coupling trunking 50mm

Maxi Duct Fittings, Couplings - Grey, 50mm

Catalogue Number: 900/50C
coupling trunking 50mm
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour Grey (GY)
  • Grey 1 PCE


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Product brand
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
50 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 900/75C sold individually or in pairs

 900/75C-WE sold individually

Does the 900/100/50-GY trunking come with a Separator

No the 900D50S needs to be bought seperately.

I'm wanting to use a 619MAC AT&T/Suttle clip module in the Modena/Strato series. Is there a Modena/Strato equivalent?

No, there is not a Modena/Strato equivalent however you can pair the 619MAC module with a Modena 600/500 Series Modular Range Adaptor, 800MA. This combination will allow you to use a 619MAC module in the Modena/Strato plates.

What colour is the PDL 537, Standard deep mounting block (fits all 600/500 Series), available in?

The PDL 537 is available in white (WH) and black (BK)

Code example: Black PDL 537 - PDL537BK


Why is 2-wire Mod Bus wiring not defined in PMM 400/500 operation/installation manual?

2-wire Mod Bus wiring is not defined in PMM 400/500 operation/installation manual.

Product line:
PMM 400 / PMM 500

PMM 400 / PMM 500

2-wire not defined in PMM 400/500 operation/installation manual.  This setup is for RS232 serial Modbus wiring directly to the NMC interface which is located under the MCM controller.


2-wire example for single PMM

2-wire example of 2 PMMs



What parts do I need to make a vertical version of the Modena Telephone Outlet on PG 28 of the PDL Pocket Book?

1x 800GV - Vertical Grid Plate
1x 800PSVWH (or another colour) - Vertical Plastic Surround
2x 860BM - Blank half module
1x 800MA - 600/500 Series Adaptor
1x 617M2 - Telephone Module
*The telephone module that is inserted into the adaptor will sit in between the two blank half modules in the plate. This layout is the most visually appealing.

Is 900/50/50 PVC Maxi duct UV resistant?

Unfortunately not, they are not UV resistant. 

For further information, please visit

In programming PID, what does parameter FbS do on an ATV312 drive?

Parameter FbS (feedback scale factor)

Product Line:
ATV31 and ATV312

All models and serial numbers


The parameter FbS is a parameter that can be used to scale the reference according to the range of the feedback sensor.
Example: Regulating pressure
PI reference range of process, 0-50 psi (0-100%)
Range of pressure sensor, 0-100 psi
FbS = Max sensor range / Max process range
FbS = 100/50 = 2

What is the code for a 2-gang conversion plate for PDL 500/600 series?

Part code is PDL 538

What is the code for the end cap on 900/50/50 Trunking?



Does the 900/50/50 duct come in black?

No, unfortunately the PVC Maxi Duct only comes in grey.

Some of the key features are:
  • Rectangular
  • Screw or double sided tape fastening

For further information please visit

Is S383 an option with the Altivar 71 drives rated for 500/600 Vac?

Is S383 an option with the Altivar 71 drives rated for 500/600 Vac?

Product Line:
Altivar 71 drives

ATV71 ....Y
Product Selection

No, the S383 is not an option with the ATV71 ....Y versions.
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