duct maxi pvc 100x100 rect

Maxi Duct, PVC 4 Metre Lengths, 100 x 100mm

Catalogue Number: 900/100/100
duct maxi pvc 100x100 rect
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Grey 1 PCE
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
Series 900
100 mm
100 mm
4000 mm
Busbar cross section
100 x 100 mm²
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Fixing mode
  • by screws
  • double-sided adhesive tape
    • Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      REACh free of SVHC
      EU RoHS Directive
      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
      Toxic heavy metal free
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
       Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
      Environmental Disclosure

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the part number for a coupling for the 900/100/100?

      The part number for a coupling for the 900/100/100 is - 900/100C
      For further information, visit the link below:-
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      Does the trunk mate for a Clipsal 900/100/100GY come in different sizes


      Is there an Internal Elbow for truning size 150 x 50mm Maxi Duct Drunking?

      No, largest internal elbow available is 900/100/100EI

      Does Clipsal have duct, ie: 900/16/10, in the HFT series?

      No, we don't have any 900 series duct in HFT.


      Does the 900/100/100-GY come with a removeable lid

      Yes it does.

      Does the 900/100/50-GY trunking come with a Separator

      No the 900D50S needs to be bought seperately.

      What is the part number for mounting block to suit 900/16/16?

      The part number for mounting block to suit  is a - 900SPMB

      For more information on this part please refer to https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=900SPMB

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      What is the part number for the terminal sheilds for the NSX 100/160/250 C/B's?

      The part numbers for the terminal shields for the NSX 100/160/250 C/B's are -  

      3 pole - LV429515,
      4 pole - LV429516. 

      3 pole - LV429517,
      4 pole - LV429518

      For further information, visit the links below:-
      User-added image
      User-added image

      Are there End Plugs available for the 150 x 75mm (900/150/75) Maxi Duct Trunking?

      We do not currenlty stock any fittings for the 150 x 75mm Maxi Duct - This includes End Plugs, Internal, External and Flat Elbows etc...

      Do you do internal and external Elbows for the duct 900/60/40?

      No, unfortunatley for this size duct we do not offer internal or external elbows.

      For further information please visit

      What is the ratio of current transformers in Schneider recloser and sectionaliser?

      As standard, inside switchgear tank is installed with 3 CTs for 3 phases current measurement. These CTs are with 2000:1 ratio for N, U, W, RL series. E series is integrated with CT of 1000:1 ratio

       However, the above ratio data is for information only. There is no access to CT circuits for customers to measure the secondary currents or use them for a third party device.

       Note that N series can be optionally installed with another 3 CT on the other side of the switchgear for customer’s use. These are called additional or extra CTs and the ratio can be requested from one of the following options at time of order
      800/400/1; 600/300/1; 400/200/1 and 200/100/1

      What are the part numbers for the motor power and encoder connector for Lexium 28 drives?

      Customers may wish to build their own cables for use with Lexium 28 and BCH2 motors.

      The connector sets are available using the following part numbers.

      Motor power connectors:

      Motors with flying leads
      BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange size: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection, without brake uses - VW3M5D1A type connector   (sold in lots of 3)

      BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange size: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection, with brake uses - VW3M5D1F type connector.   (sold in lots of 3)

      Motors with military type connector
      BCH2*H/*M motors (flange size: 100/130 mm) with or without brake uses - VW3M5D2A    (sold in lots of 3)

      BCH2*R motors (flange size:180mm) with or without brake uses - VW3M5D2B     (sold in lots of 3)

      Motor Encoder connectors:
      For BCH2*B/*D/*F motors (flange: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection uses - VW3M8D1A    (sold in lots of 3)

      For BCH2*H/*M/*R motors (flange: 100/130/180 mm) with MIL connector uses - VW3M8D2A     (sold in lots of 1)

      rev 7-19-18

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