adaptor trunk 16x16/25x16mm

Mini Duct Fittings, Flat Elbows, Adaptors, 16 x 16mm Ducting to 25 x 16mm

Catalogue Number: 900/16A16
adaptor trunk 16x16/25x16mm
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE


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Product brand
25.2 mm
17.75 mm
Package 1 Weight
0.017 kg
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number for mounting block to suit 900/16/16?

The part number for mounting block to suit  is a - 900SPMB

For more information on this part please refer to

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Does Clipsal have duct, ie: 900/16/10, in the HFT series?

No, we don't have any 900 series duct in HFT.


Can I get spare fittings for a Clipsal 900/40/16 duct

No, no spare fittings available

Is the Clipsal trunking 900/25/16 available in Brown?

Yes the clipsal trunking 900/25/16 is available in brown just put -BR after the code.

Do we make the 900/25/16 in black color ?

Unfortunately No. They come in White / Brown / Grey only.

Guard for 9001KR16 or 9001SKR16

Which guard should be used with the 9001KR16 or 9001SKR16?

Product Line:
9001K and 9001SK 30mm operators

US Product

The 9001K56YM or the 9001K56RM are suitable guards for this operator

What is the part number for an end cap/plug for 900/25/16 ducting?

The part number for an end cap/plug for 900/25/16 ducting is - 900/25/16P
For further information , visit link below:-
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Can I purchase end caps for the Clipsal 900/25/16 trunking

Yes, the part number for end plugs is Clipsal 900/25/16P

What is a 9001KA1TAD1?

What is included in part numebr 9001KA1TAD1?

Product Line:
Harmony Push Buttons

Harmony 30mm

It is the combination of a 9001KA1 contact block and a 9001TAD1 adapter / liner kit.


Do we offer a make before break contacts on the 9001 pushbuttons

Do we offer a make before break contacts on the 9001 pushbuttons

Product Line:


9001KA4 contact block is has a NO Early Closing contact and a standard NC which will make before the NC contact breaks in one contact. The 9001KA6 is an early closing NO contact only. When installed in tandem to a 9001KA3 (or a 9001KA1) the 9001KA6 will close before the opening of the NC contact.

What is the part number for a mounting block to suit duct 900/25/16?

The part number for a mounting block to suit duct 900/25/16 is the 900SPMB.

Some of the key features are:

  • 84mm mounting centres
  • 4 - 25mm X 16mm Entries
  • Internal depth of 33mm
  • Overall dimensions 116mm (L) X 74mm (W) X 38mm (H)

For further information please visit

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What is a 9001DA10?

What is a 9001DA10?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

Obsolete Products

Product Features
Legacy Replacement

It is a normally open contact block for a 22mm Domino operator that is now obsolete. Suggested replacement is a ZB4BZ101or ZB5AZ101. These contacts will not work with the existing. Domino operator, therefore the operators will have to be replaced also.

CTA-ID : 580
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