Label Switch Board Water Heater

Label Switch Board Water Heater

Label Switch Board Water Heater

Item Number: 8WH-BK

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Colour Black (BK)
  • Black 1 PCE



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for switched socket

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label support sheet



water heater


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0.001 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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ETSNZ At what point do the PM power meters change from kWh to MWh?

Energy value units are automatically changed, based on the quantity of energy accumulated (e.g., from kWh to MWh, from MWh to GWh, then from GWh to TWh, from TWh to PWh). 
I.e it changes to MWh after 9999kWh 

Will the PM5000 series meter change the energy units on the display after exceeding 1000 GWh?

The PM5000 series meter has accumulated over 1000 GWh of energy, user wants to know if the display with change units to TWh automatically.

PM5000 series meter

PM5000 with high energy use

The units for energy consumption is automatically adjusted as energy is consumed

The PM5000 meter will automatically change from GWh to TWh.

What is the accuracy of the KWH or MWH power meter for the ATV58 type drives?

Issue:   What is the accuracy of the KWH or MWH power meter for the ATV58 type drives?
Product Line:   ATV58
Environment:  All
Cause:   KHW MWH accuracy
The kW and kWH measurements have +/- 5% accuracy.
The drive calculates the kW and kWH rather than making actual power measurements to the motor.
Information provided by the PLE (Product Line Engineer), Chuck Cudlipp.


What is the mounting bock for the 695RCD30?

This will fit into the PDL300DMB-VW

PME 9.0 numeric objects scaled in Vista are not scaled on Web Applications

In PME 9.0, when scaling numeric object values in Vista using units starting with "G", "M", or "K", the value is scaled in Vista but not when the diagram is viewed in the Web Applications Diagrams tab.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

Web Applications

Apply the latest PME 9.0 Cumulative Update (CU), which can be downloaded at FA368565.

Note: This was corrected in PME 9.0 CU1.

How can you identify if the ATV61/71 drives are fuji built drives when ordering replacement parts?

How can you identify if the ATV61/71 drives are fuji built drives when ordering replacement parts?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV61 and 71 frame sizes 9 thru 15 230 vac and 460 vac.


Needs to identify if the drive in question has MItsubishi or Fuji built IGBTs, Power Boards, Measurement boards and Gate driver boards.

Get the serial number of the drive and locate the 8th digit (counting from left to right) to see if its a 2 which tells you that the drive has Fuji built parts.

Example: Serial number is  6W09470(2)1001

If the 8th digit is 2= Fuji modules
If the 8th digit is 0=Mitsubishi modules
If the 8th digit is 5=Mitsubishi modules

The Fuji modules will have a F suffix on the end of the part number.

What would be one possible cause of stop code 8180H or 80H in a Unity Quantum HSBY system ?

  If the default Watch Dog Timer value of 250 milliseconds is lowered on a Quantum HSBY system, there exists the possibility
 that the Quantum PLC will stop with an error code 8180 during initial start up. The condition occurs because the scan time
 will increase as the Primary attempts to copy the logic to Standby during start up, this results in the WDT expiring and a
 no end of logic error because the tranfer was incomplete.
 Lowering the default WDT setting is not a recommended practice for HSBY systems.



How to change the display settings of energy units from MWh to kWh in ME Meter.

Depending on the ME meter version, meter will automatically select the appropriate units and therefore it is not possible to modify the energy units. From 40/5 to 150/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is KWh and from 200/5 to 6000/5 CT ratio, the energy unit display is MWh.

CT Setting:
To change the CT settings hold down the button on the Front Face of the ME Meter for more than 5 sec when on the CT Rating display. After approximately 5 sec the display will start blinking, now enter the CT setting. Once again hold the button till the display stop flashing, to ensure that the entry is saved.

When the front panel of the CM2 reads 999,999 MWh, what happens at the front panel when the MWh continue to increase? Does the CM2000's energy reading roll over?

User would like to know what happens when energy reading of the CM2000 increases beyond 999,999 MWh with respect to the front panel display

Product Line

Front panel

The front panel display will roll over from 999,999 MWh to 000,000 MWh.
If reading Wh from front panel you would need to note that a roll-over has taken place. Also note that the LED next to Mega stays lit after the roll-over has occured

What is the part number for NMI approved kWh meter CT connected ?

 The part number for NMI approved kWh meter CT connected is a A9MEM3255-NMI.

Can Reset KWH be done by via network connection on a PM9C?

You can only reset the KWH using the display of the device or via modbus.

The user manual explains this and also has the modbus register map.

Can you use the same CTs for PM3200 as the PM9 KWH Meter?

Yes you can use the same CTs for both KWH meters.
You can set the meter ratio in the parameters in the installation guide.
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