Max 4 Consumer Switchboards, Switchboard Labels, Power

Black | Max 4 Consumer Switchboards, Switchboard Labels, Power

Max 4 Consumer Switchboards, Switchboard Labels, Power

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for switched socket

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label support sheet





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2.667 g
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to manually upgrade Wiser2/SpaceLogic Home controller Firmware

Type the below into the web browser


link to wiser firmware update

Display current unit firmware is 550


Click Choose File> this will take you to C>Clipsal>PICED>Firmware folder

wiser f/w location

Choose firmware image then click Upload Firmware

Firmware 2 will take 15 minutes to complete

Please transfer the PICED project after the firmware update

warning f/w 2

Transfer of PICED project will now take 3 minutes rather than 90 Sec to reload

What is a non-ferrous detector and a ferrous detector?

Difference between ferrous product to be detected and non-ferrous product to be detected

Ferrous products:  any steel
Non-ferrous products: any metal except steel (brass, copper, etc.)

  • Caution, non-ferrous does not mean any material (wood, plastic, etc.), it refers to metals

Difference between ferrous sensors and non-ferrous sensors

There are sensors which can detect:

Ferrous metals as a preference (steel, iron)
The sensing distances for these products vary according to the metals to be detected: maximum for ferrous metals and dependent on a Km coefficient typical of each metal (value between 0 and 1: Km = 1 for steel) 
This coefficient reduces the sensor detection range. For example while Km = 1 for cast iron, it is only 0.25 for copper.
This is the conventional inductive sensor

Both ferrous (steel, iron) and non-ferrous (brass, aluminum, copper, etc.) metals
The sensing distance for these sensors is the same for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The Km coefficient is always 1
They are called Ferrous/Non-Ferrous sensors.
The Schneider part numbers are: XS1M18KPM40x, XS1M30KPM40x 18 and 30 diameter sensors respectively and XS7C40KPM40

Selective, either ferrous materials or non-ferrous materials
The Schneider part numbers are: XS1M18PAS40x insensitive to ferrous materials, XS1M18PAS20x insensitive to non-ferrous materials
They are called selective Ferrous/Non-Ferrous sensors.

Difference in detection principles 
For both sensors, an LC oscillator creates an electromagnetic signal.

The difference in detection principles for the two types of sensor lies in:

Attenuation of the oscillation amplitude for ferrous materials, it is significant for ferrous materials and insignificant for non-ferrous materials
Variation in oscillation frequency for selective or non-selective ferrous/non-ferrous materials. For high-frequency operation (in the region of one MHz), both types of material (ferrous and non-ferrous) have the same effect on the oscillation frequency variation.
Km coefficient depending on the different metals for inductive sensors

What is the best alternative for 5012S164/4LWE?

If you are after a replacement electronic switch for a 5012S164/4L-WE then order the standard item “B5034MNLPCB-WE” which contains a PCB Assy plus the Rear Cover.

If you are after an equivalent to a 5012S164/4L-WE the closest we have can be achieved by ordering 1 x “B12/30/6-WE” + 3 x “5031NMML” + 9 x “5031NMS”


If just for replacement then you could get B503xNL and remove the Metal Plate and just use the gang switch to replace the old unit.

B5031NL, B5032NL, B5034NL


What is the replacement contact/diaphragm kit # for 9013GHG2?

replacement contact/diaphragm kit for 9013GHG2

Product Line: 
Pressure, Vaccum and Float Switches

9013 Float Switches

9998PC205 is the contacts only for All 9013 GHG except with Forms H( NO and NC) and R (Reverse action). ONLY means alone and that no other parts are included.

The Diaphragm assy would be part number 9998PC208. The diaphram is a mechanical acutating mechanism which has no electrical components in it as it is shipped.

What's the difference between a regular Home member, an Administrator and the Homeowner?

The Homeowner has access to all functions. Administrator has access to all functions except the ability to transfer the homeowner rights, delete the home and granting administrator rights to other members. A common member only has access to operate devices, receive notifications (alarm, moment/automation trigger, device added/removed and invite) from a home, configure device settings and schedules.

I’m building a new home and have been thinking about installing smart home controls, but my budget is already stretched, and I really don’t think I can afford it…

Having a smart home doesn’t need to be expensive or extensive. With a range of scalable options, Clipsal makes smart living accessible to everyone.

Simply choose the smart home solution that works for you, your lifestyle and budget – whether that be two switches and a few smart sockets, or the whole nine yards.

Clipsal offers in-home Bluetooth control and full out-of-home control via C-Bus, so you can opt for as little – or as much – connectedness as you like.

Clipsal also offers some clever electrical accessories; start building your smart home with Infrascan Motion Sensors to save energy by never accidentally leaving the lights on. You may also enjoy using timers, time-clocks and dimmers.

On the higher end of smart home solutions, C-Bus gives you the ability to control lighting, irrigation, air conditioning, multi-room audio, windows and blinds, home theatre, home security, keyless entry and more.

See what smart home solutions are available