550 RTU with no display



Use nmap to scan an IP address range and return the mac address found. ION7550 RTU meters will have a MAC address that starts with 00:60:78

1) download nmap from
2) In command propmt navigate to the folder where is located (eg. cd "c:\Downloaded\nmap")
3) run the command nmap -p 23,80,502,7700 [Ip address range] (eg.  nmap -p 23,80,502,7700
4) Examin the results and determine IP address of device(s) with Mac Address 00:60:78. Below is an example of the results
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.00s latency).
23/tcp   open  telnet
80/tcp   open  http
502/tcp  open  mbap
7700/tcp open  unknown
MAC Address: 00:60:78:64:32:14 (Power Measurement)
5) Connect to the web page with the specific IP address found in Step 4 to verify the serial number or owner/tag information

3720ACM responds to every other request in a modbus network

Goals and Symptoms

In a Modbus master-slave network, legacy meter responds only to every other request and ignore the others.

Causes and Fixes

In Modbus RTU communication topology, messages start with a silent interval of AT LEAST 3.5 characters. This is most easily implemented as a multiple of character times at the baud rate that is being used on the network. In legacy Power Measurement meters, depending on the network, the silent interval may exceed 3.5 characters. On a healthy network with baud rate 9600 this gap should be equal to ~3ms, which is too fast for the legacy devices to catch. On a newer network like this any message sent will hit the silent interval on the 3720, so the meter will not respond. However, the following request will be received after enough silent duration and the meter will respond. This will carry on so the meter will only respond to every other request.
Adjusting the RTS (Request To Send) interval greater than 100ms (or longer) on the master side will enable the meter to catch all the request packages sent to the network. This adjustment will manipulate the master to hold 100 ms in between every request which will give enough time to the legacy meters.

Last Revised: April 10, 2008
Applies To: 3720 ACM
Original Author: KG
All content © 1992-2008 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL191660 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 04/11/2008, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 04/11/2008
Related ranges: 3720 ACM

How to change the Display Energy resolution (scale) from Kilowatt hours (kWh) to Megawatt hours (mWh) (or vice-versa) on the front panel display of CM2000, CM3000, CM4000 or PM800 Series Meter?

How to Display Energy as a fixed Kilo (kwh) or Mega (mwh) value on the front panel display of a Series 2000, 3000, 4000 Circuit Monitor or Series 800 Power Meter. (Energy Display Precision)

Product Line
CM2000 Series 
CM3000 Series
CM4000 Series
PM800 Series

Configuring the Resolution or scaling for energy values.

Customer would like to change the scale or resolution of their energy value on the front display to be more precise. 

By default the Series 2000, 3000, 4000 Circuit Monitor and Series 800 Power Meter will auto scale the Watt hour reading from 00,000 kWh to 999.999 MWh. The display of each meter can be configured to display a fixed unit and fixed decimal place. Energy Display Precision can be configured on each meter by writing the values listed below to the each register of the meter.

The values can be written to each meter's registers by using a Modbus Read/Write software, or through the front panel display of the meter. Refer to each device reference manual for details on how to read/write registers from the front panel. 
Here is a link to a Modbus Read/Write Utility called Modbus Tester, which can be used to write to the registers in each meter: FA180037

For CM2000 Series meters:

The CM2000's meter display can be configured for various resolutions (maximum value illustrated for each selection). The chart below shows various resolutions that the energy scale can support.
Write the number from the chart below to register 2027 to make the desired changes.

Values (number) Resolution
10 999999 kilo
11 99999.9 kilo
12 9999.99 kilo
13 999.999 kilo
20 999999 mega
21 99999.9 mega
22 9999.99 mega
23 999.999 mega

EXAMPLE: If you want to view the CM2000's meter display at up to 9999.99 MWh, then you would write a value of 22 to register 2027.

For CM3000, CM4000 or PM800 Series Meters:

In order to change the Energy Display Precision on CM3000, CM4000 or PM800 series meters, 4 different registers need to be written:

1- Write value of 9020 to register 8000
2- Write value of ## to register 3215
3- Write value of 1 to register 8001
4- Write value of 9021 to register 8000 

Replace ## with the number shown below that corresponds to the units you would like to display:

Values (number) Resolution
0 Auto range (default)
10 999999 kilo
11 99999.9 kilo
12 9999.99 kilo
13 999.999 kilo
20 999999 mega
21 99999.9 mega
22 9999.99 mega
23 999.999 mega

All other values will default to auto range.

NOTE: These register values can be written individually or as a block.

Once 9021 is written to register 8000 the meter will reset and the change will take effect.

EXAMPLE: PM820 is default to rotate energy precision by default and customer wants to change it to show fixed Mwh with two decimal place.

1- Register: 8000, Value: 9020
2- Register: 3215, Value: 22
3- Register: 8001, Value 1
4- Register: 8000, Value 9021