Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

White | Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

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  • Series 900
  • PDL
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      [In] rated current

      10 A

      [Ue] rated operational voltage

      230 V 50/60 Hz conforming to EN 60309-2


      Voltage colour


      Plug, socket, control station shape



      6 h

      Package 1 Weight

      0.035 kg
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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Where can I find information on the AMS (Alternate Maintenance Settings) switch, including the purpose, installation, testing, and troubleshooting? Can I install AMS onto an existing breaker?

      What is the function of the AMS switch, and how should it be installed and tested, and how can you troubleshoot it if it doesn't work properly

      Product Line:
      Circuit Breakers

      The AMS solution has been superceded by the ERMS solution.  The following information pertains to the old AMS system.

      The AMS switch temporarily eliminates the short-time delay setting of the circuit breaker and provides a circuit protection system with two modes: a normal mode and a maintenance mode (in which potential arc flash energy is reduced).
      In normal mode, the upstream circuit breaker acts in accordance with the settings provided in the electronic trip unit that provides selective coordination of the electrical distribution system.
      In maintenance mode, the upstream circuit breaker disregards the preset time-delay and operates to clear the fault condition with no intentional short-time delay. In this mode, the upstream circuit breaker responds as a ZSI circuit breaker that fails to receive a restraint signal, as described previously. By responding quickly to an arcing fault, incident energy is reduced. However, selective coordination is not preserved when the AMS is in maintenance mode.

      The AMS switch is designed to be factory installed in Switchboard and Switchgear. It could also have been installed in the field but it required a breaker with an A, P, or H trip unit and purchase of the following:
      • Restraint Interface Module (RIM), catalog number S48890 (120 Vac/24 Vdc) or S48895 (240 Vac/24 Vdc).
      • Kit 84957 (label and components for required switches; includes the following
        -Instruction Bulletin NHA40218
        -AMS nameplate (80298-173-01)
        -AMS danger label (NHA41456)
        -C&KJ AMS push button (KM3301RR05Q) (button used for testing)
      • The following parts were ordered separately:
        -RIM (S48890)
        -Switch with blue indicator light (9001K11J38LLL)
        -Switch contact block (9001KA3)
        -Padlock attachment (9001K7)
        -Remote Pilot Light (the bulletin shows 9001KP1L9 or 9001KP35L9 but they use whatever they want)
      See attachment for installation instructions. 

      See attached bulletin for testing instructions.

      Ensure wiring is correct and all components are functioning properly.

      Related documentation:
      • Reducing Fault Stress with Zone-Selective Interlocking (Document No. 0600DB0001)
      • Guide to Power System Selective Coordination 600 V and Below  (Document No. 0100DB0603)
      • Alternate Maintenance Setting (AMS) Switch Handout (Document No. 8998HO1001)
      • Arc Flash Reduction Systems—Are They Always a Good Idea? (Document No. 0600DB0901)

      What are the stand alone short circuit current ratings on the LC1D** contactors?

      Tesys D SCCR

      Product Line:
      Contactors and Overload Relays

      TeSys™ D Contactors and Overload Relays
      The contactors have a stand alone withstand rating that has been established by UL and is based on the maximum horsepower rating for a given device. However, only combination type starters are supplied with short circuit protective devices having a short circuit current rating.

      They are as follows:
      Horsepower SCCR (A)

      0 thru 1 1,000
      1 thru 50 5,000
      51 thru 200 10,000
      201 thru 400 18,000
      401 thru 600 30,000
      601 thru 900 42,000
      901 thru 1600 85,000
      1601+ 100,000

      What is P10 in 9007 C Limit Switches

      What is P10 form on 9007 C Limit Switches

      Product Line:

      Limit Switch

      P10 is addition of one isolated LED pilot light (light on when load is energized) (Type C54 only. Not
      available with Y1901.)

      What does the form B4 stand for on a 9012 pressure switch?

      9012GAW4 B4: What does the B4 stand for?

      Product Line:
      Pressure Switches

      Class 9012

      Product features and nomenclature.

      The form B4 is no longer available for the above pressure switch. However, it was for a detachable bottom conduit hub.

      Replacement cover for 9013GHG pressure switch

      Is there a replacement cover for the 9013GHG pressure switches

      Product Line:
      9013 Presure Switches - GIC Product

      US Product

      Product Characteristics and replacement parts

      The replcement cover is 6513305153

      How do I order a 9013 type G pressure switch with contacts that open on falling pressure?

      Product Line:

      9013 pumptrol pressure switches 
      Add Form R (reverse action) to the class and type.

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