Label Switch Board Sub Mains

Black | Label Switch Board Sub Mains

Label Switch Board Sub Mains

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Colour Black (BK)
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for switched socket

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label support sheet



sub mains


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2.667 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does one get a replacement for the Berger Lahr RSM synchronous motor?

Berger Lahr is now Schneider Electric Motion.
Berger Lahr produced many types and models of the RSM synchronous motors.
Some RSM motors are still offered by Schneider Electric while others are no longer produced.
However, it is important to understand that RSM motors are not available in single piece quantities.
All RSM motor types must be purchased in quantities that range from a 15 piece minimum to as many as 25 piece minimum depending on the model.

Therefore in the event you are in need of a single RSM type motor it would be best to contact the builder of the machine in which the RSM motor was installed for a replacement.
Many times the machine builder can provide a spare RSM motor.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL205110 V1.0, Originally authored by TVe on 04/16/2011, Last Edited by TVe on 04/16/2011
Related ranges: Twin Line SER

What is the shaft size for R01

The shaft size is 8mm

I am looking for a replacement Goldair Heater

We are no longer agents for the Goldair range.  You can contact SSM (Specialised Sales & Marketing) 0800 963 963

Getting error E7854 on LXM32M with eSM safety module

Getting error E7854 on LXM32M + ESM module

Product Line:

It's not possible to increase the delay of 36 hours. This is a necessary feature for certification  to reach the safety integrity level (SIL3 and performance level e).
To reset the fault, It's not enough to switch the drives to state rdy because the eSM module has a separate state machine (eSM_state, Mb19500).
Starting the eSM module puts it in operation enable (state 6) and it  counts the standstill time.
With object eSM disable (Mb 19508), you can switch off the eSM  (to RDY state 4) so that there's no more motor movement monitoring.
With a new eSM-Start the monitoring is reset to 36h.
Another possibility is to do a fault reset when E7854 occurs because E7854 is a class 2 error.

Easy setup guide how to configure LxM32 MSM parameters via modbus RTU on magelis HMI "XBTGxxx"

Goals and Symptoms

Easy setup guide how to configure LxM32 MSM parameters via modbus RTU on magelis HMI "XBTGxxx"

Causes and Fixes

This document describes how to operate LxM32 M in local control mode and MSM operating mode and the configuration of the MSM-parameters via modbus RTU.


(Removed File URL: 202139_EABE/XBTGT5330_LxM32M_local_ModbusRTU_MSM.zip)(Removed Image URL: /PubResEXPORT.nsf/2b87ee90be777fc085257c28006ee4ef/3b137d99a4abbf70c12577180026bd8c/fl_block_5/0.64C?OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif)

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL202139 V1.0, Originally authored by JuFl on 05/03/2010, Last Edited by JuFl on 05/03/2010
Related ranges: Lexium 32

How to configure 8SW switch output module for low battery status?

The 8SW switch output module provides eight switch closures and can be configured to open and close based on the process value value or status of a field unit.
1. Connect PC to the Base radio and 8SW switch output module via RS485 communications.
2. Open Accutech Manager and logn.
3. Select Base & Output Devices.
4. Double click on the Analog/Digital Output module and a Output device properties window will appear.
5. Select Switch1 and configure to Monitor Field unit Status then enable the Low Battery to monitor conditions.
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