Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

White | Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

Standard Plug, Side Entry, 3 PIN, 10A

Item Number: 901-WH



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

  • Series 900
  • PDL

Product brand





[In] rated current

10 A

[Ue] rated operational voltage

230 V 50/60 Hz conforming to EN 60309-2


Voltage colour


Plug, socket, control station shape



6 h

Package 1 Weight

0.035 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Video: What auxiliary contact modules are available for the LC1D and LC2D contactors?

Auxiliary contact modules for the LC1D and LC2D contactors

Product Line: 
Contactor and Starters - IEC

North American Products

Select based on application requirements. Please note that the TeSys and Pre-TeSys auxiliary blocks are backward/forward compatible.
Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor:

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N
--1-----------1---------LADN11G---------LA1DN11G (See Footnote 1)
--1-----------1---------LADN11P---------LA1DN11P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------0---------LA1DX20---------LA1DX20 (See Footnote 2)
--2-----------0---------LA1DY20---------LA1DY20 (See Footnote 3)
--2-----------2---------LADN22G---------LA1DN22G (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADN22P---------LA1DN22P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADC22------------LA1DC22 (See Footnote 4)
--3-----------1---------LA1DZ31----------LA1DZ31 (See Footnote 5)
--4-----------0---------LA1DZ40-----------LA1DZ40 (See Footnote 6)

Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor: For use with D2 Series 25 amp through 80 amp contactors and TeSys Series 40 amp through 80 amp only.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

Side Mounting; maximum of 1 block on each side for D2 Series and Tesys Series 40 through 80 amp contactors. Tesys 9 through 32, 115, and 150 amps contactors will accept 1 block and is limited to left side only. (*) DC control devices will not accept side mount auxiliaries.
(*) DC control exceptions that will accept one left side mounted auxiliary: LC1D115 & LC1D150.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

{1.EN_US} EN50 012 Machine Tool Terminal Markings
{2.EN_US} (2) NO Sealed Dust Tight Contacts
{3.EN_US} Gold Flash Contacts
{4.EN_US} (1) NO & (1) NC Standard and (1) NO & (1) NC Make Before Break
{5.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (1) NO & (1) NC Standard Contacts
{6.EN_US} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (2) NO Standard Contacts

What is the replacement key for a ZB2BG* keyed selector switch?

Key replacement for a ZB2BG* selector switch?

Product Line:
Push Buttons and Operator Interface

Harmony Pushbuttons

Product selection

Q99900901 is replacement Ronis 455 key for all selector switchs using standard key.

What is the UL file and conditions of acceptability for Multi 9 UL 1077 Recognized C60 supplementary protectors?

What does UL accept as conditions for supplementary protectors?

Product Line:
UL1077 Supplementary Protectors

UL 1077 circuit breaker, File No. E90509, CSA C22.2 No. 235 File No. 179014

Use - For use only in products where the acceptability of the combination is determined by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

1.These devices are intended to be DIN rail mounted or faceplate mounted with front mounting bracket accessory. Additionally, they should be mounted in an enclosure having adequate strength and thicknesses in the intended manner and with spacing in accordance with the requirements of the overall equipment.

2.  Intentionally left blank.

3.These devices should be used within their Recognized ratings.

4.Test records should be reviewed, including short circuit tests, when judging the acceptability of these devices in an end use application.

5.These devices are not suitable for branch circuit protection.

6.These devices are designed to trip within the trip curve characteristics provided by the manufacturer; as indicated in the report.  Trip times were confirmed at 300% of rating and at 150% of rating.

7.Considerations should be given to the need for insulating barriers when uncovered openings in the side of the case are mounted adjacent to metal surfaces, such as an enclosure.

8.These devices have been determined to be trip free per
requirements effective July 14, 2008, 6th Edition of UL 1077.

9.The terminals are suitable for Field or Factory wiring.

What is the replacement enclosure for a 9013FSW or 9013FYW pressure switch?

Replacement NEMA 3R enclosure for a 9013FSW or 9013FYW.

Product Line: 
Pressure, Vacuum, and Float Switches

9013 Type F Pressure Switches

These are not available as a repair part.  Replace the entire switch.

Is it possible to defeat or disable ground fault on Masterpact NW with Micrologic 6.0A trip units for primary injection testing?

Is there a way to defeat or disable ground fault on a Masterpact NW breaker for primary injection testing?  

Product line:  
Power circuit breakers

There are two ways to defeat ground fault on the NW breaker for primary injection testing.  You can use the hand held test kit, S33594, or the full function test kit, S33595. Or you can use the looping method to counter the single phase current during primary injection testing. See the attached data bulletin 0600DB9901, page 35, for the looping method, or FAQ Looping Method for Testing Breakers with Ground Fault Trip Units

Where can I download the EDS files for the Ethernet IP, Devicenet, CANopen, or EtherCAT?

Where can I download the EDS files for the Ethernet IP card?

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71, ATV32, ATV Process


Use this link to access the Global website where EDS files are available for download.  Be sure to download the EDS file that matches your Drive and Product Version.


You will need to find out your drive's product version to choose the correct EDS file.

Example:  In the ATV61 or ATV71; go to menu 1.11 in the drives menu enter
find the product Vxxxxxxxxx 

This product version will need to be the version of the EDS file you download for that specific drive.

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